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  1. Update.... I'm told the pinion and main gears were replaced under warranty. The reel will mail out to me by weeks end. Good turn around and service. I'm happy. I asked about bearings and I was told that anything the tech saw necessary to replace is done. I'll go with that. The reel was also serviced.... as part of standard repair by Daiwa.
  2. Who's on them? The river must be a bit muddy at this time.
  3. Go SLA III 4500. Its pairs with almost everything I own. I enjoy the smaller size and weight. I have never wished I had a bigger reel while out with the 4500. Go and check it out on a rod. Bring your 5500 with you and try both on the same rods............ and others.
  4. So my reel is "in process" being repaired with no charge. I have no idea what's being repaired, but seems like good service. I'll find out and post the repair. That's quick. Sent it out Monday past.
  5. Every year I find some small fish there. Healthy and nice looking small fish. Too small to have traveled there.
  6. I've always used walmart store brand for <$100. replaced every 3 seasons. never a problem. dual batts a must. I never had any more issues with these than other boaters using expensive batts. Guy's using expensive batts always though they lasted forever because they bought quality......... I would tow these guys back occasionally. Good luck.
  7. Thanks all. The reel should arrive in in Cali today, so I probably could get some status in a couple days. Thanks scoobydoo,,,, I'll try to get them to look at the bearing before returning. This geary symptom came with a quick deterioration from a bit of continued use after the binding became annoyingly obvious. 50 + screaming shad over the weekend forced this repair. The original symptoms started while crappie fishing. The reel was a beast with shad.
  8. Shad fishing was ok over the weekend in the Pocono.....................................
  9. Sent it back to Daiwa for warranty service..... Started getting geary at the bottom of the spool travel. Could feel it. Hope I have no issues. Did what they asked on the service request form. It's my first Daiwa I put any time in with. Awesome little reel. This will not stop me from buying another. I'll get through this. Was traumatic using another reel yesterday afternoon. It was like picking up a brick after using a feather.
  10. Hello, any trades?
  11. Coming your way later today.
  12. Water is 52 degrees. Nothing happening this am.
  13. So no "Pack" rats. Very discouraging. Water has warmed 3 degrees ..... not much.... but enough..... Any plans to fish it? Anyone?
  14. North!
  15. Good afternoon. How about $30 for the lot, shipped. I'll send you out a check. Thanks!