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  1. They don't catch fish. Just sell your tackles to me. Is that 120 S2T? Sorry, don't have a boat.
  2. I used to use the bags and shoes argument but now, I will lose when I do. With so much tackle, I'll ask her to buy a more expensive stuff than what I'm eying at so she even feels a little guilt for buying it. Replacing the sticker always worked so far as well as showing her inexpensive tackle I bought. For the wife to go fishing with you, accompany her shopping or anything she wants to do before going to your favorite fishing spot. Let her have something to do when she gets bored.
  3. Being quiet won't make you a very dishonest person. Tell the truth when caught and say sorry. Much easier than asking permission. Doing good things always also helps a lot.
  4. When my wife turns her back
  5. That’s tempered so it’s hard but became brittle and can’t be bent
  6. Depends on fishing method such that: Bait fishing - Reel SPJ - Rod Vertical/fast jigging - Reel Popping/casting - Rod
  7. Haven't used RTIC. I use Yetis for multi-day trips but mostly use inexpensive Coleman for regular day trips.
  8. If all brands have the same price, Yeti is the best. Downside is its weight and small capacity relative to its outer dimension. Nice features aside from keeping ice longer are the reliable screw type drain plug and rubber lid to keep fishy smell locked-up. It will be last for portability though.
  9. That’s 3in1 hook. Based on your need, you may opt for Barbed, Offset, or Barbless. Truly a genius design!
  10. Have you considered OJ 2001NRPG? Has a spool lock, clicker, lefty, most used jigging reel worldwide, with around 20 years of track record, and made in Japan. Didn’t touched Saltiga SJ because it’s now Korean and priced higher than Japanese made OJ which matters very much to me anyway. Tern might be a great reel but still has a long way to go to prove itself. You won’t get disappointed with the Saltiga if you prefer Daiwa. Tried jigging with it and it’s up there with the OJ. If it is Japan made, I could have OJ/Saltiga mix for slow/speed jigging.
  11. Saltigas and Expeditions are technological marvel but service is stone-age. I would still fish them until it breaks.
  12. Wide-faced poppers work better with a true popping rod to make that sound and splashes and SPJ rods using low-modulus graphite/glass layering to make the right movement of jigs and maintain constant contact. Stickbait, vertical jigging, casting jigs/plugs/lipped, bait, and troll won't require very specialized rod. Importance is subjective and our experiences dictate what are the important attributes and our preferences. Physique and even gender have its own unique requirements. In the end, nothing beats the rod or lure you're happy catching your fish.
  13. What's the country of origin of 832? I have Made in USA Sufix products as well as without a country of manufacture like Technora assist cord.
  14. Maybe Selfish 655S? Very long for jigging or very short casting/popping but a good compromise for both applications. Galahad 634S and other long jigging rods from MC Works may also fit the bill.
  15. Oh sorry. Yeah, I remember now the review of scoobs about the use of that wonder metal