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  1. I thought this was going to about the Cannonball Run record being broken multiple times since the stay at home orders.
  2. Still not really sure what Spotify is
  3. Well guess it’s going to be hard to ID him when everyone is wearing masks
  4. Day 6 : He was allegedly spotted behind the Germania Hose Co in Duryea, PA last night.
  5. India
  6. What’s your budget
  7. I wonder where he’s heading now. The guy is a ghost, one picture walking down train tracks in PA. Now there’s a report he might have stolen another car out that way.
  8. But was it free
  9. Parking will most likely never be back to “normal”. Corona will just be the excuse to close parking statewide that they could never justify before.
  10. Took his mask out of his pocket and put it on.
  11. I have a 2019 Frontier, had a 2004 Tacoma both from new. I like both, but could never go back to Toyota after the frame issues. I'm happy with the Frontier. It's basically a 15 year old platform which I like because it doesn't have all the new safety and continence package. No blind spot mentoring, no adaptive cruise control, no wifi, none of that stuff that's pretty useless to me. You can't go wrong either way it's just whats going to make you not dread getting in it to drive and which hurts your wallet less.
  12. Bingo exactly, you pick a career in the medical field and you have to at least think in the back of your mind there might be a day when something bad might happen. On another note I loved the D-Bags that would come up with medical reasons to not deploy. Before our second deployment we had a kid get a wavier for being allergic to sun light because it gave him sunburns. I remember or First Sergeant flipping out saying another pasty white, white kids going to go for that
  13. I'm getting them as well, they take a few seconds to pop up after the page loads
  14. Managed to sneak out for a quick trip down to the river, it was flowing faster then the USGS gauge (1000cfs) said but still managed a few pissed off smallmouth. Also had a heron checking out the scene.