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  1. Get a Flatlander belt... very rigid and supports a ton of weight.
  2. Giglios
  3. Hit a few spots out back with some worms and got the skunk. I definitely thigh I would find something but 3 spits later decided to pack it in and go get the kids from school. Might give it another shot Wednesday.
  4. Hmmm I wonder where Drumfish got this idea from lol
  5. I have Kast gloves and love them.. they are pretty water proof and for the most part my hands stay dry and warm. I use them through January and I am usually pretty good unless it is VERY cold out.. I also find that as long as I keep my core warm my hands usually stay warm.. Once your core gets cold it sucks all the blood from your extremities to warm up.
  6. Got out today in NOMOCO and the water looked like my toilet after burrito night.. Visibility was maybe 6 Inches... No fish but did see some birds working in close but nothing under them..
  7. My VR seals failed causing the AR to stop working..I took it to a repair center and they fixed it. It was definitely tighter when I got it back and now I dont notice it.. I either got use to it or it loosened up not sure which one.
  8. This is what I tell people about the blue wave bag.. If you fish more than once a week get a different bag. I had mine for about 6 months before I wanted to light it on fire. Plugs get stuck in the material and that mesh crap on the side of it. A plug got stuck in it for the 29239742394723th time one day and I tried to yank it out resulting in my putting a hook in my hand.. I threw the bag went inside the house grabbed my keys, went to the tackle shop and bought the ODM bag. If it is your first bag and not sure if you like fishing you can always buy a better bag and sell it if you don't like fishing.
  9. Had off of work today so tried to make the best of it. Started out at 530 Am in nomoco. First stop came up empty but started to see some birds working a little south of me, so I hopped back in the car and tried to get ahead of them, but they never came in to shore. I ended up with 3 small bass though. Decided to make a move that turned into probably 10 moves if not more. 1 spot I saw some swirls in the water and was very excited until I realized they were shad. I ended up with 6 of them 1 being pretty big. Ended my day almost 12 hours later with a count of 3 bass and 6 shad and probably almost 60 miles of shore driven. I am sorry but if anyone says the population of bass is strong right now punch them in the face and then steal their log book because I would really like to know where they are.
  10. Thank you... might give it a shot.. depends on how tired I am I guess
  11. Anyone been out tonight? Trying to figure out how the wind is outfront get off of work at 10 and was thinking about hitting it for a bit.. looks like the wind is supposed to shift west at 11pm
  12. Got out from 530-8 today. Tried outfront first and then in the back and absolutely nothing.
  13. For me it would be finding underwater structure without being able to see the difference in water (no waves to read).. That is what I have the hardest part with, I feel like unless I have some hard structure nearby I am just casting into open water for no reason.
  14. Caught this morning on an undressed A27... that is the only thing I could get past the breakers and actually be able to hold the current... very slow retrieve with the occasional twitch.
  15. Outfront this morning from 530-8. Had casting practice for a while until I hooked up with something big. Definitely over 20lbs. Hook popped came tight again got a couple of cranks and came loose again. After crying on the beach I regained my composure and kept casting. Ended up with 1 24" fish. It's going to haunt me for a while. Might get back out tomorrow morning