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  1. Are you including the original power handle?
  2. Bump to a great reel. I can see the box has the "Keep America Fishing" label so it has to be the regular export quality Spheros...
  3. Wow great video keep it coming!
  4. Diego great catch. Your amazon mexico account ia good for amazon US. Sometimes he vendor ships to Mexico with extra cost. I've don it. BTW ...How's the shore game with this sargasum thing going on? I hope there are some spots you can fish from rocks or beach. I fished from the rocky beach next to RiverA Maya Hard Rock Cafe Resort two years ago with great results, pargo, jacks, barracuda.
  5. And using a Daiwa SS ....nice!
  6. Tim sorry for you loss. Our prays in sunday Mass are for you and your family's well being.
  7. Saltist is just fine for roosters. Plenty of line capacity, powerful gears and super fast retrieve. Also water intrusion protected. While in cabo you should visit Jansen store near Walmart. Plenty of great, rooster proven lures and you may end up with a "Baja" rod Stephan Jansen builds for the pacific side big waves. They're not expensive and there are travel versions.
  8. Wow!! Surf Fish Dan congratulations for a very nice job. I fish for the same species on mainland Mexico. Never got that lucky with so many nice specimens in a short timeline like you guys accomplished.
  9. I'm confused with Shimano Stradic product strategy. They offer a SW version with X-Protect already. The Regular lineup have always intended for FW anglers. Now they launch the next generation FL totally sealed and long spool -SW fishos dream come true! I am guessing Stradic will be a unified FW (1000-2500) and inshore SW( 3000-5000) lineup to compete with Daiwa LT reels.
  10. As an avid ultralight fisho in my local lake, my advise is switch to mono, maybe 4-6 pound test and a 10 pound leader. The mono stretch will help a lot those small hooks to hold on.
  11. Nice pargo!! How about pacific black snook? They are abundant in rainy season.
  12. Great post and very nice job. Please keep doing more tests we're all very interested.
  13. Great catch congrats! Pacific Black snook is a great fighter and my personal favorite. In the Mexican Pacific big females specimens roam the surf during the rain months near drainage water flows. 2-cent tip: You need to keep the rod tip down the whole fight to avoid jumps and out of water headshakes. They really know how to loose your lure specially single hook ones.
  14. The offer is no longer available. It was probably a mistake or Penn shut it down.
  15. Aqua can you post the latest link?. Thanks in advance.