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  1. Beautiful home brother. Fantastic price, you ARE in Gods country right there. I would turn that whole front lawn into Strawberries and Blackberries. Lol, The type that not many want to do. But if you are willing to work, they are willing to pay. I've seen it all from 9/11, Sandy, Protests, Thanksgiving day parades, Snow, babies thrown out. Staunton is a beautiful place as is the entire Shen Valley. Yes ALOT of music, bluegrass, etc. We looked hard there to Lynchburg, that Rt81 corridor. But at the end of the day I am a coastal boy. I can't wrap my mind around being 3-4 hours from the salt. lol dadgummit.
  2. wow guys. so much truth in so many different scenarios. Based on my retirement income, I don't think I pay the 7+ % in Maine. More like the 5+ % . So if I am understanding correctly, and it does make sense. High retirement earners would prefer NH (by the numbers only). We are looking at about 73K/year in retirement not including Roths, 401k's. By the numbers I think we fall into the Maine category. Interestingly enough, RI has a very low (compared to Maine) income tax. Their real estate tax isn't bad either.(compared to NH). I could be in Westerly, 4 miles from Watch hill, and pay similar to Maine. I thing they tax SS though. And.... I have never visited. To to the poster from Katahdin.(jonesg?). That's awesome man. You must be in Gods country up there.
  3. 3 colors is only going to get you about 15' down. You have to go to the depth the fish are.
  4. interesting article. It states the opposite of many other retirement articles. Specifically saying nh is not tax friendly. I've been doing my tax homework, and for my tastes,. NH and Maine almost break even. Not considering electrical rates, oil, gas, etc. But I do see Maine has the lowest electric rates in New England.
  5. Low electric rates are good. I saw that Maine has the lowest rates in New England. South? far far south? Too too hot for me. I like 4 seasons. Not a fan of poisonous snakes, chiggers, flying roaches, hurricanes, drought, and crowds.
  6. So for our unique situation taxes would be paid in Maine vs NH. Oddly enough I wouldn't pay taxes on pension in MA. I don't necessarily have to live on the coast. 30-40 minutes away would be fine. Somewhere maybe between Farmington NH and Sanford Me. I understand the beauty of the mid coast region and beyond. My wife worked in Blue Hill at the "Oakland House" during college. Before kids we toured the coast right up to Lubec. Such amazing views mile after mile. We are also kicking around the cottage idea. In that case we ( ha ha -- "I" ) would like to be near some good smallmouth fishing. 5 or 6 wt, some bugs and streamers and I'm set. This brings me to another question. Consuming fresh water fish. Not smallies, but white perch, yellow perch, lake trout. Are there consumption warnings on those species? Do any of you eat them? Thanks guys, hoping to make it up there sometime this summer. PS just saw that about $1000/month!!! that's about what we pay down here! ouch!
  7. Thank Marty for your .02 . Besides Stripers, do Albacore and blues show up? How about Tautog/blackfish? I've been reading that they don't occur much further north than Gloucester Ma. Do many of you fish down on Cape Cod, or Buzzards Bay? Are there any Salt Water Fly fishing clubs?
  8. I am asking about retiring to either Me. or NH. Did anyone ever make the leap? Looking back what are the good and bad of such a decision? A little about me and why I am asking. I was a die hard fisherman before children lol. But responsibilities caught up to me, and I took a hiatus from serious fishing. I grew up fishing eastern LI NY. Fly fishing for stripers, Albies, blues. Togging off rock piles from my kayak. Clamming crabbing, sea duck hunting. The good things in life. My wife and I almost moved to Maine 20 years ago, but my NY salary and benefits were too good to give up.(ok so I sold out) Now we are entering the search phase for semi retiring. (I'm 49 but planning to hang this chapter up in a few years). Long Island is simply too crowded and way overpriced. We have been looking at Virginia/NC. The thing is, I realize I truly enjoy 4 real seasons. While I am wowed by affordable homes in places like Ellsworth, blue hill, Machias. I realize stripers rarely occur that far up the coast. It seems there really isn't much salt water game fishing that far north.(though I could be entirely wrong)Freshwater, it seems to be a Smallmouth dream. In NH, no taxes but real estate. Maine- I hear they tax you on every item. With all the chaos happening lately I just want out sooner than later. Wow this was a long message so forgive me. Would love to hear all the good and all the bad about both states. Thanks in advance!
  9. Yea I have. I don't think there is acess though on the south side of bridge. You can fish the ocean side of the inlet south side, not soundside. You'll find sea trout an flounder there. Work the area between the barge and the break-wall. Gluck
  10. Be patient. Cukes and squash take time. If you can't wait, take the flowers and saute' them in olive oil and garlic. Mm mmm. you should be able to harvest your cukes an squash late august. How many hours of sun does your garden get? btw, eel grass makes great compost. Turn it in your garden after the growing season.
  11. I've seen sturgeon leap out of the water as far south as 125 st manhattan. Amazing creatures. They just rocket straight out. more than likely, this is what you saw.
  12. Just Curious as I just bought a new MK 55# trolling motor. Could anyone be more specific with Battery size/brand? From what I understand, I want something with at least 125 amp/hrs, and a Group 29 or 31 rating. Thanks for any advice. I will be using this primarily on my 16' canoe, and also my ancient 16' tandem Old town Loon. Both of which I have fished and hunted hard out of on the North fork of Long island. Just a note on the Old town Loon. If you can find one used, they are cheap and very stable. I can stand in mine no problem.
  13. Hey just curious, Are you doing Bsprouts from seed? or young plants? Thanks for any tips, I love Brussel Sprouts!
  14. Get up before sunrise. Drive north to the oregon inlet. keep your eyes peeled along the ride. Look for pelicans in the air. If you see them pull over, and get into the fish! Hope you brought your yak. Fish the inlet in the yak soundside. there are blues, spanish macs, and fluke/flounder back there. all this occurs sunrise.
  15. *