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  1. Bomber Long Shot 6” bone and black. The usual Bucktails, then there’s always the stupidity effective Cocahoe minnow.
  2. I hit a kid on my team in Babe Ruth league, played center field he was the short stop. He tried to cut off a throw I was making to home with his face, he caught it off the bottom of his jaw. We all thought his jaw was broken, but he ended up only loosing a couple of teeth. He did have an imprint of the lacing for a couple of hours. His mom drove him to the hospital after the game, today they probably would be calling an ambulance
  3. So a week or so ago it was a gas shortage and increased prices because of a lack of tanker drivers. This week it’s a gas shortage and increased prices because of a cyber attack. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but damn that’s one hell of a coincidence.
  4. I hope he makes a joke about how people didn’t want to be on the show with him because he’s African
  5. Any urban area in Southern New England. New Bedford, Fall River, Woonsocket, Providence flip a coin they're all the same
  6. I had a principal in elementary (Catholic school), who had a policy of if your hair was long enough to touch your ears she would cut it. She had a barbers chair in her office.
  7. And the all have bad tattoos
  8. Yup, the weather's getting nice. They've ditched the pajama pants and hoodies for skin tight clothing that should never be made in their size.
  9. I was over on the East Side of Providence today, so I stopped by the river up there. Insane the amount of people that are soaking bait with 4-6 rods out. I got a couple small fish and some guy asked if he could have it, it was at most 16”. With all these people parking right next to where they’re fishing the fish police could clean up. I called and was told they had no one in the area
  10. Hope you're all enjoying the disgrace of a Governor that Biden picked for his Commerce Secretary. Did you really expect any different out come.
  11. For some reason I end up watching this guys videos every now and then. Some times he catches people getting tossed from the bow or just doing stupid things. But he managed to catch a true idiot this time
  12. How deep would a flat earth be and what's on the other side? Are we on the heads, or the tails side.
  13. The good ole "Not in My Backyard", it's fine when they're pushing it in poor areas or the third world. But the second you get near the rich liberals and "their" nature its a no-go.
  14. Like this "agent" a self described Cisgender Millennial