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  1. Yes sorry I forgot about this post
  2. $55 shipped
  3. Sorry these are just the last plugs own and want to get rid of them the beat i can do is $55 for them both
  4. $55 shipped paypal only bluefish riprat and rm smith squid. Hooks have rust other than plugs are in great condition.
  5. Yep $65 yours
  6. You got it man
  7. $65 paypal shipped
  8. $125 paypal only. Hooks have rust plugs have marks and light scratches. Couple are new.
  9. Ok
  10. They are standard i added them. The material isnt stretched.
  11. Bump $100
  12. $100 paypal Mag darter lot no splits 8 -2oz 4- of the old 1 oz ones i think or 1.25 not to sure hooks are all replaced with vmc or owners
  13. Herring lot- $55 small danny, 2 oz darter. yellow lot- $68 mini wadd,small danny,2 oz darter
  14. Im not sure there not the big ones.
  15. Used 3 tube gear up. Definitely used but probably has years of life left. $110 shipped paypal only. The outside is really just dirty no tears or rips outside.