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  1. Tattoo deep diver lot $55 for the three lures paypal only
  2. Large supreme surf bag. $46 shipped. Paypal only.
  3. Yes sorry I forgot about this post
  4. Used 3 tube gear up. Definitely used but probably has years of life left. $110 shipped paypal only. The outside is really just dirty no tears or rips outside.
  5. $55 shipped
  6. $55 shipped paypal only bluefish riprat and rm smith squid. Hooks have rust other than plugs are in great condition.
  7. Sorry these are just the last plugs own and want to get rid of them the beat i can do is $55 for them both
  8. $125 paypal only. Hooks have rust plugs have marks and light scratches. Couple are new.
  9. Yep $65 yours
  10. $65 paypal shipped
  11. You got it man
  12. Ok
  13. They are standard i added them. The material isnt stretched.
  14. Bump $100
  15. $100 paypal Mag darter lot no splits 8 -2oz 4- of the old 1 oz ones i think or 1.25 not to sure hooks are all replaced with vmc or owners
  16. For sale $55 shipped paypal only.
  17. Herring lot- $55 small danny, 2 oz darter. yellow lot- $68 mini wadd,small danny,2 oz darter
  18. Im not sure there not the big ones.
  19. Paypal only PPW-$25 shipped lights out pencil-$28 shipped beachmaster mini wadd-$32 shipped
  20. Bump thank you don.
  21. $80 paypal only darter and jr a40 thrown
  22. I can do $90. Between shipping and pp fees I really dont wanna go any lower.
  23. No splits $105 paypal for seven plugs
  24. Im gunna keep it at $95.
  25. John skinner rod lamiglas 1-4oz 9ft2in $250 picked up longisland Ny. Has some discoloring on top side of wraps. Been collecting dust.