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  1. Good luck SDF! Prayers for a quick and easy recovery.
  2. Try Mike Gore in St Pete. Nice guy and good at finding the fish. Not sure if Brandon Fraley in Clearwater is doing snook/redfish. We are going out with him Thanksgiving week for grouper and hogfish. He is a lot of fun. Been out with him numerous times.
  3. Great stuff! Love them fishing in the mud!
  4. 58 Days till CHRISTMAS. Did you know? The poem that introduced us to the other eight reindeer, “A Visit From St. Nicholas,” actually named dropped Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Duner and Blixem. (Which, like Donner and Blitzen, come from the German words for thunder and lightning.)
  5. WTG Hunter!
  6. The 19 would be an upgrade from my 17.
  7. Nice! I'll be down for Thanksgiving. Maybe I can have it delivered then.
  8. Nice! LOL
  9. Good job jr! Thanks! The wind is whipping down here. Morning all
  10. I'm in! Who do I send my $20 to? Thanks for the heads up Loots! Was up in the Catskills for the day. Saw a ton of deer (does) and turkeys on the side of the thruway, in case anyone wants to take a
  11. Thanks!! Trying again to record it. A political Charlie Brown? I don't think I've seen that one.
  12. Darn it! Just got home from work and it didn't record. DG do you know if they are replaying it again?
  13. Happy Birthday Toto