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  1. We should be excited that more people are coming to the pedal kayak fishing market. The competition should be cause for better boats to be developed and manufactured. Tough to tell how this boat will compare until one of us actually takes it out and puts it through the paces. I have trouble imagining it will stand toe to toe vs the Hobie's, but we don't know what we don't know. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all.
  2. Sorry I thought I hit submit Thursday. But I decided I’m going to hang on to the kayak. Realized come spring if I wanted a second kayak for guests I wouldn’t be able to find the same deal without traveling absurd distances. Going to close this out.
  3. Sorry no wheels included. Only have one pair which I need for my Revo.
  4. It has the tacklebox holder but when I got the kayak it did not come with the actual tackle boxes. It does have the white bucket in front. My understanding is that is not standard and something like $65.
  5. FYI boat is also located in Philadelphia area
  6. Wheels are not included with the kayak. Hull is in great shape can tell it was fished out off but no concerning marks. It comes with an oar. Electrical tape is for added grip. No upgrades are added on the Pro Angler. I purchased this kayak and brought it to the bay one time for a family member to use. Too cumbersome compared to what I’m use to. I got a good deal on it so I’m passing that on to the next person.
  7. Removed from other site to repost on SOL due to interest from an SOL member. Unlocked
  8. Awesome response lol. Thank you
  9. Is this thread a giant troll or does he really think that dolphin is a seal?
  10. Closing due to posting elsewhere from lack of interest
  11. Yup, I was there with my buddy, Evan. First time launching there for me. There was a ton of fish out there. Even saw a whale. The sand eel jig is my favorite thing to use when fishing out front. Caught sea bass, porgies, bonito and a weakie on it Friday.
  12. I ran into some Albies Friday as well. At first couldn’t get them to bite metal but threw on an epoxy and hooked up twice on 4 casts. Also jigged up a small bonito and weakfish
  13. Will get alot of strange looks as well if you start talking about bunker down south. I believe they also use the term Bonita to reference Albies. Or they'll just call it a trash fish, while its a prize gem up here lol
  14. The AI is an impressive kayak but felt too much for what I was doing. Too much to transport and bring to the beach, the tramps are nice but then you can’t fold the amas in to try to land fish. Also a big reason was mine was pre lowrance ready. Wanted my transducer in the water for down imaging and the swing arm was way too loud to drag in the water. Like I was saying if you’re doing a lot of fishing on the open water and need to cover ground then it’s an awesome kayak. If I was living somewhere we’re you could chase pelagics from the shore then I would still have it.
  15. Correct. Before both boats were named Adventure. However the Adventure Island was the same hull as the regular Adventure however with the larger mast hole and various sailing hardware. Now the 16” kayak is called the Revo 16 and no longer an Adventure. The Adventure Island is a different hull now. A lot heavier apparently.