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  1. I have Akabaras and an Explosion. Explosion is on the same line of Slow Hand to target yellow tail and Tuna so they tend to be softer and ideal for stickbaits than the stiff-tipped popping rods. If you’ve used Ripple Fishers and Yamagas, they feel similar. I compared the Explosion with Temple Reef Stealth, Yamaga Blue Sniper, and Graphite Leader Barlette of similar ratings and length and the the first 3 felt the same. MC Works are really top notch with mostly Titanium guides.
  2. It's around 22-23oz or 625g reel. Some use heavier and some lower. Not the longest casting reel but lip design feels like will give you a tad more distance.
  3. I admire US made Penn, tried to kill it but it won’t just die (SS and Senator) Used a Chinese made Penn Jigmaster and the handle just fell on its first fish, and it’s a tiny fish. Never again.
  4. I believe all will ultimately fail. Made the switch to Japanese made and couldn’t be happier. It’s a lot cheaper than the lure.
  5. Reading glasses, Headlamp, and lots of patience. Never resorted to any desperate measures. Preventive: Thicker or stiffer braid PR/FG if connection going thru guide Roller reel design reducing twist
  6. Some buy $20M fishing boat. Why would they buy pliers from dollar tree if a $350 Staal is not even a drop in a bucket? And these people are not dumb, they know how to make money.
  7. Any made in USA or Japan on sale and preferably 8 strand.
  8. If you don’t have a spool lock, then, a like breaker is needed.
  9. Check also Explosion Full Contact, Aquila, and Blue Chaser. Feels good using their products.
  10. I want one
  11. Plus,I don't have the time to disinfect it when it arrives............ It’s Malaysian factory and not Chinese but very close to areas with the virus. FedEx aircraft passes thru Guangzhou hub.
  12. OJ for fluid reeling and Made in Japan. Have tried Saltiga once and very much capable but geary for my taste
  13. Palms Shoregun Evolv Mobile may fit your needs. An 8’6”, 15-48g, 5-piece, and a Japanese company but made in China if that matters. I carry it inside my medium luggage when I travel. It's 24" with soft case and its semi-hard case at 26". Perfect for 1oz plug and a little higher on metal. The last time I brought 6’5” tube with 5 rods using United Airlines to Asia, had to pay $200.
  14. Check Plat for 2001 Stella SW5000PG part 129 if it's the same. I'm not sure if PG and HG are interchangeable because your reel is actually the HG model and it seems they don't have it.
  15. Will be for sale in Japan next month