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  1. Going to close this thread down as I research some more of the history on the rods and actually get to them wet. Thank you to those who considered the rods earlier. Thanks, Terry
  2. I appreciate the offer. I am going to have to pass as I would like to do some research and am leaning towards keeping that one for a rebuild.
  3. Fenwick is sold. Message sent to D1fishr giving them a heads up as well. The 13' and Garcia rod are both still available with priority given to D1 if interested in checking them out still.
  4. Hey, That works for me. Ill PM you my address right now. Thanks, Terry
  5. The Fenwick is measuring up at 11'5. Pics are attached it is the shorter of the two rods in the pictures. Also, I am trying to identify the larger one if you have any familiarity with them. 13' one-piece.
  6. The learning curve will be as steep as you make it. You could easily get a Hobie kayak and throw it into any piece of open water and I'm confident that you will get the swing of it very quickly, especially after watching some Youtube videos. But if you're goals are steeper and dependent on catching certain sized species, then there will definitely be a more pronounced learning curve because a lot of kayak fishing is trial and error. If you can get a Hobie kayak that is in good condition, fish finder, vantage seat, and the MD180 drive for $2k or less, then I do not expect you to have difficulty trying to resell it depending on the season.
  7. I did post it originally, but was advised to take it down.
  8. I've recently been buying old fishing lots sight unseen for the most part and each time I go through them its the same feeling as Christmas day as a child. Anyways, the most recent pickup today included this Lorelei Allure "The sure hooker" by Atom Lures. Also accompanying the mermaid is a seahorse on a barrel swivel lol. No clue how old it is, but couldn't find too much information online. Just wanted to share it on here since I'm sure I wouldn't be the only person to find it interesting and to see if anyone had any stories or information about the particular lure.
  9. Oh yeah, good question. I am located in Langhorne, Pa 19047. Thanks
  10. Next is a heavy action Garcia rods, this one is not in as good as condition as the Fenwick. Model# 2573B 11' 4" Heavy Action. Two piece. Asking $40
  11. Fenwick SU1389 One Piece Rod. Seems to be in good condition. Guides all appear to be in shape. $100
  12. There is a 35B product catalog with the reel with the red handle, assuming they came together the catalog puts it at 1973! Which is pretty neat, I was trying to research if you can find the manufacturing date on the inside plate, similar to internationals, but no luck. Thank you! I'm debating on keeping one of the reels as display piece!
  13. Attached are a pic of the bottom grommet and the tail wrap. You can see the red plastic bead on the tail wrap. Also included a pic of another sealed plug that came with the mystery plug, incase the packaging can help with a timeline at all.
  14. Yeah, I added the text above if you copy and paste that into google it will lead to you an article that I figured took the text from Danny since it was referencing a Danny Surface Swimmer in the text.