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  1. Good. You have choices. All good. Enjoy and be well!
  2. So after shooting probably 100 rounds through the host action and barrel in 22lr, im afraid to swap barrels to 17 hmr. Im thinking I may change the great shooting that original 22lr config is offering. What do you think?
  3. Fishing, after the initial fortune in tackle, will be most economical! As long as you walk to your spot. Gas will be limiting my travels.
  4. I hope so. If its ugly it'll be less expensive and more available.
  5. Cz 527 varmint mtr in .223. I removed the sling studs and filled with 5200. This works well on other rifles used on the bench. Easy and solid. Also. Easily removed and stud replaced if necessary. Not something to be carried anyway.
  6. A fun time for me.... When fingerings are stocked on the high spring water, they hide in the tree roots, bushes and partially submerged vegetation. All predators feast here. Funny how a 10 lb+ sneeks into 8" of water undetected. If you don't use a tiny bait, and color maters, no fish for you. So you bounce that tiny jig to a rod length in front of you and hold till it gets picked up at your feet. Fish are there and they just suck your bait off the bottom. I watch this in amazement. Freaking awesome.
  7. Enjoy it. Great find. I follow the bass that follow the shad and then turn their attention to cooler waters and the stocked trout. Works for me.
  8. Oh, and I wander around with my .45 colt 6 shooter.
  9. Not easy to find. And at a decent price. Its the only one I've seen. Not a take off.
  10. I've seen a few big bears lately. I've only had one refuse to leave my garbage. I kept up the noise and it moved on.
  11. Sorry Lou. Im closing for now.
  12. No.
  13. Yellow cb jr to precise White gg and black cb Jr to bug Bm darter to Ryan All else available
  14. Left is lg lip, blk and black over purple.