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  1. Outback Moco today got into some Gators. Haven't caught any blues this year and finally got to have some fun. Landed 6 in about an hour and a half. Might try again tomorrow and see if they hang around the same spot. Once the tide dropped they moved to deeper waters.
  2. I will try that next time. Thanks.
  3. Frustrating day out yesterday.. still learning the whole boat game. Went outfront yesterday monmouth county and found a ton of bunker, started snag and drop and was getting the back end of the fish bit off and that was it. Tried chunking and they wouldnt touch the chucks. Changed over to jigging and lures and they wouldnt touch that either. Wind shifted and heading in the back with the same results. No fish landed but marked some.. Guess there is a learning curve that I need to figure out. Going to try and head out from shore tonight if I can.
  4. Line got wrapped around a guide I think. Not really sure felt a tug and a snap and that was it. Watched my brand new plug sail out into the bay.
  5. Hit Moco outback from 12-4 today and not a tap. Gannets and bunker all around me and nothing. Back out tomorrow.. And lost a brand new Mike Fixter mini Pikie so if someone finds it I'll give ya a 12 pack if I get it back.
  6. I'm gonna hold off for now. I actually ordered new waders because I never heard back. Mine should be delivered tomorrow so if they don't fit I'll be back to you.
  7. Would you be willing to let me try them on? I'm in middletown
  8. Any idea how the water clarity is out back right now with all of this rain? Was thinking about getting out for a bit tonight since the storms are letting up.
  9. I have a JK now and love it, I said that I will always own a wrangler, but just priced out the Gladiator and without any crazy options or the Rubicon it came to $46,000. I just dont see how it can be worth that much money.
  10. Stopped on my way home from work for an hour from 630-730 in Moco outback. Couple guys there all with nothing. Not a tap maybe try again tomorrow morning.
  11. No it doesnt.. looks like the previous owner had it mounted with wooden legs
  12. @nicknotsebastian all yours if you are still interested
  13. Out last night until around 1030. Moco outback, couldn't get a bite. Bait guys around me picked up a few fish but they wouldn't take a plug. Might have to stick with worms for another week.
  14. I guess I would sell... not really sure what to ask though.. I know they are about $300 due to it being a industrial sink... how does $50 sound?
  15. bump... nobody wants this?