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  1. The "theoretical" max hull speed for a 16 ft kayak is 6 something mph. If you can maintain 8mph for a sustained amount of time on the kayak with the mirage drive I'd recommend looking into being a professional athlete of some sort. I think I'm in decent shape, turned 25 last month and could always run a sub 6 minute mile. But pushing the Revo past that mark makes me never want to do it again. I did love the trampoline set up on the AI. Gives you a ton of more room for gear and also space to sit and fight fish from.
  2. You will not be hitting 8mph with the mirage drive unless its for a very short time going with the wind and tide. If you installed the aka and cross bars already (which looks like you did) I'd recommend doing the full thing. You already have the bulk of the job done and this way you don't have to worry about it being too windy to utilize the sail and single ama, plus you'll be able to travel much faster. Hitting 10mph with the sail isnt unheard of. Check out Key West Kayak Fishing, he has a similar set up with the single ama and a smaller motor. I think the set up maximizes the single ama the most.
  3. From using an AI before, however it was with the standard sail, I would not feel comfortable taking the kayak out in any wind worthwhile for having the sail. Its tough to picture the additional weight of the ama being enough to counteract the wind attempting to push the sail into the water. The single ama setup is great if you can rig up a small 9hp engine on the back.
  4. Sounds good to me!
  5. As always thank you for the information! Getting ready for another BI trip in 8ish months?
  6. Absolutely try to hit me up when youre down there! Hopefully Ill be able to key in on some fish come spring time
  7. Hey guys, I am most likely going to be moving to Cape May Court House come Feburary. I primarily fished North Jersey, Raritan Bay to Sandy Hook and everything in between, so South Jersey will be something new to me. Are there any SOL members who live down there or fish it regularly? Looking to find some fellow people to go kayak fish the back waters and also out front. Or if anyone has any good areas to start the exploring down there. Thanks, Terry
  8. We should be excited that more people are coming to the pedal kayak fishing market. The competition should be cause for better boats to be developed and manufactured. Tough to tell how this boat will compare until one of us actually takes it out and puts it through the paces. I have trouble imagining it will stand toe to toe vs the Hobie's, but we don't know what we don't know. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all.
  9. Sorry I thought I hit submit Thursday. But I decided I’m going to hang on to the kayak. Realized come spring if I wanted a second kayak for guests I wouldn’t be able to find the same deal without traveling absurd distances. Going to close this out.
  10. Sorry no wheels included. Only have one pair which I need for my Revo.
  11. It has the tacklebox holder but when I got the kayak it did not come with the actual tackle boxes. It does have the white bucket in front. My understanding is that is not standard and something like $65.
  12. FYI boat is also located in Philadelphia area
  13. Wheels are not included with the kayak. Hull is in great shape can tell it was fished out off but no concerning marks. It comes with an oar. Electrical tape is for added grip. No upgrades are added on the Pro Angler. I purchased this kayak and brought it to the bay one time for a family member to use. Too cumbersome compared to what I’m use to. I got a good deal on it so I’m passing that on to the next person.
  14. Removed from other site to repost on SOL due to interest from an SOL member. Unlocked
  15. Awesome response lol. Thank you