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  1. Hi Linesideslayer, being a new member, unable to PM you (site restrictions). Let me crank up enough points...
  2. Fantastic response and tips - many thanks! We are flying from across the world so every minute (and tip counts Linesideslayer and EastBayEd, thanks for specific inputs on Chris & Randy. We will perhaps go with Chris this time. I had booked hotels in Monterey, but based on others' recommendation, will try to see if I can do another day at HMB. Will keep you posted on how this goes. Keep having a great week.
  3. Hello We will visiting USA in early July and are keen to do some deep sea rockfish / salmon in Monterrey area. I looked up the web and found Randy and Chris Fishing - both have mixed reviews with overcrowding, behaviour etc. but the latter seems better. I am looking for suggestion from the members if they know any other small charters that know the area and are helpful. We will need to rent the tackle as well. Thanks in advance for your help.
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