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  1. This is all great information. Yeah I had the Rio Striper Floating on my 9, then had to cut it off after it got stuck around a buoy and I wasn't willing to risk my life for a fly line. I fished it on the Vineyard flats and it worked well, but it was a day when there was just a bit of disturbance and cloudiness from a storm. Enough distractors (cloudiness, wind) to settle the fish, but not so much we couldn't see them. The Ridge Striper in general has a much gentler lay-down. I seriously considered the Rio Intermediate, as noted by Mike above, and also in my experience, those lines just come down heavy, especially with large crab imitations. The CC bay flats can be crystal clear, and I have spent more than a few hours trying to fool a larger fish on those flats. When I picked up the rod, I got a great deal on a Airflo Tropical Punch, though I have heard it won't perform great in the 60-70 degree range when I plan to be in Cape Cod. People seem to like that with the Meridian. It comes in at 240 grains with a ~40 foot head. Any experience with Airflo Tropical lines in early June? The Ridge Striper comes in at 290 grains, so I was worried the Meridian might not get full performance out of it because it is so heavy.
  2. Hi all, Looking for 8 weight Meridian line recommendations for the flats of Cape Cod in June. I fish an Airflo Ridge on my 9 weight rod, but looking for something that can load more quickly, as those stripers cruise pretty fast. Still thinking an intermediate line. Wondering if I can use tropical lines.
  3. Yeah, at the end of the day I just want an 8 weight meridian. I recognize it will be over-gunned for smallies, but will be appropriate for salmon and kings. I guess I would rather be able to use it 90% of the time than use the 7 mainly for smallies and have to jump up to the 9 when undergunned. Also, if my 9 breaks on a trip, 7 won't really cut the mustard so to speak......
  4. Yeah, my 9 is an NRX, so fairly fast. I am considering the Meridian for the 8, which I have yet to cast. This is helpful. That is exactly the kind of thing I was wondering.
  5. Thanks for the feedback Mike, what's your thinking?
  6. Hi folks, Wanting feedback on my next rod. I currently own a 9 weight. I am trying to decide between a 7 and 8 weight. I will be moving to Chicago, and still expect to do stripers and bonefish 1 or 2x per year. In Chicago, the 7 is the most used tool. However, I don't really view a 7 as a backup rod on bonefish or stripers (considering the size of the flies). Currently, I am leaning towards the 8 just because it will give me a nice all around flats rod for multiple species and be used as a backup to the 9 on trips. In Chicago, they use 8's on the lake front for salmon, bass, steelhead because of the wind, and I'll be living 2 blocks from Lake Michigan. Thoughts? -patze003
  7. this sounds interesting, does it work Cape Cod bayside on the flats? made a bunch of attempts last year using Big Eelies and crabs but never hooked up, but it was already July/August by then, so they were getting lockjaw
  8. +2
  9. +1 on Oakman. I have a Galvan Torque 8 and had the exact same issue last year of the drag freezing. Despite great hesitation, I disassembled it (my reel had a single screw holding together the drag system), and I found that corrosive buildup had infiltrated the drag (it is not a sealed drag). Until I could get it repaired by Galvan I simply took it apart every couple trips (it only takes 1 minute to disassemble) and cleaned off the corrosive buildup. Galvan suggested acetone as a way to clean off the rust. For my reel, it wasn't working so I didn't have much to lose, if I broke something in the tear-down it would have needed replacing either way. Galvan also has a good warranty and I spoke with them before I did any of this. They were happy to repair the reel and also said I could try cleaning the parts myself. The cleaning job kept the reel working flawlessly on a handful of albies last fall (despite landing probably 20% of them, haha). So it worked for me, but other reels may have more complex drag systems. Also, to Oakman's point, there was a very fine wire spring that shot away from me one time and took forever to find in my apartment. As an aside, when I did send it in Galvan me a completely new drag system and spool (for free, they're amazing). The only part of the original reel was the frame that holds the drag system and the adjustment knob. Anyways, quick plug for Galvan, American made and amazing customer service. And +1 for Scott and Bearsden.
  10. Thanks guys, that would be super helpful
  11. Hi SOL, does anyone have the recipe for this? I've tied the Gartside floating sand eel and the Ken Abrames Big Eelie but looking to add to my arsenal this year.
  12. Last year in early May I was out for the first time on the south side of the Cape. There were hundreds (if not thousands) of big stripers coming through a narrow channel out of an estuary. Despite voracious feeding I could not get a take. Last year was my first "time on the water" year fishing stripers, so I effectively had no idea what I was doing, but guessing I was a) not deep enough, b) wrong fly, or c) too much natural bait. At any rate, a bait fisherman arrived and promptly hooked a clearly legal fish and put it in his cooler. Then, he hooked a below legal fish and kept that as well. My question is... What is the best way to approach this? I'm thinking confronting him directly (but not aggressively) may be more effective and preventing future behavior, and I would also be happy to report it, but don't know where to do that. I'm a bit disappointed I did not address it at the time.
  13. You can get to the Kinnikinnick River in 45 mins from MPLS, 7,000 trout per mile. Think spring creek. I used to fish that all the time when I lived there. Have also heard smallmouth can be good in the MPLS area.
  14. SOL, Been tying for the spring run. Occasionally I crowd the eye and a few buck tail ends or UV resin will extend slightly into the eye. I noticed UV resin can be fairly hard, should I be worried about this abraiding the leader when fighting a fish?
  15. Love the NRX with the T-8 alabcized, that's the same setup I have and I didn't really appreciate the T-8 until getting on some albies the last few weeks. Smooth as butter and incredibly precise and easy drag adjustment during the fight, it's awesome.