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  1. The HD in St Pete only had Halloween stuff out on Thursday. They had a whole section of large scary blowups, etc.
  2. I can see the scene in my head. Pack what she must have and tell her you will bring the rest next trip. She’ll make do. Make sure you bring the latte and grab her an extra muffin Good luck!!!
  3. Is that up by Destin?
  4. Tom you might want to get to the airport a little early tonight. TPA was packed this morning. Lots of wheelchairs. Elderly getting out of dodge. Hubby stayed. He is ready to board up our house if necessary. His mom is in St Pete on a bay. She will most likely need to evacuate. Our area might have to as well as we are on the same peninsula just further north and not on the water.
  5. Just took off from Tampa after a week vac at our house near Clearwater visiting family and friends. Hubby stayed. He is going to keep an eye on the storm. He will board up our house if needed. His mom lives on the bay in St Pete. She will most likely need to evacuate. Thankful for my BFF who lives inland. She has opened her house to my family should they need. Hopefully the mountains ofCuba will knock it down some and we get some dry air in it.
  6. We are here now as well. We are scheduled to head home Monday morning. Hubby might stay to make sure our house and his mom’s are ok.
  7. Hope mom is doing a little better! Are you staying for the maybe there will be/maybe there won’t be hurricane?
  8. Just picked up myself a cute little Vanford for 30% off! Watch out snook I’m coming for ya (right after I go for gags tomorrow!) edit to add: Pic taken on a bar top not the floor.
  9. So we’ve seen pics of food, campfire, peeps standing on rocks. Where are the fish pics and reports??
  10. She finally got me I haven't gotten hit with the new update but I hear it isn't fun.
  11. Glad to hear she is doing better!