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  1. I'd assume the corn kernels still on the cob would be more user friendly. Waste not want not............. Know where you corn comes from.
  2. Pennsylvania is looking better and better all the time. I'm waiting to see "migrants" crossing the Delaware from NY and NJ with empty water jug floaties under their arm pits.
  3. Where I come from, that's brandishing. Most who do this are not usually properly licensed, which adds to the offenses to be considered by law enforcement. I would have call 911 and waited for the spot to open up.
  4. When I've seen them in the pod like above, I believe they're feeding. In water with depth and near a bulkhead, where I can easily eyeball them, they rise and drop in that circle like pod. Their mouth and gills seem to be opening very wide, like they're filter feeding.
  5. Wow.............. Nobody out there???
  6. Is that 4 pics of the same guy?
  7. I've seen this work every time..... Guy's on the end of the rocks in sneakers or flip flops at low tide. Rod is always multi section for the painful and bloody walk back to the car.
  8. Holy crapola.
  9. Toaster oven @ 350. No pan, just on the grill. Heat, grab and run out fishing before wife smells cheese burning on bottom of toaster oven. Nice crispy bottom for the car ride to the spot.
  10. I fish a large, deep and clear water reservoir with high water. The fish have been near shore where the water is up into the vegetation on a steep rocky drop near a channel. Smallies have been crushing weightless super zoom flukes in pearl. Everywhere is different, but that's whats working now with these conditions for me. Good luck
  11. Waste from the new pot growing facility.
  12. Hello, interested in trades? Thanks
  13. I don't see a difference. River, lake, pond with different weight and same type head. I buy in as much bulk as i need in the cheapest color available. Never pass up a deal because of color. But I do like chartreuse.
  14. Thanks all. I see more puddle hopping in my future. Had to hit a couple near the house tonight.... only giant scary frogs. Big frogs. Big enough to eat fish.
  15. Spots fished the same for 40 years till the past few years.