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  1. Any interest in professionally tanned red fox and or raccoon fur,tails?
  2. Thanks! A local artist ,wading river Long Island.
  3. My girls
  4. Isn’t odm in jersey city? Prolly get one directly from them.
  5. Cheap and works! Just cut all the fingers off cept index finger. Pack of ten will last you many season.
  6. Corkers without waders, what footwear do you use?
  7. Need tires for the truck. Who do you use? Not allweather in Huntington, tried twice and I can’t near the place! Thanks
  8. Been by the place at all hours this season looks like it’s gone gone gone
  9. Thanks wire for fire I’ll give it a look!
  10. I support catch and release! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to do so tomorrow!
  11. 13’ conventional ugly stick, with the intention of throwing meat with 3-10oz sinkers from the beach.
  12. Just seen pics, wonder what say you.
  13. Holy smoke! Magnificent! Drone footage and score was flawless. Thank you made my day!
  14. Man what a nice rod ,weighs just about nuttin! Paired it with a vr125 ,20lb power pro braid . Come on bluefish!
  15. Thanks gents!