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  1. Absolutely some good memories and fishing. My Canadian born family members all live in the USA
  2. Wow. Big hybrid. I've seen a few that were 10 lbs... My biggest is about 5lbs. Great fighters.
  3. I'll be out over the weekend. Bigfish describes an area where I saw the big cat. Some good tips from all. Thanks!
  4. A beat up bucktail I found while walking into Owls Head to fish the "bubble". I caught a small fish and lost it next cast. Lost on a bigger fish. My buddy still tells that story.
  5. Sure, give me ideas. Spend more on tackle, thanks. I'll look for the sv. Stay well and thanks!
  6. Throw Rapalas day and night. Spinners and spoons also. Don't think too small with baits.
  7. Good fishing. Spawn is just about to start. Bait is loaded and being pushed to shore at any time during day or night. I've been fishing the lights. Anywhere there's a light, at night, there is bait and fish. I've mostly caught walleyes, but a few hybrids. No pure for me yet. Caught on Zara spooks, hydro pencils, twitch baits and very old rebel sinkers. Look for the bait!
  8. Bait is loaded. Very little on them last eve. Not a touch for me. This will bust open.
  9. Ohhhhh myyyyy. Get out there! Go fish a rock pile on a reservoir for top water first lite smallmouth. Hook a night feeding large trout on plugs. Want to watch drag fly.... go carp or catfishing. Throw pencils at stripers way up the Delaware to junction pool.... Anywhere you live.... the above type waters are found. I'm learning there's a lot more to learn. Certainly a ton of fishing entertainment.
  10. Bait was gathering at dark. Hybrids on the bait with walleye. One hybrid, a couple pounds maybe. Left early, but was quiet just after dark. Freshies aren't easy, and this is the easiest time to catch.
  11. Brass pick up at the range is no more! I set up my chrono on its tripod... I'd like to know what my re loads do. I shoot lead cast at low and no recoil. I'll try it out at my next range trip. Curious for sure.
  12. So, who's fishing? Last night looked like the spawn is on. Eyes had the bait locked up. Eyes were all 20" + fish. No stripes on the bait.... yet.
  13. I like reloading. Started years back for activity or hobby. I buy some factory here and there, but reloading is an enjoyable activity for me. Be safe!
  14. Full pool and lots of bait. River is also producing. I'm on the shore. No boat for a bit.
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