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  1. nope... please do tell us!
  2. I wrapped an old Fenwick in old-school rubber electrical tape and it worked like a charm. Until I snapped the rod trying to horse in a foul-hooked salmon. You can find 3M rubber tape online.
  3. I agree with rkw, on the Central Coast waters. Most of the time its so rough I'm pretty sure that its not gonna make any difference if I make the effort to add a swivel and leader to my usual 20lb braid. So I tie direct to braid if I'm throwing lures--I use PowerPro in moss color. if its calm enough to worry about a leader, I'm usually fly fishing. I got my PB striper from the surf on a simple unweighted bucktail streamer.
  4. Looks like Tackle Warehouse currently has 40 colors in the Flashminnow 110 and 9 colors in the Surf Pointer 115. But also check out the Shimano Coltsniper--they are heavier and thus cast further.
  5. Surf tested the new Shimano Coltsniper today. Landed two slab perch, lost a third in the shore break just before high tide, and landed a small striper just after. This plug's a keeper, with more weight and distance than the locally popular Luckycraft Flashminnow. Whoever posted the Coltsniper on here a while back... Thanks for the new tool in my bag!
  6. Got out on a private access ranch lake today after black bass. Pretty good topwater bite in a breezy marine fog, everyone caught fish. I landed 6, lost one, missed a couple on a chartreuse bass popper. All big enough to put a nice bend in the 7w. All released.
  7. LCs can be very effective for perch and stripers if they're in close, but they are too light for good distance on a spinning rig (might be better on a baitcasting reel?). I recently got a Coltsniper and tried it once, much better distance because its heavier.
  8. Do it Mike! Pics or it didn't happen.
  9. Ain't no 17" pig but it's better than a poke with a sharp stick.
  10. and worth every minute. slab of a perch.
  11. What a hog. When was that, Multi? Sure looks like a winter fish.
  12. Stoney, crushing the cutties as usual. I love that some things never change around here.
  13. I agree about surf perch. Scientists say that way they feed is that they will taste things first, before they commit. I'm sure all of have felt that little tap-tap-tap as they nibble. That nibble can be either a tiny dink or a 17" slab. And yes, the fresh Gulpworm makes a huge difference. (That's why I don't use them--I can't afford to keep changing them all day long at a cost of $.25 each) As I've said before, on a slow day I will apply a bit of Smelly Jelly to my plastics to entice the nibblers to commit.
  14. BSP is a Barred Surf Perch. Regarding your photo--I've never caught one myself, but on this forum I've seen quite a few BSP posted that had absolutely no bar marks on their sides whatsoever. The biologists have a name for this (dimorphism?) but now I'm getting into things I about which I don't know squat. BTW, the continuous anal fin (no notch) indicates your fish was a female. (if its indeed a BSP)
  15. yeah, that first one looks like a non-barred BSP which does happen in the Bay Area. Never seen one down here in SLO County tho.