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  1. Hello, Ill take the Jigman for 18 shipped please. Thanks
  2. Hello, I was lucky to find a few of your small swimmers here in the bst. I would like a few more small surface swimmers for some upper river and lake fishing. Maybe some small top water also. Would love to see some trout paterns. Btw.... still loving those slope heads and darters. Thanks and be well
  3. Great thanks. It's yours. Pm coming.
  4. Yes buddy lock both sides and 3" x 10.5" tubes. Thanks
  5. Hello, yes 2 tube @ 3" x 10.5". It's the GRS bag. Thanks
  6. 250 shipped. Thanks
  7. I have a new small Penn which had the same "issue". The issue was magnified when using a fast action rod as opposed to my older all glass rods. The reel is to pair with a rod for small jigs from 1/16 - 3/8 oz. Could not work the small jig and detect a hit. I did notice an ever so small bump when retrieving. Did not think this was the issue because it was so small, but compared to other much more expensive reels, noticeable. I sent the reel to Penn and they swapped a bearing. They problem is gone. As always - great service. Hope this helps.
  8. Very nice AH needles. Thanks!
  9. back up to the top
  10. ..
  11. After your suggestion of "sauger", I poked around for some info, and your all probably correct.. was a good time with a few like that just before dark. Thanks all
  12. BigFischer = good plugs. Merry Christmas!
  13. This is all new to me.... found a few small over the weekend.
  14. this - "one for demolition"......... nice.
  15. Back up @ $255 shipped. Thanks