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  1. I was sitting out last night right before the storm wondering when they would show They always make me smile. A memory of a better time in the world.
  2. Check Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston. They are a large group, very well know and very good. I am not sure how much experience they have with Greys but I know our bulldog rescue in NY has taken hard cases up there and they always took care of the dogs and helped in anyway they could.
  3. Great job!!
  4. Morning Bob. Little cooler today than yesterday. Hope you have a good Sunday!!
  5. Don't think it's the residents protesting in Park Slope. I heard something about bussing them in from the Bronx.
  6. Supposedly Park Slope Brooklyn has cars set on fire and over 1000 protesters. Most major cities are enforcing curfews but not NYC Mayor, even with protests going on by his home. Brooklyn Bridge is blocked by protestors. Unreal!
  7. Still not over here. Sister wore her mask all day, including outside. I guess I understand, since she actually had it. Maybe she was trying to protect mom. I am just glad it brightened mom's day to see all her children. She hadn't see my sister since February. She was smiling the whole time I'm sure the 3 glasses of wine helped with that! LOL
  8. Had a small social distanced quick bbq and cake for mom's birthday today. I drove into Manhattan to pick up my sister so she didn't have to take the train. Could not believe the traffic in and out! Aren't people supposed to be staying My brother, SIL and her mom came over as well A few hours and everyone left. Volunteered my brother to drive our sister home so I could clean up. Hope he didn't run into any of the protests!
  9. Looks good though!! I need to power wash my driveway and sidewalk but seems the power washer died and was tossed out. Guess it's time for a new one.
  10. Here I am New pups, bad pups...LOL Gotta love them pups
  11. Prayers for you and your family.
  12. Evening Bob Little on the muggy side here today.
  13. West end is still closed due to Covid 19 testing area. I believe RM2 is open sunrise to sunset.
  14. I would have it checked. I had a similar problem for a few months and it actually got worse. Dr told me I had an ear infection. No other symptoms. 2 rounds of steroids and I was hearing better again.
  15. Congrats! Enjoy Looking forward to pictures of the girls catching fish