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  1. Beautiful build, project and skills.
  2. With 167 days, 6 hours and some odd minutes / seconds before midterms.... SCOTUS has decisions on gun rights and abortion to deliver. Wow, what a summer! Should be some real heat out there. SCOTUS is on "double secret probation" . And what happened to the leaker? When these decisions become final and public, you'll then know who the leaker is. I dare you to do something about it.... Destroy SCOTUS credibility at all costs.
  3. I just quoted. Didn't make it up.
  4. Good morning! There's your headline and internet greeting. Never let a tragedy go to waste.
  5. Hello, 100 shipped. Thanks
  6. Hello, 70 shipped. Thanks
  7. Bump. Price drop.
  8. Police officers in schools would require paperwork on events and happenings at schools. Paperwork would be accessible and not buried at the school authorities level. Statistics would be accurately produced and published. THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN. GOVERNMENT PRIORITIES!
  9. The big picture. So the end of that process would require SCOTUS action. Hmmmm, what's up with SCOTUS lately?
  10. Yes. Something is coming. Could it be helpful thought and action? Will it have the children's well being first and foremost?
  11. Your, thanks. Pm coming.
  12. Could the US possibly manage the project planning, implementation and distribution of funds in a non political and efficient fashion WITHOUT FRAUD AND THEFT OF THOSE FUNDS! The current state of affairs suggests not. I cant think of one politician i would trust. That distrust is for all sides of the political landscape.
  13. Why is there billions of $ floating around schools and education with no real purpose? Covid money. Spend money on kids safety..... US has and spends/prints money for all kind of crap. Didn't the US spend 30 millions on a false claim recently? What did all the photo ops in Ukraine cost? Is there a rule where you can't spend money within 5k miles of the WH?
  14. Bullet slopehead used. See bag for description. Nice plug 85 shipped prefer check or MO. Thanks