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  1. Big F___ng deal. No doubt the bastard deserved to die for his role in 911. No doubt some other piece of **** has already taken his place. No way are we any safer as Biden claims.
  2. I can meet you at your convenience on AI. I will also spool the reel with either clear or yellow 17 lb. Suffix, mono. Over Labor Day week, I will be in Hatteras, pending weather conditions.
  3. The three piece Ballistics are decent rods. Some have claimed breakage issues with CTS rods. At this point I will steer clients to Century, for high end best quality. A friend of mine has alluded to a new CTS blank named the MATRIX. He says they are hard to find and I did not locate any data on the CTS web site. Hope you have great success with the CTS fly rods. I have heard good things concerning North Fork Composite fly blanks. Thanks for responding and hope you get out and "Catch em Up"
  4. D LuckyOC, Do you fish The Ronald Bounds Tournament, in the fall?
  5. Washington, DC, once had the strictest gun laws in the nation. At the time the small geographic city, also had the highest rate of homicide and gun violence.
  6. Look these agencies get annual budget allotments. They have to devise plans for long term goods. You and I both have no idea as to the last time they made a major purchase of guns or ammo. We do. not know if some of the ammo they bought mag be defective or un reliable. I have been involved in Federal Government contracting and can tell you that while there has been abuses in th past, things have changed. Money is tight and believe it or not, belts and budgets have been tightened. So it seems logical that DHS is replenishing old and depleted stockpiles to meet future needs, FLETC is a place I have been to for training as a civilian..I attended two training seminars there. Nearly each day firearm's training, for new recruits took place. While I cannot claim this happens each day, I can report, while I was there, the facility expended tons of light arms rounds, each week. l will not expand any further here and I hope that this may help skeptics understand things with a bit more clarity.
  7. Keep in mind it is not only training it's replenishment of stock that is old and or depleted.If these expenditures occurred each year I would certainly be questioning this.
  8. WTS by original owner, older model reel, made in Sweden. Hardly used, ( about 10 times) is in excellent condition, sold as is. Manual and schematic, included. This is considered a serious reel for distance casting. Asking 150.00, I will consider reasonable offers, shipping inside US included.
  9. Thanks so much!
  10. Between Coast Guard training, and LE at FLETC, it's easily tons. And you used the words stupid no-nothings, not me. So let's agree to disagree, and keep things civil.
  11. You do not know jack about my background, or what I have as first hand, bona -fide information regarding what goes on in Federal LE Training. You have no first hand information as to the requirements or needs of all the DHS agencies to replenish old or dwindling supplies of ammo. I could continue as to your absolute ignorance on this topic. I generally do not waste my time communicating with people who presume,, or feed other's misleading, dubious,, BS. Now go check your ammo box, you may be getting low on BBs.
  12. Gert a grip, the agencies I pointed out use tons of ammo just in training? The Federal LE Training Facility, trains the DEA, ATF, Border Patrol, TSA, US Secret Service and its Uniform Division, new recruits (trainees) for all the aforementioned agencies and other, Federal Law Enforcement Officers. This training alone uses tons of ammo weekly. Then there is a need to re-stock old dwindling stockpiles of ammo. You posted a dubious social media pile of crap. I do not mean to be offensive: Only a gullible fool believes everything they read! And if he did his homework he would have addressed how and why there was a need for so much munitions within DHS. I presented facts, not perspective, stop posting BS and I will stop challenging it.
  13. I am new to fly fishing. In simple terms how should I build a leader in terms of line strength as opposed to the line diameter's. Should the leader at the butt be heavy and taper down to a lighter tippet? What do you recommend for tippet strength and length? I will fish a 9'9wt rod with an intermediate sink line. I plan to use mono tying blood knots to build 9 to 12 foot leaders. Many thanks