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  1. Lift rock, catch crab, throw in bucket with some water. Not sure where you're fishing or what crabs they are, but I haven't found a fish on planet earth that won't eat a crab. If the rocks are too big to lift, just grab the crab with your hands or a glove...
  2. Their quality control has definitely gone down the pipe since the Pure Fishing takeover. The guides are cheaper and they definitely don't build them like they used to. I work at a tackle shop (no names mentioned) and we see quite a few issues with the new ones, particularly the GX2's. Sharp edges, curved blanks, etc. It happens with other rods too, even high end graphite ones, but at a far lesser frequency. I haven't purchased an Ugly in 15+ years, having made the switch to graphite rods, but remember that my older Ugly Stiks from the 1990's were decent rods for what they were. The finish was decent, guides were good enough, at QC at the Chinese factory was surprisingly decent. Ultimately, you get what you pay for IMO. For $50 it's not a bad rod if you find a good one.
  3. I know they're not fun to fish with, but perhaps next time tie on a heavy bucktail like 6oz. If you can't feel the bottom with that, it may just be you, with all due respect. You mentioned in your fist post that it was rough out. That never helps with feel, regardless of how often one fishes and what gear is used. Start with a super heavy jig as a "test" if conditions are normal. If you can feel that, downsize your bucktail to the least weight that holds bottom and doesn't scope out like crazy. If you're on the bottom, you'll not only be able to feel it, but you should catch fish. If you're not catching fish and those around you are, your rig is not on the bottom. Either way I wouldn't lose sleep over this. I know you invested in good gear, but some fishing techniques don't gel for some people. Just because it's a good technique to catch fluke doesn't mean it's the only technique to catch fluke. There were hundreds of thousands of fluke caught on stout rods and 30lb Ande mono back in the day, and til the present too. Do what works for you. If you have good feel with the conventional, fish with that!
  4. Yea you'll be just fine w 10lb if you're running 15lb. If you have reservations, bring a second rod on your trip if possible that you know works. 10lb has plenty of strength to lift a big fish. I fish 10lb on one setup and 15 on another and I've not had a problem on fish up to 8.5lbs.
  5. Right so that thinner line helps when fluking because the thinner line has less drag in the water and should be more sensitive. It won't be as abrasion resistant, but that's a sacrifice most make. Sounds like the rod is a 15-30lb rating based off the line class diameter you mentioned. Fishing 10-15lb braid should not be an issue.
  6. Stripers 100%, not even a discussion IMO. If you're targeting blues when they're spawning, well, bad move haha.
  7. There have to be some absolute slobs in that lake between the hybrids, pike, largies, and smallmouth! I wish they would at minimum do what they do at Newark Watershed w permits. I understand they have to know who's in there...
  8. This topic's been covered quite a few times on SOL if I'm not mistaken. If you haven't done so, I'd strongly recommend searching the topic on SOL.
  9. I haven't been doing great on bass in the past 3-4 weeks, but the fluking for me on the south shore surf has been downright amazing. Not bragging or anything, but I have made 3 trips to the eastern end of the south shore since mid July and have banged tons of fluke each time. Some really really nice keepers north of 20" too. Plenty of blues too if you want cocktails. It's definitely been my best year in terms of quality and quantity.
  10. I was fishing Shinny on Saturday off the west jetty and a few guys had the misfortune of hooking into those rays. Fortunately for their rigs I was the only one with a long enough net and the etiquette to assist in landing/releasing the rays.
  11. Why not stand your ground and fish just as you were, but be mindful of your cast? The last thing I ever want to do while fishing is waste fishing time. We've all been in this situation with the boater encroaching on our spot. It flat out sucks, especially since there is so much ocean to go around. I've wanted to chuck sinkers at boats, I won't lie about that, but then I also wouldn't want to waste my fishing time on some jack*** boater who doesn't get etiquette. My favorite thing to do is to keep fishing and be mindful of that boater's line. Chances are if the boater is coming that close to a jetty or beach, he's either a really bad fisherman or really is desperate. I've already established it's someone I wouldn't care to have a conversation with. With that, I watch my line, watch his line, and stand my ground. If they don't leave, then I keep fishing. Work around the boater, catch a fish in his/her face, and maybe keep the sinker chucking to thoughts only; not ones to be acted on. Flex your muscles in an intelligent way. If all else fails, aim for the motors. Nothing sucks more than braid around lines, hoses, and a prop. Once you've connected, yank like you're setting the hook on a tarpon. That'll really dig in the braid. (just kidding for those who don't get it)
  12. I've not fished the 10lb on any saltwater setups, but have it on 3 freshwater rods and love the 10lb. Otherwise I have the 15lb on my fluking rods and love it, 20lb on my 8' surf setup, and the 30 on my 10' surf setup and also love it. You could say I'm a fan This new V2 doesn't get as fuzzy as the older V1 and seems to have better abrasion resistance. It has definitely held up better. It casts extremely well and knot strength has been just fine. I use an alberto knot from the braid to flouro leader. I fish 2-3x a week between fresh and saltwater and have been using the V2 since it first came out. Samurai is amazing stuff as well and I would give it the slight edge in casting distance, as it's super limp. I have it on 2 other rods. The V2 launches really well though; I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  13. So yes, when fishing that boat, they don't fish heavy bait rods. They fish light spinning or baitcasting gear, and gulp/bucktails/jigs are the way to go. A spinning rod gives you flexibility to fish any way, whether the tide is ripping or its dead slack.
  14. The Sandy Hook Rip. RIP due to beach replenishment, plovers, and dredging.
  15. I've caught them in brackish water for sure on that river, well south of Rt-3. I see blue claw crabs there often enough, and it is the tidal portion of the river.