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  1. Any line issues which cant be solved at home are solved at Penn service. I had the line lay issue.. sent sent the reel Penn and the reel came back perfect. No charge.
  2. Hello, I'll take these for 23 shipped. Thanks
  3. My father would take me to Sheepshead Bay for a hot dog at Ross and wait for the boats to return at 3 pm. I couldn't see over the cars but would hear the horns. I'd cross the street and see the flags flying. And getting closer I'd see the fish hanging all around just under the wheelhouse and the guy's waving bags at the customers waiting on the dock. Ross and the fish are gone, as is most of those boats. At least I can still make a hot dog at home. Beef is out... I hope the pigs and chickens aren't flagged for flatulence or I'll lose "meat" dogs altogether.
  4. Are you looking for large eels, squeelie or eelie or all of these?
  5. So I'm told these crappie are good eating. Some people eat anything. Is this correct? I found a bunch near me also. Big plate sized.
  6. Hello, I'll take this. Thank you
  7. There's no fish there and it's a bad neighborhood.
  8. Slot limit is necessary Greater enforcement is necessary, more presence of enforcement officials in the field. Generate monies from a tag or special licence to pay for this protect areas of greater importance, particularly spawning areas. We all know where these fish are throughout the season. I don't think commercial take is the issue, back to enforcement I hate circle hooks, but if it helps I'm in. I'll pay, what the hell. Like anything else.....
  9. sorry retract. I have no pp money. I must be nuts.
  10. I'll take these for 30 shipped. Thanks
  11. When I was a kid we called them wildlife. Now the locals call them lunch.
  12. 24 shipped pp?
  13. Hello, I'll offer $35 PP shipped for the BC. Thank You
  14. or a check if you want to save fees. no hurry