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  1. Ive been fishing for many years and have caught my fair share of small sharks. I finally decided I want to get into some bigger sharks, but im a little unsure about it. I was wondering how many people have luck shore fishing for Sharks in NJ and how long it took them to finally figure out where the sharks will be, or do you just take a guess and hope for the best?
  2. Thanks man, I was just wonderin because I have other rods this reel can go to for other fish, but I didn't know if I would benefit from something lighter, but thanks for the help!
  3. I am new to surfcasting, have only done it a few times and really enjoy it. I am currently using a PENN Fierce 2 size 5000. Is this an ok reel to use or coud I be doing better with something else?
  4. The bail on my reel is very stiff to open and close, and sounds like there is a faint clicking when it spins from inside of the bail arm, the bail also scrapes the top of the drag when openning, any one else had an isssue like this or might know what it is? Do I need to just re grease or is there something wrong?
  5. Hello, I was wondring, when you go surf fishing, how do you decide what you want to use. I understand matching baitfish and stuff like that, but how do you pick what style lure to use, like poppers, buck-tails, minnows, etc. Thanks
  6. Ive always managed to catch a topwater carp when I see one with bread, but recently I want to try my hand at targeting some larger ones. Theres a lake near me that has some in the range of 15-30lbs and I want to try and catch some. Is there any specific time better than others, or does it not really matter. Thanks
  7. Has anyone ever used bluegill for channel cats? Is it affective and how did you rig it? Thanks
  8. Thanks for all the great help everyone
  9. I am just getting started on some bluefish and striper fishing from the surf, and not too familiar with what are good lures to use (I have somewhat of a general idea). I live in NJ and I will be fishing surf/bays/and peirs. What would be some good lures to start out with? Thanks
  10. Thanks a bunch Jim, I appreciate the help
  11. Sorry man didn't realize, my apologies
  12. I am new to shark fishing and am planning on starting this year, but I have gotten a lot of mixed opinions on a rod. Would this be a good rod or should I look for something else? By the way I fish the NJ surf so the sharks are not to massive.
  13. I want to get a rod for stripers and blues for surf fishing, what would be a good setup(height, power, action, etc) Thanks:D
  14. Thanks Jim! But is the fight with the blues still enjoyable on a heavy rod?(never tried it, ive only used medium and medium heavies on them)
  15. Im planning on purchasing a surf rod that is 10' and is a medium heavy. The main plan for it is shark fishing but the reason its not a 12' heavy is because I dont want to use it for just sharks(for blues and stripers as well). I live in New Jersey so I will only be fishing for sand sharks and an occasional sand tiger if im lucky. But overall will a medium heavy 10' rod be fine if I hooked a sand shark/tiger over 5'? Thanks for the help