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  1. Someone on here had a higher end (worm gear model) Shimano where a shim had somehow wound up outside the worm gear or whichever part it should’ve been shimming and wound up in between the main gear & pinion. (I think. Years ago.) Worth taking a look inside. Could be overshimmed at the main gear. That can create some grinding type feel. It’s usually the opposite- under-shimmed creating gear lash but maybe it’s the reverse. They shouldn’t be sending out a Stella that’s not 100% smoother than a baby’s bottom.
  2. 100% true coming from a guy with a bad shoulder. I got the VR75 specifically just to save ounces on the shoulder. Mark D. If the weight is too far forward, slide your hand up during the retrieve.
  3. How well would a braid to leader knot pass through that guide train? Or a light braid to heavier braid (as a braided “casting leader”)?
  4. A little ugly but this isn’t a finished product. And the finished one is done with a 50# TA clip. Thread & glue keep the clip from bending open so it’s like moving the eye forward.
  5. Couldn’t hurt to strip the guides & epoxy off of a cheapo rod - if you have one sitting around that gets no use. (Most of us have a small pile of unused or busted older rods.) I recently did this with a busted 9’er.
  6. EricDice

    Plug bag

    Haha, walrus maybe? I feel walrus-like.
  7. I basically agree with your point. I’m not against spending $500 or even $1k on really top notch waders. There is high import to being comfortable and in functional gear. For me, I just couldn’t do it for a bunch of personal (expectations & priorities) and “value added” kind of reasons.
  8. I installed my own zipper. Started a thread here all about it. A “relief zipper” as they say. Whoever “they” would be. I would spend $500-$1k on this and that and the other thing if I had that money. I don’t! So, I patch holes in LL Bean waders, and install zippers in Beans & Frogg Toggs! And I’ll probably cut the waterproof zippers out of them to reuse on the next waders! And I may even “make” my own drysuit later too. Time will tell!
  9. EricDice

    Plug bag

    Probably would be, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on a wetsuit to this point.
  10. EricDice

    Plug bag

    You should gain some weight. Takes care of that belt slowly dropping. ;-)
  11. EricDice

    Plug bag

    Belt only. No shoulder strap. I will use a two belt method if it’s the Fall run & I am potentially wading out to the bar through a deep cut. One belt is strictly a wading belt cinched tight while the main belt still holds all the tools of our trade. (Bucktail pouch and 3 tube gear-up. And pliers. And sometimes, when it’s a really long walk, a TA pouch used as a leader wallet.) unfortunately, I still tend to get water under my surf top, up through the small of my back where the belt cannot keep the water out of that valley, lol.
  12. Bigger fish was like, “cmon, you’ll be safe in there.” And he just read A Modest Proposal.
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