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  1. I feel your pain, Slayer. I hooked and lost my first striper of the season today on a Lucky Craft flash minnow. At least I got a couple perch for dinner.
  2. No fish eh? That's what landscape pics usually say to me: skunk. Beautiful photos though!
  3. Mmmmm beautiful... mos def gonna try that! Been eating a bit of perch ceviche and salmon poke this winter.
  4. Never heard of that! If you make them yourself, you're only out 2 bucks per spoon on the snag. SF, do you still fish spinning gear?
  5. I like the curly tail idea, I'm gonna try that. There's another thread about DIY Kastmasters I started over in the main forum. You can buy inexpensive ($2) Kastmaster clones on Fleabay up to 3 oz. and add your own hooks, that's what I do. Way cheaper, and fun to tie the bucktails.
  6. Because if you start with bait, you can then appreciate later how much BETTER it is to fish with lures. (sorry, you set me up!) Seriously... welcome to SOL, Joe. Maybe they recommend bait because you ARE more likely to catch a fish with it. Every day is different, but I have found in general that bait is more productive than lures, lures are more productive than flies, and fly fishing is the BEST. If you want to catch half as many fish and have twice the fun... try fly fishing. Just my humble opinion, because I am lucky to be able to fish 2-3 times per week. If I had to drive 4 hours on weekends only, I might be fishing with bait too.
  7. guys--right now I'm seeing all sizes up to 3 oz. On Fleabay search... Set of 10 CHROME 3oz (84gr) KastMaster Kast Master Type Jigs w/ Rings NO Hooks
  8. I use live bait hooks in sizes 4-6-8. The bait holder barbs seems to help keep your plastics on the hook. Perch like to taste it a couple times before they gulp it down. This will feel like a tap-tap-tap and again tap-tap-tap. At this point I like to stop reeling, pull the line tight and wait for that heavy pull, then set the hook.
  9. Search for this on FleaBay: KastMaster Kast Master Type Jigs Looks like there is a MUCH better selection of sizes now than there was last year. Story of my life.
  10. These flies have worked for me in the past. An excellent quiver of striper candy.
  11. flyrad, I think I had this question on my college chem exam. the freezer it is.
  12. Does the gel soak in quickly? I use super glue for soaking into the threads wrapped around dumbbell eyes. Will it work for that?
  13. The week in pictures.
  14. Haha! Welcome Kevin.
  15. The Rio OB lines perform well, but mine fell apart in one season. In my experience, the Airflo lines cast just as well, they tangle much less in your basket, and last longer.