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  1. Not sure, but perch lives matter
  2. CMC Took the kids out crabbing along a bulkhead yesterday. They were excited to catch a few really nice sized blue claws. Spent Father’s Day crabbing with the little ones and drinking a few brews. Out back this morning in CMC, hit a local sod bank spot 5:45-6:45. Using a Smack it jr, I conjured me up a healthy schoolie striper. I didn’t measure it but probably around 22”. This ends a really frustrating 18 month striper skunk! I’m 38 years old and you would think I could find other things to get excited about, but it still feels nice to catch a fish!
  3. Practical and appropriate!
  4. Maybe the third leg gave him away.
  5. I use this too. Works great on threads. Peels off of the metal jig and the hooks. For the hook section covered in hair, I hit that with a black sharpie. (I used to follow that up with the hard as nails until I saw it quickly peeling off anyway.) if if you were really getting dirty & cheap, a blast from a cheap oil based spray paint can would last a while until you knocked the thing off the side of a jetty.
  6. @MC55 @nam1969 what size range were these calicos? And what’s your favorite size? Are some of them sporting orange roe sacks underneath? Just curious. Thanks!
  7. I have the chartreuse straight tails but considering picking up the shorter curly tail version. What are your preferences and do you have any other tips?
  8. First, I agree with hobobob that somehow the gulp juice leaks more than other liquids. I have two very similar clip lock Plano type containers. Same knock off brand in two different sizes. One with pork rinds & uncle josh juice and the other with gulp and gulp liquid. The gulp one still manages to leak while the other one doesn’t. I still keep the gulp in that container and a gallon size zip lock over that. The colors don’t run per say, but they all seem to get brown.
  9. At $40-70 & in inshore weights, I like penn squadron or allegiance. For a little more and in surf & jetty weights/action/length, I prefer Tsunami trophy surf. (The new trophy surf 2 has really nice guides and looks fantastic.)
  10. No meter. Strange convention of rhymes or lack thereof. You can do better bro.
  11. We all (most likely) know about the fish SOL member Hipkvw caught in SJ on a fly rod. Maybe, despite his best efforts (didn’t get it up on the beach or even take time to weight that fish) that fish only lasted a few weeks and washed up along the SH area. I really hope hope that’s not the case, and I don’t think it is. I think this is more likely a netted throwback like you proposed. I’m sure you’re correct! All im saying is, we have all been doubting the massive C&R mortality that the Atlantic fishery management folks are putting out there, our doubts in no small degree fueled by lack of fish carcasses washing up. This is a big dead cow and it’s reason to consider how/why it’s there. That’s all. Sorry for the digression.
  12. They both work but I think I like the Crystal better. Original smoke tends to lose color, stiffness and even fray more quickly.
  13. I use an inshore penn rod with the cork handles that’s either the allegiance or the squadron. I forget. I got it on clearance for about $40. They are the same blank with better guides on the Allegiance I believe. It’s rated 1/4 or 3/8 up to 7/8 but I throw 1oz plus on it regularly. It’s 7’ one piece and it handles really well. So well that I can’t justify buying a star stellar lite 7’ one piece that I fell in love with at a local shop but haven’t bought yet. I usually buy the budget spinners from Wally World. I put 8-10 lbs Fireline on there and let my kids ruin them. I leave the superline on there, pull the spool off and put it on the next disposable one I buy the following year. (I check the drag rarely but the felt is fine 90% of the time.) One of those wal budget spinners is called granite outdoors or granite mountain or something with an instant anti reverse and five bearings including a line roller bearing. Theyre $16 and go on my kids rods but I often use one of those for fluking to keep my striper rods rigged as usual. I haven’t put any care or maintenance in any of them and the life span hasn’t fallen short of 2 seasons - some longer. (Caught, fought for 20+ mins and all but landed a large cow nose ray on one of these reels. Gears held fine.) Otherwise, I steal the lightest striper sized reel and use it on the 7’er. Now that it’s sod bank flounder season, I will probably pull my 4K Nasci off of my lightest surf rod and use it on the 7’ Allegiance and it’s a fine combo. Ive also been looking at a 7’ Berkley mojo for my oldest son as a fluke / flounder rod. They’re very cheap and seem nice for budget choice.
  14. I guess this is evidence of the C&R mortality that the research reports keep indicating is killing the stock. The question is whether or not it’s C&R by anglers or by the commercial net boats as you mentioned.
  15. I don’t know if this is an allowable link, but you can find out more by googling “bamboo Jerry”