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  1. Max of 2 oz. usually throw 3” swim shad which are 1/2oz and 4” which are 1oz I believe.
  2. I picked up a shimano Stradic ci4+ 2500 without seeing it and it’s a bit tiny for what I was intending to use it for but I’d like to keep it and pair it with a light in weight ultralight or light spinning rod. Mainly back bays and shore fishing swimming shads, bucktails, kastmasters, etc. targeting small small stripers, fluke, porgy, snappers. We never get anything big back by us.
  3. I been switching between a VR50 and a stradic CI4+. One with 20lb Maxcuatro and one with 20lb SSV2. This things casts a mile.
  4. Sent you a DM asking where in NC are you?
  5. Also interested in this. Listerine huh? Haven't heard this before.
  6. Yours FS thread came up when I searched. unfortunately I’m after the Jr (I think).
  7. It is. I love it. Have a vr50 on it and it’s pretty much perfect for lighter stuff
  8. I was reading up on your thread about a reel suggestion to go with it. You and sistm seem to like it.
  9. I'm interested in picking up a new light rod for schoolie fun. I already have the 10' Black Hole which is a great rod. I'm not even sure why I'm looking for something else, but I am. Does anyone have any experience with it? Can't find much online about it.
  10. I don't mind that. That makes it all the more fun. I regularly fish small ice fishing rods for these guys with sand worms and split shots. I'm just looking for something a LITTLE bit heavier then these little ice rods.
  11. I think I have one of these in the garage I bought on clearance from them. I'll try that out thanks.
  12. I'd like to find a nice ultralight rod to use for tossing 1/2 oz jig heads carrying plastic swimming shads to small schoolie stripers. I have a VR50 and Stradic Ci4 that I want to use. Maybe pick up a NASCI with lighter line just for this. I've been out of the light tackle game for a bit so not sure what's current offerings. I'm using a 10' suzuki black hole surf rod that's rate 1/2-2 oz. It's great, but too big for small back bay use. What's out there right now for this?
  13. Reel is like new. Unfortunately I no not make it out to NJ much. I’m fine with shipping if that works for you.