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  1. You could try it one more time and see if it happens again. Or, take it apart (somewhat not completely) and see if there’s water intrusion & rust. or, both of the options above. Ive never had this exact experience with my SSV 6500, but it’s far from a refined reel feeling. Check the line roller, especially the bearing inside there. I can’t speak to the newest spinfishers or slammers but otherwise.... I think about these reels similar to muscle cars. They can & will work great if they’re well maintained and may still need to be rebuilt/overhauled from time to time.
  2. I fixed a snagged cast net once but it tangled more afterwards. I think I prefer root canal to untangling & fixing lines inside a cast net.
  3. Finally replaced mine this week. Cheapest & smallest one at the local B&T was still $60.
  4. Supposed to take the kids fishing & crabbing today. Rain poured down before we got out. During the storm, my 7 ft one piece rod in the minivan while I ran errands. Needless to say, I made it into a two piece rod. :-( On a brighter note, there have been some bait balls lately out front here in CMC.
  5. Yeah, I agree. If, on the other hand, you cast net up some blue claws or Black Sea bass - better check the regs. Those are listed with a minimum size and it would have to be a “keeper” to use for bait. Minnows, peanuts, spearing, bay anchovies, grass shrimp, mullet, etc.- there’s nothing to worry about.
  6. Godspeed Mr Tom Surgent.
  7. The penn ssv bailless design isn’t ideal considering that the rotor/handle are capable of free spinning on their own. Basically, you need to reel to the point where the spool is extended at the farthest point past the line roller. Pull the line off the roller, as if opening the bail on a standard spinning reel. Pinch the line against the rod higher than usual (above the spool). Release the line as you release the tension in the rod. (Like a normal spinning rod cast.) Despite doing these things, I have also had the line snap tight during a cast with a lure still mid-flight when a coiled section found the line roller at an unfortunate stage of the cast. For one thing, after manually pulling the line off of the roller, I have had the handle & rotor start spinning on their own and that brings the spool back down towards the line roller making the snapping thing more likely. Result: I only use my SSV 6500 BLS sparingly.
  8. I don’t know about that Ron’s product, but I have never ever caught a fish or even a crab after spraying myself down with regular bug sprays. It took me years to see this trend - probably because I collect a lot of skunks mostly without bug spray. But my spidey sense tells me the sprays are a fish deterrent. For my fishing life, I’d rather put on long pants (that can get wet) and a hoodie (that can get nasty from fishing & body stink in 90 degree weather), to keep the bug problem at bay. I just got some strange looks wearing a hoodie in nasty heat I think it was last weekend! The gnats were sucking out my will to live and sweating profusely was way more palatable. To each his own, but I personally will never use bug repellent and expect to catch fish. If I use it while fishing, it’s because I’ve accepted I’m getting skunked and I’m stuck there for the group cause.
  9. Poking around out back, left with the skunk, and a lot of salad was there? Sounds like your college years must’ve been a little more experimental than mine. #justsayin
  10. Can’t answer for mike mc55, but for me - I would move spots or come back later. Personally, I wouldn’t bother trying to cast farther out with a longer rod & heavier offering. You may be able to cast 300 ft, but it would be no fun horsing in small Spanish or typical late summer bluefish on an 11’ H or MH surf combo.
  11. Yes, and expect different bugs with various intensity depending upon the amount of wind & wind direction. Probably would help to look into the cost of flood insurance in your target areas.
  12. @Cerealkilla43 mono vs fluoro never or hardly ever matters to me. Mostly, I care about the softness or stiffness of the leader. (You can get mono leader that’s stiff as fluoro. ) I usually prefer stiffer leader to prevent twisting & tangling of long dropper loops, teasers, etc. Also, stiffer leader material for fishfinder rigs with the sliding weight. FYI - I do use lighter & soft leader for bottom fishing for flounder/fluke. Its all about what you’re doing.
  13. MikeinRI, Selling all your surf gear? you okay bro? There are hotlines available for situations like this you know?
  14. How far north are we talking? Cape Cod?
  15. Atom popper catch? That’s one fantastic way to usher in a lifetime of plugging up bass. For one thing, I have multiple Atom poppers and haven’t caught a cold on them. (Wife keeps buying them for me for Christmas. )