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  1. Looking to trade a few darters for stainless rail mounted rod holders. I could use 2. Must fit 7/8 or 1" rails. Thanks.
  2. I'm out. GLWS.
  3. Hello, I'll offer $55 shipped, immediate paypal for the lot. Thank you.
  4. I sorry but must retract my offer. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Get your NY lifetime before you leave and become a PA resident.
  6. Wallenpaupack is challenging and frustrating. Never fished it till this summer. Not freaking bad. Now I lose sleep closer to home. Send me a pm if you want to try. The boat fishes 2 safely.
  7. Ok Matt. I'll be in MoCo Friday. Let's make a plan. I'll pay cash.
  8. I'll take this. Lets work out pick up. Thanks.
  9. Condition? Look good. Please describe.
  10. I'll try this. Thank you. Looks great.
  11. And thank you!
  12. Everything Jig Man make seems to work well for me. I'd like to try some fresh water plugs.
  13. Just kidding. Tempting...
  14. Keep fishing. Replace family.
  15. Fishing without barbs is good for the fish. I did it for a bit. When I fish a couple hours and the bite turns on and I drop the first 3 fish..... land the 4th fish because he's 20" and could not run or give a good head shake. Experiment over. I'll take the hook deep cut it, tape me up and keep fishing till the bite is done and head to the hospital. I've never looked back at these experiences with disappointment or bad feelings. I'm not happy thinking about the bite I screwed the pooch without barbs.