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  1. budget was 200 but offered 250 given ya had to ship, im at my max of 250 unfortunately
  2. id like to offer $250 shipped
  3. needles n stubbys can be deadly, very versatile plugs
  4. do not have one to spare. you could purcashe one online trough prime fairly cheap
  5. $115 no charger. they run for $160
  6. Battery health is at 80% it was replaced back in late 2018 during apples battery replacement program
  7. id like to offer $150 also live in san jose
  8. Have an iPhone 6s unlocked 64gb $125 shipped ?
  9. whats the blank weight differences between the two ? we talking grams or ounces ? i personally could not differentiate the two fishing them side by side.
  10. It’s just salt build up... just rinse it off
  11. For the s2 1326 New vs old feel similar. One of my favorite rods
  12. Simple answer is yes.