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  1. They were all the way up in the Sakonnet River near Mt. Hope Bay last week. Strange to see them up there.
  2. Fishing on an old railroad bridge/jetty that’s at a 45 degree angle. You can’t retie, unhook a fish, etc without the rod & reel touching a rock. That was the whole reason for this reel, if it gets beat up it’s only a $100.
  3. So I heard back from Daiwa, they’re sending me a new arm/handle. Can’t complain about good customer service.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Strangely enough I had ordered a Gomexus knob the day I got the reel and realized how much I hated that handle. I'm still going to contact Daiwa this morning and see what they say. I really hope they just send a new arm, without having to mail anything back to them. I'll keep this updated with what they say.
  5. Anyone have this happen? I was out Tautoging today and in the middle of reeling in a fish the handles in my hand and the fish is in the rocks. The reel is less then a week old and this was only the third time using it. I’m assuming it was just a fluke, bad metal something like that. It’s a BG4000.
  6. Seems to be the way they do it in CO
  7. Shouldn’t take long
  8. That's basically what I meant how long till the paddle tail falls off? I've used them in freshwater for years and they're fragile, didn't know if the larger sizes are more robust.
  9. Try a different leader braid, I’ve had P-Line Fluro that’s been great and P-Line Fluro that breaks with almost no resistance. Surgeons or double unit should be fine for that combo.
  10. Is that a Keitech? How’s it hold up in saltwater?
  11. Yo-Zuri popper, I think it’s 3.5”. Favorite popper I have, I’ve lost it a couple times to pike and found it later floating. Seems to be the best casting popper I have as well.
  12. I have a Fenwick 7’6” ultra light it’s fun for panfish, just not fun walking through heavy brush cover with it.
  13. Exactly, was it last month that the Russians flew in a couple plane loads of advisers.