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  1. Pm sent.
  2. Thank you all. This is all very helpful.
  3. Thanks. Had no idea what a whip finisher was. Assume the bigger thread would also be more durable?
  4. Thanks. Forgot about a bobbin.
  5. Much appreciated. Will definitely send a pm once I get everything and if I have any questions.
  6. I have never tied any bucktails before but I'm gonna give it a go before the season rolls around. Looking for recommendations on actual tying gear. Vise, thread, epoxy and whatever else you need to get started. Already have the molds, hooks and lead.
  7. Paid and shipped. Closing.
  8. $75 works for me. Sending pm to work out details.
  9. WTS bucktail lot for $90 shipped. Basically half retail. Paypal only F&F or you cover fees. 20 new S&S Rockhopper pro and 4 canal Jecks. Believe the S&S are all between 3/4 oz. - 1 1/4 oz. And the two green mack Jecks are either 4 or 5 oz. And the two white are 6 oz.
  10. WTS used Shimano Stella 14K XG for $600 shipped. Paypal only. Plus fees. If you want to do local pickup you can come to me but not really looking to meet anywhere. Just had surgery a week and a half ago so not looking to sit in the car for long. Would still prefer Paypal if picked up. Located in Columbia CT. New model. Bought it used last winter and hasn't been serviced since. Nothing mechanically wrong with it. Came with 40# super slick when I bought it. Not sure if it's been flipped before. Have the box, bag and all the paperwork. Do not have the original knob. Previous owner couldn't find it. Will take more pictures on request.
  11. Picked up and paid. Closing.
  12. Sounds good. Sending PM to work out details.
  13. If you can find somewhere to meet $290 works for me.
  14. Can't go that low. Got it at $350 in the winter.