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  1. The worst I ran into was a weird neutral position when going from forward to reverse. To get out of it I had to pull the reverse cable harder. Spoke to one other kayak fisherman when the drive first came out and he voluntarily brought that same issue up and I told him I ran into the same thing. By no means a failure, but that was the worse I ran into.
  2. You're absolutely right about that. I'm picking up a Hobie PA 14 at the end of this month to bring along people who are unfamiliar with fishing from the kayak. I have a few family members and friends that are excited to give it a try. Brad and I are hitting Block Island this weekend. There will surely be pictures following this trip, hopefully not just pictures of the sunset.
  3. Lol you can tell that you and other people have put some thought into answers for that question. Getting a good laugh out of these. Will consider stealing some of these for future use. It was enjoyable watching the boat full of people attempt to follow my drift and have no results for it.
  4. Would you happen to have a catch and cook sea robin video on Youtube? I saw that hobie inflatable in the video. After I'm done bleeding the fish Ill transfer them into my soft cooler. Would love to see their reaction flipping the question right back at them
  5. I don't think people realize how big of a resource this kayak forum is. A lot of Google searches for various kayak fishing information end up yielding some very helpful SOL threads. There is a large amount of silent readers/prospective members reading these threads. That's how I found this place. Thank you for the recognition!
  6. Really laughing out loud about the thought of throwing fish at a boat that attempted to crowd ya out. But exactly my thoughts. I don't mind one bit about helping other people catch fish, my concern is when the location can not physically hold more than your vessel. I remember when I was a beginner to salt water kayak fishing and the amount of help I received from members on here about locations, lures and gear. That information helped lay a huge foundation to what I do now.
  7. Telling someone that you're catching fish = helping. Telling someone that you're not on fish even though you are = not helping. Not sure how much clearer I can make the connection. Also not sure if your comment was an attempt to summarize and denigrate my original post or an attempt to employ low level politics change your stance and make a graceful exit. Either way thanks for the bumps!
  8. Lol Wednesday night I actually did have a Sea Robin floating on the stringer. Apparently they are right up there with BSB and Fluke. Excited to give it a try today.
  9. Keywords were "your logic" And I feel like we have different mindsets. If I'm on the water and people ask what I'm doing to catch them, I will let them know what I'm doing to catch those fish. Maybe I'm not as cynical as you are, but Ill help other people catch fish. However after witnessing those two boats fish the exact same spot it made me wonder how other people handle a situation as stated. Now if you have nothing productive or related to add to this thread please discontinue with your comments and find a more productive way to completely waste your time. Thanks! *edited to add, Also as I notice that this forum has alot of the same people posting the threads and asking the questions, I believe this forum is in need of new members who are actively engaged. If a prospective member was considering posting and would read responses as yours, questioning why somebody would even think to ask a stupid question, it would be a huge deterrent to that person. Please be aware of how your posts come across.
  10. That is a heartbreak! I never considered that happening, I will definitely be more cognizant of my teaser when trying to net a fluke!
  11. Caption is pretty long but gets the question across. I was out fluking earlier this week from the kayak and was pretty keyed into what the fish wanted, where and what drift. Limited out pretty fast and lost my pb fluke. A couple boats passed by one loaded with 4 fisherman, other one a solo fisherman. Both boats asked how I was making out, it was evident from the white bellies floating next to my kayak that I was on them, and with the excitement of losing my pb fluke, I blurted out that I lost my pb fluke. A boat asked how big it was, I said 7-8lbs. The interaction between each boat was about 45 mins from each other. But both boats did not leave the spot I was in, fishing in very very very shallow water. I know its not my ocean or spot, but the structure and location was even sketchy to fish with one kayak. So back to the question, if you're catching fish and a boat pulls up and asks how you're making out, do you tell the truth, tell a half truth, or just keep quiet? P.s. Also a firm believer in good karma arising from picking up any trash you see floating in the ocean while out. Fishing turned on after I picked up a floating plastic bag, and witnessed the boat with 4 fisherman drop a crushed coor's light and proceed to catch nothing.
  12. Only got out a few times for fluke with two times being Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Wednesday would have limited out within an hour and half but forgot my net Lost my pb fluke when the leader snapped trying to swing him into the yak. Thursday morning brought the net and limited out very quickly. 8+ keepers in between those two days. Great late season fishing. Nice fish in the pic, what size was he?
  13. I'm a big fan of my Stradic 5000fk. Overall I find its pretty light weight reel. I use mine between a 7' St Croix tidemaster and an 8ft Teramar. Pairs nicely with both.
  14. That's amazing. I think the ultimate challenge would be getting one from the kayak. I've caught them from kayak in Florida but it would be even more rewarding getting one from VA.