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  1. Any chance you'd be interested in $75 shipped for the fuego?
  2. Yup there's an airport directly across the street from where the warehouses are to go. Not the biggest area to use for expansion but hey anything is possible in this day and age. No one's thinking of the flight paths these planes take. Imagine a holding pattern over a nice neighborhood with some big ole GE or RR engines, not these single prop/turbo planes. Houses will shake lol
  3. Empty kayak that was found floating. No one needed rescuing in nj.
  4. Dont even get me started on this. Got to work at that driving range on 33 for the last few months prior to the insane building thats been going on. Between that and all the new low income housing off of 138/34, its going to be populated f****ing place here.
  5. I usually don't do this but I feel like this is going under the radar and needs to be put on display. Amazon is currently proposing a plan to create a 9 warehouse (1.5 million square foot) large site off of Hwy 34 in Wall Township. They have already began developing 2 other sites in Tinton Falls as well as Eatontown. This would be their third warehouse in the local area. They are attempting to enlarge the local airport so cargo planes and other shippers will be able to easily access their warehouse directly across Easy Hurley Pond Rd. Not only will they create a larger addition to the airport but they will create a 4 lane road on E Hurley Pond so their trucks and other needs can be met. The location of this site is on the old McDowell Mining Property which lies behind the Wall Stadium Speedway. Not sure if any of you know of this location but it has been around for as long as my short life and many many years prior. There are local high school sports fields on the same road as well as Allaire State Park nearby which will also be in danger from this project. Close communities and those within a large radius from this site will be affected by pollution, noise, and many more factors. This will create an unnecessary amount of traffic not only for Hwy 34, GSP, and local roads but also I-195 as well as the turnpike due to its close proximity. Not something we need more of. I was only recently informed of this via an online petition so my info on the topic is limited. Google searches have done nothing but come up empty for me. Local residents who reside behind this area have been informed due to this create a new possible flood zone hazard, something they have not had to worry about in the past. They are the ones who began spreading this information to as many as they can. Hopefully this will begin to spread and more people will be informed to prevent this from happening. * google "wall Township Amazon petition" to sign if you'd like. I know it's a long shot but I can't stand see this s*** happen.
  6. I've had very good luck with NorthEast Jig Co 1/4oz....similar style with the big eye. Always wanted to try Zman trout eye but couldn't find em in stores.
  7. Oh I gotcha. Definitely gotta try that specific kind gam. Yup video was huge for me. Now the only way to tie any jig head/plastic as well as bucktails imo.
  8. The football shape? Huh. Can't say I tried that style. Ball and Ned style were my winners. Does the football shape create a better/slower sink of the jerk shad? I've never seen those and now very interested.
  9. .
  10. All this talk had me walking around 3 different B&T stores looking for the perfect rod and reel combo. Everything I picked up was too whippy even the med action. This is definitely a technique you need a stiffer tip IMO. Last year I was using a 6'6 and 7ft 1/4-3/4oz (both rods) with 2 different actions. They are my primary kayak rods and I need it to stay that way. Worked great in the surf but only with no wind and now wave. I know there's plenty of time until May but I'm already stocking up due to last years mid season shortage. Buddha, I think I might just have to copy your setup and call it a day lol
  11. I will take this please!
  12. Awesome. I would definitely do them for the original asking at $50 then.
  13. Would these be good beginners reels? Always said I wanted to get into fly fishing and doesn't seem like a better way right now.