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  1. I like 18-30 or maybe 18-25. Mortality will be much higher on the smaller fish and they may or may not live to spawning age. Also there are many many more small fish and people catch a ton of them right around 18-20 where I live. I hope they ratify this slot rule, and statewide.
  2. Thanks, I'm gonna watch that. I wish it was different, but my gut feeling is that the fish will lose and the corporate interests will win this war. Or should I say--they already have won.
  3. is that a natural infestation? or maybe a fish farm on the migration route? nice cutties BTW. you had a few coho too. yum!
  4. Ouch!! Been there, done that. Problems with those single finger guards: easy to lose, and they lose their elastic and their fit. Tape is another option.
  5. +1 on the Airflo Ridge intermediate (in surf) but make sure to wear a finger guard!
  6. Right. Here it's all about big surf and no wind (if you fish the beaches before noon)
  7. Mike, Took a look at these... looks like they are all floating lines? Do you not prefer to use intermediate running and sinking heads in the surf? Or at least an intermediate head with a sink tip? Great thread BTW. Sucks that my surf here is too big for fishing today.
  8. I started two-handing with an Echo 11' Classic switch. Coming from years of using one-hand glass rods, I felt it was better suited to one-hand casting. Got some nice fish on it, but I was not able to consistently make it sing when casting 2-hand. On the recommendations of Killiefish and others here, I now use the Ross Reach 12' 6w spey (stripers and coho) and the Echo Boost Beach 12' 6w (surf perch). Even though they are both rated 6w, the Ross takes 400+grains and the Echo likes about 300+grains. I like the feel of the Ross better (maybe faster tip?) but it's overkill for perch in the surf. BTW I never cast spey styes--just overhead.
  9. He's not the only one. These are from a recent road trip up to southern Oregon, plus local striper and barperch
  10. yeah, probably. I heard a report of 2-3 guys fishing your beach this morning. It's time to take back our spot.
  11. yes, I do anything from a photo--except people. mostly I paint custom pet portraits.
  12. Takes about a half day. Watercolors are tricky because you can't fix anything (being transparent). Either you succeed or you fail, in a half a day. I should be doing it everyday, but right now it's when I'm inspired, and the bass have been biting. I make more money selling custom pet portraits. I was a touring folk musician until the lockdown, and since then I've been doing the portraits.
  13. Pencil. I should have said "watercolor and pencil." Thanks!
  14. I'm not allowed to sell my own work on here, but I wanted to share some of them anyway, since you might enjoy. Finished this one yesterday. --Stu
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