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  1. I'm lucky enough to have a daughter in Boston and one in Phili...... They say lots of destructive events both areas. Cops are finding "staged" boxes of bricks, gas filled juggs , etc etc .... stashed all around - everywhere. Coordinated effort to destabilize. sickening.
  2. Autoloader working overtime.
  3. Found some good crappie fishing for about an hour this morning. Nothing huge, but they stayed put and I had a great time with about a dozen. I was surprised there were no perch or bass for me.
  4. Expensive pickerel lure!
  5. I will take the peanut popper for 20 shipped please. Thanks
  6. It appeared the smallies were spawning so I changed up a bit and fished spoons. For the time I was out, I did not see any trout chasing alwife. The smallies were there, but I let them be. Why not.
  7. So, weekend plans turn to weekday plans. Weekends are very crowded now and going forward. I'm going back to the reservoir tomorrow. And, watching the pack at night.
  8. Thanks Hook. I appreciate it.
  9. Met a good guy today who had a nice rig with wheels and he used a sock. He gave some good info. I have another, but the offices shut down before I could register it... do in the yard it sits. My current rig is tired.
  10. ????????
  11. Another day another butt whooping. I hit a reservoir this morning. Got out late... had to watch Gutfeld... hahaha Anyway, no wind and gorgeous out. I had to row a mile or more because the best fish is alway far away. I get out to the island and nothing for about 20 minutes. The wind started honking. Forecast was 5 to 10 and it was 10 to 25. Freaking white caps and < 2' ers with water over the bow. There was no fishing that side. 1.5 hours back trolling some spoonbill rebels and nothing. I get back to my truck side and duck behind a hill beached the boat and got nice fish on white twisters. About 2 pm I head to my tree and chain. I pack up and there's the alwife and shore getting banged up by bass. Get the rod and throw weightless fluke. What a blast. Next the big browns show up and the bass bite stops. Big fish busting 20 yards out and crushing the alwives. Lasted 20 minutes and I couldn't get a touch. I didn't have a spoon.... Oh well.
  12. Skunk for me this morning on wallenpaupack. I saw one come up about 10 lbs. Guys fishing live trout at $3 a piece. No herring available at stores and I couldn't jig them. Others had no luck with nets. I'll pass on the $3 trout. Got my butt kicked a bit in the wind.
  13. That's a late fall fish from Wallenpaupack. I'm rigged to go out tomorrow. Didn't do half of what I had planned this spring.
  14. There are fish being caught. Anyone fishing it? I hope to get out this weekend.