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  1. Yes--or maybe two. Best to try them on over the waders if you can. I wear size 11 shoe and my dive booties (and wading boots) are both 13.
  2. I tried Simms flats wading boots but the zippers got stuck from jammed sand. I now use dive booties with no zipper, they just pull on and off... surprisingly easy too.
  3. Those look sweet, for the price. I've never heard yay or nay on Paramount waders... in fact, I've never heard of them at all, but I'm always on the prowl for a deal. What made you pull the trigger? What size did you get and how big are you? We just ordered a set of women's waders for my wife, from Dryft because they were the only ones offering her size, and they make decent waders. My previous Dryfts lasted 2 years before leaking, and my wife's last pair from Orvis lasted about the same. We fish a lot. You do too.
  4. Thanks--OK done. I suggested *one* fish per day within the slot min and max sizes.
  5. I'm curious what sizes you guys suggest for upper and lower end of a slot limit? Maybe something like 18-30" and limit is one fish?
  6. Excellent, thanks everyone. Gonna try your suggestions. For some reason my brain got fixated on the alcohol idea but as we all know... there's more than one way to skin a catfish.
  7. I've searched here and on Google, and I've studied all the tips on spraying alcohol on breathable material to find your leak, but I can't get it to work. I've got a leak that makes me wet inside one leg, but I can't locate it to fix it with Aquaseal... any tips? Thanks in advance. (They're over two years old, not worth a warranty claim, but worth a fix.)
  8. do a search... lots of previous discussion on wetsuit fishing for stripers. I've done it and concluded that it has its own pros and cons.
  9. This goes back to my suggestion of dive booties over stocking foot waders... yeah, you gotta go BIG. My shoe size is 11 but my dive booties are 14 to fit over my waders.
  10. well done plinker! I think these kinds of photos are relatively easy on the fish. just drag them up on the wet sand, quick photo with no unnecessary handling, then back in the water. (or a quick bonk on the head, if that's your thing. I release fish and I eat fish.)
  11. I have worn stocking foot waders in the surf for many years, but they don't work with boots because of the sand buildup inside. Around here we wear neoprene dive booties (no zipper) instead of boots. They have a light, grippy sole and don't allow sand inside. They are made for diving, surfing and paddling. My current favorite is the Ocean Quest 5mm Titanium Dive Boots from Scuba.com.
  12. I'm the OP and I've been using these for 4 years now. They do catch stripers and they don' break your wallet when you lose one. They work with a bare treble hook, but I like to add some chartreuse/white bucktail for additional action.
  13. on the light side, I use the 10' Riversider Steelhead ultralight for schoolies and surf perch on the West Coast. throws up to about 1 oz. and all the fish feel big!
  14. ha!! and here I was thinking 19 inches ... silly me.
  15. when you say "kept a 19" was that a perch or striper? small striper, but HUGE perch.