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  1. In addition to our speaker Dave Peros , Ross Kessler of Mass. Div of Marine Fisheries will be updating us on the new legislation for striped bass.
  2. Funny fish are in town ! Come on down pick up some tips on catching them . Dave Peros will tell you how.
  3. Casio AMW-320R water resistant to 10 BAR over 20 years of fishing ,clamming and ice fishing. Multiple battery changes and no leaks. Wife thinks it's ugly but I love the beast. A few bells and whistles but easy to use. Can't go wrong for $60 +/-.
  4. 7 ft 30# Fluor for striped bass all day long. No tapers. Rolls over really well.
  5. That's all part of learning the canal. Some areas the drop off is 20 ft some places it's 100 ft or more depending on the tide. You must make sacrifices to the canal gods to learn.
  6. Any troll stickers still available ?
  7. That's why I wear a Mustang PFD out there. I started after Bob died out there even though I've been fishing it since the seventies .
  8. BBAC meetings are open to all.
  9. On Thursday Sept.12 Dave Peros of Salty Cape and staff writer for On The Water will be talkng on Funny Fish at our monthly meeting. Meetings are held at BB's Bar and Grill 224 Cranberry Hwy. in West Wareham MA. on the second Thursday of the month. Meetings start at 6:30. Stop by have a beer ,meet some great folks have a good time. Jim O'Dowd President Buzzards Bay Anglers Club
  10. Formally known as j-pod # 80 something . Still here.
  11. Congratulations!!!!! Smart girl , must take after her mother
  12. Reverse amber Atom. Deadly when the squid were in.
  13. If your only doing 2 bathrooms you are crazy to go with hydronic. Electric radiant on a programable t-stat is the only way to go. You up from costs are 10X what electric would be. With a programmable t-stat it's only on when you need it. I've been in Radiant heating for 18 years so I think I know something about this . Electricity is regulated ,gas and oil are not . Much less fluctuation in pricing. Don't let anybody tell you different. If its primary heat for the room make sure you get at least 10 watts per square of heat. Have a heat loss done you can probably get away with less.
  14. God Bless America and the old Red White and Blue!!!