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  1. Not the 2018 but the version before that
  2. I’m looking for a shimano stradic 4000. Does anyone here have one that they’re no using that’s willing to part with it? I will entertain Reasonable offers. Thanks in advance
  3. Sorry for the ultra late reply fellas. Frazerp, BrianBM, not really sure what to say about the rod layout. I'm not really that technical on how a rod is built but I paired it with a vr150 and it fits perfectly. No windknots and does not snag on any of the guides. 30lb line goes through the guides very smoothly. I use a 30lb powerpro super8slick. I've also use a 50lb same brand/model and also no issues. Can easily outcast anyone at my beaches here in San Francisco that are using g loomis, century, odm etc. last year I am lucky enoug to be able to own the 10'6" striper series. I tried using the same reel on it, no issues. Line still goes through the guides and no windknot or snags but is just too bulky for the rod. Planning to get the VR50 to pair it with my 10'6", I think this match would be perfect. I pair it with my 3500 penn Slammer3 in the mean time just until I save up for the vr50. I'm planning to get the 10'6" salmon steelhead model next. They do have it on Amazon. I've seen the striper series there as well but sold out super fast. Just keep a watch for it though. Best way to find it is to call G-rods and ask which dealer of theirs still has the one you want and contact that dealer directly.
  4. How much 30lb braid can this 3500 spool? Can Any of you fellas let me know? I've been eyeing this size for a while.
  5. My bad. I thought I remember the rules. I forgot about that one. Should've read before posting
  6. * It says $140 in my CL post but I'm selling it here for $120
  7. I'm located in the Bay Area
  8. Pls pm me the phone number from whoever is interested and I can txt the pics to you
  9. So sorry, I don't know how to post pics here
  10. Spool is slightly used. About 3-4 times. Still looks new. Rotor is new/never been used. I can convert it to bailless if you like. Comes in a Van Staal bag. Selling all for $120
  11. Thanks guys. I bought the 11' striper series. I couldn't help myself. I called the company to inquire but I ended up talking to the owner/creator. Pretty cool guy. We talked for over 2 hrs. I wanted to know details about the rod. I didn't hold back on the questions. One of the questions I asked is, how was graphene incorporated in the rod? I'm concerned that just because it says graphene, graphene could just be sprinkled around the construction and call it graphene. But no, layers of graphene sheet is rolled over graphite then graphene-graphite-and so on. I think he mentioned about 3-4 layers between substance.and I asked why they sell it that cheap considering that graphene is very expensive. They were able to get a deal from a graphene supplier at a very low cost and the cost for them is locked for I think the next 15-20years if I remember correctly. That means, the price of the rods will stay the same for a while. That was about 3 months ago. I may have left out some details but I remember after i did my research and talking to Glen (I think it's his name) I asked if he could help me get one out to me ASAP since the rod is really hard to get at the time. He had to contact some of his distributors and was able to get one from Texas. He had to get that rod delivered out to him then deliver it to a store close to where I live for me to get it. Man!! It easily my most favorite rod I've ever owned. I'm saving up for another one.
  12. Guys, thank you so much for the great info. I forgot to mention. I mainly plug. My setup is a 11' g-rods medium with vs vr125 loaded with 150yards powerpro 30lb regular at the base then another 150yards 8slick 30lb in front. Scared to loose my beloved plugs, that's why I'm asking if putting a 50lb shock leader in front is worth it. Though hesitant because it may affect casting distance since I also throw Daiwa sp minnow. As you know, this lure can be pretty light. But I can throw it far enough without the shock leader. I fish at midnight till noon the next day and sometimes I get tired, then I switch to bait for a bit then back to plugging once I get bored of sitting/standing still. What I'm getting from all of you is, yes. Shock leader is good if I'm throwing 8+. But the most I'm throwing if I'm baitfishing is 5, mostly 4. Is it even worth it?