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  1. Just read an article in the paper that Gilgo is reopening on 4/1.
  2. Great suggestions from everyone. If the 1 @ 36 worked before maybe that would be the way to go. Definitely more enforcement but I don't think that is something the Council has any control over.
  3. I was there the 3rd week of March last year. Lots of people using bait on the jetty. We went to the other side of inlet and fished for a about 1/2 hr. Caught a short snook on a DOA shrimp. You can try a Rapala X rap also. Have fun!
  4. Sorry about your dad Reed.
  5. Happy Birthday Red!
  6. Morning Loots!
  7. Happy Golden Anniversary!
  8. Congratulations to you and your bride Rickman. May you have many more happy years together!
  9. Prayers sent. Hope you are feeling better soon!
  10. Thank you sir
  11. Hey Guest. Headed south next Saturday. Can you keep the winds down and the temp pleasant ? I'd really like to get some shooting and fishing in. Thanks!
  12. You can also check with your admin to see if they use a broker or deal direct with the insurance company. I have done it and after being denied numerous times I filed a complaint wit the Insurance board in NY and it was approved in a few weeks. If they use a broker sometimes they can help get things pushed through. At least mine does. Good luck. Insurance companies suck!
  13. No experience with them but try Boat Rental Tampa. They used to rent by the week. Some of the others in the area might not state they rent weekly but it never hurts to call and inquire.
  14. Jason I was looking forward to attending your seminar on Saturday but was manning our club booth while it was going on. Sorry I missed it and you. I was supposed to do 2 charters with you last June along with Rodger and the other gentlemen from Long Island when you had an unexpected problem with your boat. Hope to make it up for a trip at some point soon. If you come back to the show next year I will definitely make it to your presentation!
  15. That was one of our main concerns as well. Make sure whichever you go with is waterproof so she can wear it in the shower. Not all are.