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  1. That's a really nice rod to bad I'm on long island
  2. One last bump
  3. Must be 2 tube
  4. Seeing if anyone wants to let one go before I buy new
  5. No thanks
  6. Used in good shape looking for 175 small tear in gaskets around wrist still keeps water out will post pictures when I can
  7. I can do that
  8. West
  9. I've been saying it for atleast 5 years stripers need to be classified as a slot fish
  10. Yea well that's not gonna happen but atleast if you move the day back more for post spawn your not killing fish that are spawning
  11. I wish the law was for all the states may 1st opening day for stripers that alone would help the stocks big time
  12. Kings park
  13. Thank you I called a number on there website and I dont even think it was dec
  14. Does anyone have the dec phone number by chance their website sucks had a bunch of guys keeping shorts tonight and throwing rocks after I let it be known I wasn't happy about it
  15. Possibly if you are willing to cover