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  1. The Slammer and Spinfishers are better for surf fishing because they offer some level of water resistance. You'll see the IPX5/IPX6 water resistance ratings on the reels. The Battle will work on the surf, but you must keep it completely dry.
  2. I think the biggest takeaway from these posts is that either a swivel or properly tied knot will work well. Some folks like the swivel, others like myself don't use one. Regarding the leader, I will give you some words of wisdom. Longer leaders, like 3-5ft in length, are better around rocks and structure than shorter leaders. Also, if you're wading and intend to land fish in the water vs beaching a fish, a longer leader is easy to grab and will not cut you like braid will with wet hands. A longer leader also keeps your hands further away from hooks if you're using lures with multiple hooks, thus reducing the chance of an accident. I personally fish a 3-4ft leader for this reason, regardless if I'm on a rocky beach or smooth sand. A 30" leader should be just fine for a 9' rod.
  3. Yes, and this time of year there are tarpon, cudas, jacks, snappers, trout, and all the usual Keys suspects. Lots of small islands and mangroves to fish. The channels hold tarpon and you can sight fish them.
  4. That's a fine setup for the $. If you want to buy new and save some $, a Penn Slammer III and Tsunami Airwave Elite 10'6 will keep you under budget and armed with a nice rod/reel.
  5. They're not cheap, but I'm going on year 6 of my Orvis Guide Series waders. They get used 30+ times a year between Montauk and the NJ surf, and several trout trips around streams/briars etc. No leaks/pinholes, etc. Material is very heavy duty yet pliable for comfort.
  6. Ramsey Outdoor Store in Ramsey, NJ. Pretty close to the city and they carry quite a few ODM rods. 20 mins from the GWB.
  7. I've owned a 10'6 Airwave Elite for at least 5-6 years now and it gets used A LOT. Yes, the epoxy will develop a crack, but I can tell you with 100% confidence it's not an issue. I am in NJ and my rod/reel gets very wet between my fishing in NJ, NY, CT, and Massachusetts. There hasn't been any rot/rust or any other issues around the epoxy cracks. They're hairline cracks for the most part. I also have the 8'8 and regularly throw 1/2-5/8oz lures on it, and absolutely love the rod. I love my St Croix's as well but these Avid rods are super super fast and stiff rods. Not my personal favorite...
  8. I haven't held one or fished one, but the new Shimano GLF rods may be catered towards exactly your fishery and needs. $90 MSRP. Shimano builds a very good rod too.
  9. Grundens is very good, but don't overlook Carhartt. I bought a pair of their midweight bibs 6 years ago and they are still going strong. I wear them 20-25 times a year on private and party boats during the cold weather months, and they've held up wonderfully. They're a great set of bibs at $80. I have a Helly Hansen Roan Anorak on top of them and like that jacket a lot too.
  10. Most all the Shimanos and Daiwas, and other brands too have a little play in the spool. It looks bad if you wiggle the spool when not fishing. It shouldn't be a problem when youre fishing unless what I am describing and you are describing are different things. Otherwise if you think you bought a dud, return or exchange the reel from where you purchased it.
  11. Anyone use anise?
  12. Gibbs makes a pretty small darter that's 1 5/8 oz. I haven't had a Bill Couch 3-3.5 in my hand to know the exact size, but that Gibbs could be worth a look and somewhat easy to find.
  13. Ramsey Outdoor in Ramsey or Succasunna, NJ if you take a ride. They stock a lot of tying material.
  14. Anybody noticing cleaner that normal water in Raritan Bay this year? The past few trips I've been out, it hasn't been as turbid as years in the past.
  15. I'll add something I personally do in summer months. If it's a fair weather, hot summer day and I'm fluking, or looking for albies, I won't wear the gear I wear in the spring/fall. What I've done is add studs to a pair of sneakers, and worn those on jetties. All of us have a pair of gym sneakers we don't wear anymore. Adding 10+ spikes per shoe will give you about all the benefits of Korkers but in a lightweight and more comfortable package. Just because it's hot out and you're not wearing foul weather gear doesn't mean you should sacrifice safety.