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  1. Pick up some aluminum flat stock and come on over. I’ll make them for you
  2. Never panned out with Nick. FREE!!!!! Come get it I need it out of my garage and don’t want to scrap it. It’s too cool of a sink. Maybe throw in a few craft beers or something if you want to be nice lol.
  3. That looks amazing. Good call I’ll have to look into this Thank you I appreciate it. and thank you to the other recommendations I will check out all of these charters.
  4. My dad was diagnosed with cancer and my brother and I are trying to plan a bucket list fishing trip for him. I was looking in the Venice Louisiana area and was looking at all inclusive outfitters that take care of everything. I was wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with any of them down there. We are planning on maybe April or May depending on his health and when his treatment is done. Any insight would be appreciated and if you have any other ideas throw them my way. We are open for other states as well just must be in the US. My dad is strictly a boat fisherman and can’t do tuna because of his back so was thinking maybe red fish, trout, cobia, etc.
  5. That list is not run by the club. That is guys taking upon themselves to start it. The club has nothing to do with that. I also dont see the club getting involved in that anytime soon.
  6. I got a cheap pair of Compass 360 waders to use until my Simms that I ordered came in. I ended up returning the Simms and kept the Compass. I am not easy on my gear and they usually get put away in a wet ball in the back of my jeep until the next time I use them. They have held up really well. Usually fish around 2-4 days a week and have not leaked yet. My LL Bean would have definitely leaked in that time period.
  7. Damn ok thanks.. Im in NJ that is the exact rod I am ordering for my daughter
  8. Where are you located? I might take that LL Bean rod if you are close
  9. I use kast gloves and I'm very happy with them.
  10. Just got back from trip #2 of the day. Maybe an hour and a half. Damn the conditions have changed. Blowing stiff NW and the temp dropped drastically. It's cold now. There are fish though. Ended up with 3 and decided to go home and start that fire to warm up and take a nap.
  11. Well worked nights last night and decided on my way home to hit out front for an hour before I have to take the kids to school. Sun was just coming up and birds working everywhere on the outside of the bar. Problem is, is that the backside of the bar is right at the end of my cast. So I watched birds smashing the water and bass blowing up on bait for an hour and went home with my tail between my legs. Might drop them off and go back out. Or might light a fire and fall asleep on the couch. Decisions decisions.
  12. Well had an amazing day today. Took my 10 year old out in search of some fish and boy did we find them. All top water and only 2 fish under 30lbs. She landed the biggest fish of the day by herself bottomed out my Boga and I'm guestimating at 45-50 pounds.
  13. Was tired of getting skunked the last few outings so decided to take the boat out. Started outback and found some small bass feeding on what looked to be very small bait. Picked a few and decided to go look for some bigger fish. Trolled out front for a while marked some fish and started jigging but no luck. Went back in and found a few more up to 30". Not the big ones I was looking for but a fun time out on a beautiful day.
  14. I'm starting to question my skills as a fisherman. 4 skunks in a row now. Moco out front everything looks perfect. White water, bars and troughs and current but no fish. Saw some gannets diving WAY out but that's all.
  15. Tried out front today. Water looked like a toilet after taco night. No action at all skunked the last 3 outings. I'll try again next week