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  1. My grandfather just moved in due to some health complications and the cognitive decline associated with being in your 90s. An old hobby of his was sanding and finishing the wood stock on his rifles and keeps asking for his guns and sand paper. This morning I thought of giving him my old wooden plugs and letting him sand them down and possibly refinish them. So far he’s been sanding the plugs down all morning and keeps asking if he’s doing a good job. Seems like a great way to keep him mentally stimulated and engaged. Does anyone have any paint kits or types of paint and brushes they’d recommend for finishing the plugs? Thanks in advance! Some wholesome pics attached
  2. I'll take these. I fish the Raritan Bay often and can swing by to meet you. PMing you now
  3. Ill do $200 for the Stradic SW w/ line. Upcoming Florida trip, and I was debating on the Saragosa 8000. This reel should be more than enough
  4. Awesome advice. Thank you!!
  5. I purchased a lot from an estate sale and most of the lures were decently old. I’ve been using this one plug religiously, until it the back treble hook snapped off last night. Does anyone know what make or model this plug is? I was thinking maybe a Mambo Minnow, but just a guess on my end. I can add more pics when I get home from work. Thanks, Terry
  6. Going to close this thread down as I research some more of the history on the rods and actually get to them wet. Thank you to those who considered the rods earlier. Thanks, Terry
  7. I appreciate the offer. I am going to have to pass as I would like to do some research and am leaning towards keeping that one for a rebuild.
  8. Fenwick is sold. Message sent to D1fishr giving them a heads up as well. The 13' and Garcia rod are both still available with priority given to D1 if interested in checking them out still.
  9. Hey, That works for me. Ill PM you my address right now. Thanks, Terry
  10. The Fenwick is measuring up at 11'5. Pics are attached it is the shorter of the two rods in the pictures. Also, I am trying to identify the larger one if you have any familiarity with them. 13' one-piece.
  11. The learning curve will be as steep as you make it. You could easily get a Hobie kayak and throw it into any piece of open water and I'm confident that you will get the swing of it very quickly, especially after watching some Youtube videos. But if you're goals are steeper and dependent on catching certain sized species, then there will definitely be a more pronounced learning curve because a lot of kayak fishing is trial and error. If you can get a Hobie kayak that is in good condition, fish finder, vantage seat, and the MD180 drive for $2k or less, then I do not expect you to have difficulty trying to resell it depending on the season.
  12. I did post it originally, but was advised to take it down.
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