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  1. Thanks! I ended up buying a few plugs (Nokken 9", Arbogast AC Plug, and a couple jointed glide baits). I hear they stock with trout every Friday. Unfortunately, I'll be there Thursday and fishing Friday (probably before they stock). I have a 7' travel casting rod rated 12-25lb that I plan on pairing with my 300 sized BC loaded with 50lb braid and just picked up a cheapo Shimano FX 7' spinning rod rated the same to pair my 4000 spinning reel (loaded with 30lb jbraid) with. I'll probably top these with anywhere from 15lb to 25lb mono - like 4-8' lengths? Maybe 30lb mono at the max? I'm assuming swivels for fishing the plugs and glide-baits though so possibly 3-4' leaders of mono tied to swivels Anyway, I plan to get in the float tube early AM (hopefully launching a little before grey light while it's still dark) On Friday and kick/row (planning to attach oars) possibly north but open to suggestions. Is the "island" south of the Marina/launch? EDIT: OH I think I see this island you're talking about I know there's a drop-off in that area so am actually debating between fishing that spot first or trying a little north and making the kick out to the Emerald Cove area.. If that fails, I suppose I'll have the fall back of bank fishing with the wife and kids later that day. That's interesting about the trout! What's "gross" about them? Do they taste "grassy"? I haven't had trout that's "gross" before but the bigger trout I've caught don't seem as 'sweet' to me as the smaller ones (this is coming from someone out in CA fishing the DFG plants though haha)
  2. Thanks! I have a couple LuckyCraft 110 Flash Minnows and other crank and jerk baits. Although, just moved so a lot of stuff is packed away too. I did pick up some Kastmasters, a glide bait rainbow trout imitation, and bunch of rooster tail like spinners and am considering picking up some AC Plug like lures. I actually heard that bait and waiting frozen anchovies works well too but more so at night. If I can sneak in an evening session from shore I may. Otherwise, I'm gonna try to see if I can get in the float tube early AM and fish the dark through grey light, sunrise and for a couple more hours after.
  3. Hey guys, Planning on spending a night at Willow Beach AZ/NV in early October on the way back from the Grand Canyon. Was hoping to target stripers (and trout) either by shore or possibly float tube (I'm currently in the process of trying to add oars to an outcast super fat cat lcs float tube). Was looking for suggestions on how to target these fish in freshwater whether off the tube or from shore and really just making the most of my time there since it's going to be limited. Also looking suggestions on gear to bring. I have some 300 and 400 sized baitcasters (concept z and okuma komodos) as well as heavier conventional gear. Spinning gear is 4000 at the biggest. My bigger 6000 sized reels are up in the Bay Area currently. I have targeted and caught a striper in the surf but nothing from freshwater yet so definitely a noob. Thanks
  4. Good to know... so which bearings do you typically want to grease versus keep grease out of? I'm assuming the spool bearings should be sans grease (or sans *most* grease) and I guess everything else that's inside the reel body should be greased? BTW: I was loading line onto the reel under load and noticed that at certain points when I turn the handle I can slightly hear and feel something inside 'rubbing' against something else inside - I don't know how to explain it but I tore down the insides several times and can't figure it out. The sound and 'feel' is more magnified under load but when you're just turning the handle without load it's not that obvious unless you listen closely - the thing is, it's actually kind of noisy when winding it without it being under load - definitely noisier than my other similar reels. Not sure if this is normal or not. I would think "grease" initially but I'm also thinking reels shouldn't necessarily sound like this even with minimal grease. The only thing that comes to mind is that the gears are misaligned or something is causing them to be misaligned due to poor QC. I'm pretty sure I'm putting everything back together the way it's supposed to go, though I could be wrong. What stinks is that I don't recall whether or not this was an issue before - but I also don't think I was winding line onto the reel under load so don't know if this was an existing issue. My concern is cranking on this in deep water reeling up rockfish or big fish. Last thing I'd want is reel failure in the middle of that.
  5. So I ended up getting the c-ring out on the bearing. I just used the Xacto knife and put a little more force into the c-ring and it popped out eventually. I confirmed that the bearing did in fact have grease in it but the prior applications of naptha appeared to have thinned it out. I applied more naptha and used an air duster to force most if not all of the remaining grease out. The bearing spins wayyyyy better now! Since I could immediately remove the clutch side bearing, I applied the same concept and squirted naptha on that [shielded] bearing, and used the air duster on it from all directions. I'm pretty sure this forced more grease out as the naptha broke it down. I'm pretty sure that side spins much more freely too. After doing this, the reel spins nearly as well as the Komodo currently does if not better. Prior to using the air duster, it spun better but still didn't feel satisfactory. I don't think I'll feel that it's completely satisfactory until I inspect each individual bearing in this reel and clear any/all grease out from them. Anyway, pretty crazy what a little work on these will do! This is making me want to crack open the rest of my reels and clean the bearings out LOL
  6. Good idea on just applying WD (I'm assuming paint thinner and Naptha are OK too) and just casting right after to clear out the grease - I'm assuming it will just eventually run itself out of the races with the force of the rotation.
  7. Any tips on what tool(s) to use to remove the c-clips from the smaller bearings? I tried an X-acto knife, sharp tweezers and even a small pin but can't get it to come out. I'd very much like to open the bearings up and see if I can do a full flush but maybe I'm better off just buying new bearings if I really want to go that route haha. Of course, it may not be worth doing any of this at all on a 'cheap' reel. I'm generally one to experiment though...
  8. Definitely not the same inside. The drive gear in the Tica is brass versus the Komodo's SS one. Also the spool braking system isn't as refined. In general it's way less a refined reel than the Komodo but I'm sure can still get the job done. I think I have the bearings at a point where there's a little less grease that was likely impeding them. Seems to spin a little better now.
  9. FWIW: I worked at the spool bearings a little more and applied some naptha (after reading around that this will thin out grease). I'm thinking there was some residual grease still around or possibly in the bearings (they are shielded though). I'm wondering if they packed the bearings with grease but am hesitant to try opening the bearings. Anyway, after I did all that, I put the spool back in place without the sideplate, and compared to before it spins a little better lol. I'm guessing that these are just low quality bearings and replacing with higher quality ones might result in much better freespool.
  10. Here's a pic of the Titanclaw and Komodo 364p side-by-side. They look very similar but definitely don't feel the same and there's a stark difference in the internals. Other thing I noticed is that the Titanclaw seems to have really terrible freespool. Anyone here end up getting a Titanclaw and notice the short freespool on it? The thing won't spin freely for more than a couple seconds max. Not so with the Komodos.
  11. Looks like Kastking and Piscifun may be using the same internals and components? * I picked up a Titanclaw off Ebay just to see it for myself. I got a Komodo 364 as well not long ago. It shouldn't be a surprise and should be expected but the Komodo is undoubtedly smoother and more refined lol: * The Titanclaw is notably louder when winding and doesn't have easy brake adjustments (just comes with plastic cap/bushings to insert or remove from the spool end). The free-spool leaves much to be desired but this could *perhaps* be resolved with higher quality bearings. I did a quick teardown (sorry, no pics unfortunately) and some areas were terribly over-greased. But the internal design at least of the [non-handle side] side-plate is strikingly similar to the Komodo. I didn't do a full teardown on the Komodo but looking at some teardown pics/videos it's actually not as robust on that side. It is tempting to get the bearing measurements to try overhauling those to see if it makes a difference with freespool but probably isn't worth the trouble. After removing excess grease (there was some that got on the bearings that I had to wipe off) and applying additional oil to the bearings, the TC does operate slightly smoother AFAIK. It seems like it'll be functional and am looking forward to trying it out.