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  1. Tossing 8 + weights and bait, usually means strong currants, and is not at all enjoyable. The only time I fish those conditions is during tournaments. It's well known that most experienced casters use 40 or 50 lb shock leaders. Good luck repeatedly tossing 12 oz and bait on 50 lb shockers, in strong currant!
  2. Reel you are using seems way too large. I recommend a 6500 size conventional, 17 lb, Suffix Tritanium, and a shock leader 10 lb for every ounce of weight being thrown, ie 5 oz wt, 50 lb shock leader.
  3. Same experience with Mud Hole, they are currently out of a lot of items. Many supplies are on back order. Anglers warehouse, had everything I needed.
  4. Some here have overly focused their arm chair quarterbacking on the actions of the cop. How is it those folks seem to think the behavior of the "Army Tough" idiot, did not significantly lead to the treatment he received? Guess it was ok that he had the savvy to deploy his phone, but was too stupid to cooperate and work with the police to arrive at a agreeable solution to opening or unlocking his door. Yeah I believe the cop was un-professional, he should have been fined and reprimanded. Firing him was way too punitive unless the cop had an established record of mis-conduct. Conversely, doofus "Army Tough" Lieutenant, should be treated likewise and court marshaled! His ridiculous behavior deserves much more attention.
  5. This incident gives a new meaning to the term "Army Tough". If this idiot simply opened the door using the outer door handle, none of this would have happened. As for the somewhat out of sorts cop, guess Mr. Army Tough, aroused the cop's adrenaline due to his suspiciously curious out of the ordinary behavior.
  6. The blank I'm building is 12'8", rated at 4 to 8 oz. I managed to locate a full set of Fuji KW guides at anglers workshop.com. They were the only source I found that had a full array of the sizes and model I was looking for. Thanks to all who responded. Hooked Up
  7. Good question, simple answer use the outer door handle,Duh!
  8. Don't know what your looking for give Jann's netcraft a look. Or if you can try a WTB

    1. Hookedup2640


      Thanks for all the recommendations.  I ultimately found the Fuji KW guides at **********.com. Good prices and well stocked.

  9. Could it be that because of his skin color, he resorted to baiting the cops with his disobedience, so he could file a lawsuit? Seems that yours and my tax dollars are being sought by people of color due to a climate or asinine belief that cop's resort to excessive force when dealing with the colorful citizens, who do not respect authority. The cop's only error in this is failing to cite the wonderful man for his violations. Cop was reluctant to do so as it could have caused a dishonorable discharge. Just
  10. I need a good source for Fuji components. I am building my second surf rod and experiencing difficulty in locating the FUJI Guides, I want. Any rod builders have any reliables sources, other than Mud Hole? Many thanks Hooked Up 2640
  11. This fine up-standing, Army Lieutenant, was pursued by the so called (by a irrelevant ill informed source) 'dickhead"was driving without a rear license plate. This big bad Army puss, was pursued for quite a distance and refused to pull over. This no doubt led the so called dickhead cop to believe the wonderful citizen had something to hide. This is an element of reasonable suspicion. When big bad Army Officer did pull over the cops adrenaline was raised in the belief the vehicle operator may be somewhat of a danger. Once pulled over the Army Officer, failed once again to comply with a lawful order given by the "dickhead" cop, to get out of the vehicle. After the "dickhead" cop had given numerous orders, )that went disobeyed) to exit the vehicle, they resorted to force. Two morals exist here, first and foremost, pull over when the police are pursuing your vehicle. Secondarily, do not display ignorance in labeler someone a "dickhead" without knowing all the facts! I hope this Army Officer is court marshaled, for failing to respect civilian LE.
  12. Thanks for responding. I believe the first three guides are 25 (or 20) 16, 12. I believe these are "New Concept RV guides. I am not so sure about the remaining 3 and the tip. It seems the RV guides are scarce with Alconite rings. The SIC guides are too pricey for the blank I will build.
  13. Can anyone advise the specific FUJI Guides used on the Ballistic Surf Rod? Does anyone know the seven ring sizes from the first collecting ring to the tip ring. I would like to use this set up on a 12'8" blank. Thanks so much Hooked up