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  1. That's crazy that it is going up the quick. Anything good in the net?
  2. WOW. What a great ending. Kudos to all that helped make this story end well.
  3. I thought that was anchovy. Haven't seen that since my dad's sauce....30+ years ago.
  4. What's in with the onion and garlic?
  5. LOL Ummm, k
  6. LOL - Me thinks you guys just want him to share pics
  7. Warming up nicely DG.
  8. Guests are invited and I didn’t see an invitation in the mail. Even I know this isn’t a “safe space” LOL The “I’m offended” in this world really needs to stop.
  9. Looks like you had some fun last night...LOL
  10. Love this thread! It means spring is here and summer is on the way! It fun to see what you are pulling in. Will you be included the water temp as well? Thanks DG
  11. Fingers are crossed for no red tide although I have heard rumors of some fish kills already. 2 months in the dream. Enjoy!! I'm sure you'll get plenty.
  12. Hopefully the next pod will be in soon. Heading to Tampa mid-June. Hoping to hook up with my 1st tarpon. Only time will tell.
  13. Hi Guest, How's fishing?
  14. Beautiful house Drew. We have a place in Largo not far from Indian Rocks Beach. Heading down for a week in June and then again in November. Planning on trading up in a few years to something on the water in the Tampa area so that we are settled for when we can finally get out of NY.