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  1. do a search for waders in the main forum and you will learn more than you need to know. I wear Simms waist-high breathables in winter and neoprene kayak pants in summer. But check out USIA waders website, those things are custom made and bomb proof.
  2. that's gotta be hella fun on a popper!
  3. holy cow!! nice fish!!!
  4. My God, what a toad. Did you happen to look at the stomach contents? Just curious...baitfish, sand crabs, or plastic?
  5. 16-18" sebago must have put a nice bend on that 4wt. I'm just about to hit the road up to NE Oregon for some of the same with an old homemade 4wt glass stick.
  6. I didn't read the whole thread, so apologies if this was already mentioned. Out here in CA we get surf perch and schoolies on the beach. When not fly fishing, we like the Riversider Ultralight 10' Steelhead Combo (with sh*tty reel) for $50. From Dick's online. Super fun for smaller fish and casts up to 1 oz just great. Handles stripers up to about 5-6 lb and coho up to 10 lb. as well.
  7. Like the redeyes... love the reel!
  8. Beautiful! Browns and salmon both? (dream fishery for me, I'm way out in CA)
  9. Joe, one of the most commonly used flies for striper is the Clouser minnow. It's just bucktail tied over dumbbell eyes to make it sink. I prefer bead chain eyes for less weight: easier to cast, and the water I fish is pretty shallow. White is good, but lots of us prefer chartreuse/white for maximum visibility.
  10. I'm sure you know this... Fish morning and evening, medium to small surf, incoming or outgoing tide (not full high or low) and find some structure. Solunar charts are mostly bullcorn except for one thing: full moon at night will often kill off your morning bite. Best solunar condition (I've found) is when the sun and moon rise at the same time. When that happens, fish early and hard and be ready for anything. I use a web site called Tides 4 Fishing with solunar charts.
  11. Welcome to the club. Skunks are part of the game. A big part, sometimes. Keeps the riffraff away
  12. Sweet! I've been casting my 5w for surf perch lately (they run smaller in summer) and having a blast.
  13. past years have been better. one year my journal showed 60 striper landed in one summer, on fly and spin.
  14. I had a good evening yesterday fishing for surf perch on a beach with big rocks scattered around (Cali). Keep in mind that the currents change as the tide changes. I would find places where the waves create rips next to the rock, position myself on the upstream side, and strip my fly upstream in the rip as fast as I could. BAM! that's where the fish were. Stripers love the rips too. I prefer a sinking line of 3 IPS so my fly rides in the middle of the water column. 6IPS is too much as you drag on rocks and hook too much seaweed. I don't use floating line because the incessant wave action would prevent me form keep my line tight... ie, too much slack.
  15. jimmy--I'm the cheapskate around here. on small streams, I like a glass rod because distance isn't critical and every trout feels huge on glass. Eagle Claw makes a bright yellow 5w called Featherlight that feels like a 3 or 4w because it's so soft. $25 at Walmart. also glass is tougher and less brittle than graphite, if I'm not mistaken.