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  1. My wife got pissed at me last week because I left the carriage in front of “Marty” and it couldn’t figure out how to get around it. It just kept on going back and forth until she moved the carriage. When I went today it was no were to be found. I’m guessing the kids who’s job it was to make sure it was charged forgot to plug it in. Either that or someone one pushed it into the trash compactor. Hopefully it never makes a return.
  2. Yup there’s a big difference between saying countries need to reassess their imagination/refugee policies and the whole sale slaughter of defenseless people regardless of their religion.
  3. It was an cowardly atrocious attack, nothing less. To act as if it was anything less is plain stupid. It wasn’t too long ago Muslims were being rounded up and killed in the Balkans.
  4. Maybe get a couple of those canoe flotation bags for the back and front.
  5. Irish Road Racing
  6. What happened to the UK, god they’re spineless now.
  7. If that's legit, dudes got balls to come out and say what the real issue is. Last night when this was all breaking they were reporting that this mosque was a mostly peaceful mosque. No one goes around saying this church or synagogue is peaceful it's just assumed but when talking about mosques if you can't just assume it's peaceful then that whole religion is jacked up.
  8. Stand on snowy cold ground or stand on warm black pavement and eat trash.
  9. Reds always good, that neon green would probably be good too. A flag is always going to help regardless of the kayak color figure your what maybe a foot off the water at tops doesn’t take that big of a roller/wave for you to disappear from the horizon.
  10. and your family, friends where they live, what they do for work. My Grandmother always said they were the nicest people around in Silverlake/Olneyville. Guy who was shaking down the strip clubs used to shovel my Grandmothers driveway back before I could drive to do it.
  11. Hang em, ropes cheap. You can even use them to build the gallows before.
  12. The same parents that don't feed their kids, are the ones smoking cigs, drinking DD and wearing pajama pants when they wake up hungover at 1pm. But the school lunches get tossed out have the time, the kids take the what junk food there is and throw the vegetables and anything they don't want out. My wife had a 5th girl in her class that was always out, she told my wife that her mom made her stay home to take care of the other kids. When the cops and social worker went to investigate she wasn't lying, the mom was sleeping one off while pregnant, the 5th grader was taking care of 3 other kids from 1-6 years old.
  13. Not excited but it's the way business works. Between workers comp and health care both of which do nothing but increase every year we have to make decisions about about saving money or closing shop. This is the first year in the last 6 years where we've had to pass some of the health care increase onto our staff. We don't pay anywhere near $15 but the benefits make up for it.
  14. And the reason their hours were at 30 before and not more was to keep them from triggering the Affordable Care Act. That way whole foods didn't have to provide health care. You reap what you sow.