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  1. Crescent Ultralite, 10'2" long, 30" wide, 49lbs
  2. Seven others were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism and criminal trespass, with additional charges pending. They include: Geoffrey Parsons, age 20, of Maryland Timothy Murphy, age 25, of Maine Spencer Bernard Liberto, age 29, of Pennsylvania Matthew Ernest Macar, age 30, of Pennsylvania Sarah Wasilewski, age 35, of Pennsylvania Christopher Reynolds, age 31, of Ohio Teresa Shen, age 31, of New York
  3. Just wear the mask, just the mask.
  4. "Gayborhood" thats a new one.
  5. Think about pfizer and moderna's profits how will they survive. CEO's kids wont get new G-Wagons or beach houses
  6. Nato vs Nato.
  7. God your ****ing retarded
  8. Did you put that picture on your website
  9. Always good to try and piss off your oil/gas supplier a couple of months before winter