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  1. Movie theaters. Not all but many/most. We rented or bought (I forget) the latest Pixar movie that they released to streaming early. It cost roughly $25 compared with easily $100 plus for mom dad & 4 kids to go to the movies. The whole family was sitting or Even laying down watching it from home. Microwave popcorn. Smaller screen but true HD quality. I would prefer to do it that way all the time if Hollywood will continue early at home release.
  2. I had great success with Goop holding up for about a year. But my the rubber boots on my bootfoot waders were really crumbling. Had to get a replacement. Have to get it really clean first. If it’s a large area, try a piece mesh or swipe old pantyhose off the wife/gf. I read on an RC building forum that you can thin the stuff with xylene (available at the hardware store). Possibly making it thin enough to brush on for larger areas. Haven’t tried that though.
  3. Well, I agree that the government is trying to keep us (populace) alive at large. Although.... and I’m hardly anti government anti establishment, they’re not trying to keep every single individual alive independently. You gotta crack some eggs to make an omelette.
  4. I 1000% agree in spirit but we are in (for modern times) uncharted waters. We we are not being legally stripped of the right to drive through another state. Come up with a rock solid reason you’re there and you’ll probably be fine, but not if you’re caught red handed in a fishing incriminating situation. And in that case, you wouldn’t want to argue against the fine using constitutional rights. (If you do, please get video of the officer/trooper’s reaction.) Besides, I doubt you’re going to the Supreme Court to contest the constitutionality of some $100 municipal fine. You’ll pay it and pray you catch fish that day... and hope to god they don’t get you coming & going.
  5. Stockingfoot & separate boots give the most versatility. You can get one pair of decent boots to use on breathable waders. Layer underneath when it’s cold outside, less layers when it’s moderate cool to warm. You can pick up stockingfoot neoprene waders for when it’s bitter cold. Korkers brand boots have interchangeable outsoles for spiked or non spiked needs. Also, cheap bootfoot waders are a decent value. But it’s almost always the boot part that rots. Spring a leak elsewhere & it’s generally patchable, but not really plausible to get a good long term fix on rotting bootfoot boots. They start to disintegrate. Wading boots just seem to last significantly longer.
  6. I always have trouble with the teaser fouling on the line that goes to the plug. I’ve tried the swivel style, dropper loops, loop to loop, etc. Always seems to end up hooked over the line. Tried stiff 40 and 50 lbs leader and the results are better but not 100%. (I use mostly 30 lbs braid. I don’t like going any stronger than 40-50# for leader material to get less tangling. If I get snagged, i want the break to come from the leader/terminal rig. I don’t wanna pop off 100 yards of braid. )
  7. If you really can’t go over the budget you mentioned, check out the cheap Okuma combos. It’s very low tech, but I had one that lasted several years with no preventive maintenance. Still, if you can even go up to $150-200 it will actually save you money. I just didn’t realize that at the beginning. I had one or two cheap combos, and several reels from the $50-$70 range. I bet I spent $200-300 on various bits of what was really just disposable gear. Some lasted more than one season. Most didn’t. Today’s $100-150 reels should last 5-10 years or more. Buy from Shimano or Daiwa (IMHO). You can get a fine rod with nice guides for $100 or less. I like tsunami in this price range. Also, Penn rods in the budget category bring nice value too. If you ditch fishing, resell the $200 combo for around $100 or so.
  8. He’s not doing a WTB or any other transaction via our BST until he gets 10 posts. I have bought a few used reels here and it’s great for buyers & sellers. Rods can be done same, but I prefer to go into the local B&T. Keeps them in business, lets me see & feel the rod. Tsunami rods are great value for the money.
  9. In fairness.... Two rolls of tp won’t procreate.
  10. Okay, but I was serious about not putting you in harm’s way. PM me your PayPal.
  11. Still available? $140 shipped? If so, I’ll take the deal for that price. When would you ship amid all this madness? Not trying to get anyone infected or arrested! ;-)
  12. We all know where you store your plug and it’s not innovative. (Sorry but... C’mon! I had to.)
  13. @Dan Tinman I see you tried the surgeons knot style loop. After the lines were doubled up, I’m assuming you made the one stand away from the other via a half hitch? If you don’t mind the extra work, you could do the same thing with a Bimini twist. Snip the Bimini loop and half hitch just past the end of the Bimini knot. The half hitch could be a weak point, but maybe there’s a better way for that too.
  14. I doubt that “good police” will be pulling people over for the sole purpose of enforcing a lockdown or curfew. There’s no new law proposing fines that I’ve heard of yet. You can lie & say you’re on the way to whatever sounds most appropriate.
  15. One more non report comment, since it’s still February.... The slot policy could & should work well if the fishery’s biomass was in a healthy state. Who thinks that’s where we are right now? Not me. Even in a full moratorium, there will be C&R mortality as well as poached fish. The first step should be to better protect all spawning & prespawn fish and this should always have been the case. (Don’t know the best ways, but somebody does.) Next, close down any harvest from the CCC because they get slaughtered there. Then, go full C&R year round everywhere. (Arguably should already be in place.) Finally, full moratorium. (If it gets too far gone, the “by catch” mortality and the poaching harvest could keep this last resort from being successful.)