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  1. Or you could be talking about Sargent sportmate? dont think they are made anymore
  2. Manley?
  3. A bunch of small bass taken ( 26” max) and I’m good for the oddities Don’t know what these puffers ( blow fish ) eat Think I might have stole this one. Hook wasn’t “in” the mouth, then again it was a little big to fit.
  4. YES it is. (90% positive) Caught one on rubber shad 4 years ago as well.
  5. Anyone know if the VSX 200 reel foot will fit under the hoods on the 20 size in this alps seat?( RPD20-IS-N) I have a Fuji DNPSSD in size 20 that the moulded hood will not allow the foot of the VSX 200 to slide into. Unlike the Fuji DNPSSD 18 I used on another build with a VSX150. It was tight but managed to work it in. I might take the dremell to it but worried about compromising the strength of the hood.
  6. $80. Local pick up (Nassau- Wantagh/plainview) Like New condition. Box and original papers.
  7. Yup, soap did nothing, rubbing alcohol began to soften up the epoxy not removing any of the dye.
  8. Thanks Mike. Went single foot (KT) Torzite 7’s Yeah kinda stinks. All wraps done by hand turning blank on my antiquated caster wheel setup, no motor used. I actually have a motor (old sewing machine ) that I’ve used on other rods. I found it easier to do the guide wraps with A by hand. If I had done under wraps I probably would have used the motor. Thread tensioner is a stack of books with thread running through one of the books. Maybe over winter I will take a razor edge to it and scrape it down some to see if it is superficial. Then give it a coat of finish. Or I will just leave it as it is.
  9. “Seep” I believe is the answer. Thanks. This is not my norm with this rod, I usually don’t have a teaser on the leader and crank the line all the way in until the TA clip meets the tip top. After fishing late yesterday. I went to take my teaser off and the light bulb in the head went on. I wonder if it would have happened with another color teaser.
  10. No coat between feet. Each foot wrap coated separate and brought past thread onto blank. Agreed The lower larger wrap looks like water got in and ran down. The discolored top wrap looks more like it’s a smear. If it was a continuous coating from bottom foot to top I’d say good possibility, but they are separate. Thinking it might be water I hit it with heat gun to see if it would bubble up or dry out some, it didn’t change anything. I’m stumped.
  11. I have built a handful of rods over the years. Never seen this happen to any of them, till now. Any thoughts? For what it’s worth, Thread master light over Fuji A thread. It’s been used almost 2 seasons just noticed today, it definitely was not there yesterday.
  12. Which seat you end up using? I used the DNPS 18 for my last build with a VSX 150. Front molded hood was a VERY TIGHT fit the front foot barely went in at all. I was determined to use that seat, so I just kept worikng the foot in and out of the hood, and eventually it gave in. The front foot of the 150 now goes in as far on that DNPS 18 as it does on a DPS 18 I have on another rod. As ZA said looks cool ( nice and streamline ) I have smaller hands and prefer it over the larger seats. Im thinking of going with a VSX 200 for next build ( undecided ) I would use a DNPS 18 if it would fit, but im sure ill have to bump up to a DNPS 20.
  13. Well thats just silly, Surfcaters dont really need torzite nor sic. Then again we dont "need" titanium, but it is nice due to reduced weight over SS and lack of rust. Mike: Are you saying : RV 25,16, KW10m and get an extra KT7( my runners) and use as my choke guide? Or use another guide for my choke like a KW 8 or 7 ?
  14. Was this an incorrect post? I have also seen a chart that actually listed the TKWAG10M,12M. available in torzite, sic, & alconite. I can't find anyone that sells them though. Were they available for a short time but are no longer made? I am currently building a S1- 1205 that I was originally going to build all single foot titanium KLH guides (25,12,8m,7l ) Then a fellow SOL member suggested using the RV25 double foot as my stripper instead of the KL25H. I liked the Idea of the double foot and figured I would go one step further and use an all double foot reduction train into KT runners instead. I figured it will add a little bang resistance to the rod/guides ( for my bull in china shop style) Yeah I know the guides closer to the tip are more vulnerable to damage, I'm willing to live with that. My Guide selection is RV25,RV16,KW12M,10M reduction into KT7 runners. Both RV's are alconite and the rest are going to be Torzite, About $65 cost savings over using all Torzite. Unless the 10m,12m are actually available in alconite. Then I would like to go with an all alconite reduction train into Torzite runners.