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  1. Yeah, loss of property and cash are the most likely penalties to prevent future re occurrence
  2. This is a loaded thread. Haha.
  3. What’s biting? White perch.
  4. East wind on Thursday?
  5. Where is the Cape May County surf bite? Or anything in the surf south of IBSP. Even LBI seems dead compared to years ago. I can only think of beach replenishment. Not much else to blame. If I can ever afford a legit dry suit, maybe someday I’ll take the kayak 2.5 miles out to catch Fall bass in the CMC area. Seems like that’s the only option - minus a few rat sized shorts. Or trying to find them in the back bay areas. Going a few miles in the yak is no big deal, but I have always been in sheltered areas. Open ocean would be risky and require extremely calm weather probably with westerly wind. I used to read stories about the Fall run striped bass fishery in the Delaware Bay but that’s never even mentioned anymore. I assume that’s just completely dead?
  6. I usually keep three pairs of glove on me: one on my hands, two kept warm and dry stuffed into the top of my chest waders. I had neoprene but they were so cold & stiff I tossed them. Now I use regular winter gloves. One pair claims to be water and wind resistant but that’s of minimal use. Main goal is to keep your hands and gloves out of the water and then keep rotating. I have a newer pair of “hunting” gloves with the mitten tips that fold back with magnets. Even in XL though, I had to clip the sides of the half fingers to loosen them up. They work well enough, though I’d like to get the wool version you guys have been discussing, since wool seems to work when wet. In the rain, I double up on thin medical gloves. Often in late fall or winter rain, I’ll top those off with a pair of heavy duty cleaning gloves - like dish gloves but in black and slightly thicker. They don’t work too well for insulating heat but none of the options I own or have owned really work well in cold rain.
  7. I think you should say “f*#€k you joboo. I do it myself.”
  8. I can think of a few possibilities but the first variable I would eliminate is the sliding weight. (Egg sinker and fishfinder are both sliding weight rigs.) I would try going with a three way swivel instead. You could try the weight on either swivel eye and see which one casts better or handles better in the water. If you don’t have or can’t get a 3 way swivel, I would try a dropper loop rig. Put the weight at the bottom. Dropper loop 6-24” above - higher up for clams and lower down for eel. Experiment with the dropper length also. I imagine longer for clams. Shorter for eel. I would probably rig the eel almost like a drop shot. Short dropper leg, dropper located close to the bottom by the sinker. With the eel, start light weight and go heavier until you catch or until the sinker is ticking along the bottom.
  9. BlueTailDragger. Amazing pictures - worth way more than a thousand words. I have a million questions and comments. (Not saying that anyone will have answers but there’s always at least one “internet scientist!”) maybe these should merit the start of a dedicated thread?
  10. I was supposed to be in OC today just felt too sick and decided to postpone - maybe cancel outright. I have a Med Light stick and my UL trout rod in the car. Stripers in the 20-27” class are fun on “light” gear, but the reports you guys have of micro bass is ridiculous. We can talk about regs and keepers above 36” and everything else. But the fact is, some idiots just harvested a 52 lbs cow that was perfect for breeding and not good eats at all. (I guess in fairness, I don’t know what I would do in that situation. Still, seems nearsighted.) That fish had to avoid being harvested since it was keeper sized probably about ten years ago. Up & down the coast, into and out of its breeding grounds, maybe running through the Cape Cod Canal. Ten years of avoiding idiots with boats, idiots on beaches, idiots with illegal gill nets. Pretty remarkable she made it to that size. I’d love to know how many healed or semi healed hook marks are in the fish’s jaw to show just the identifiable time she was caught and released. So anyway.... To get better regulations, you need to convince all the Striper Coast states to buy in. The worst thing is, the chances of getting those reg changes in place is 1000x less likely than the odds that poor girl had to live over 17 years.
  11. Even for my 8 year old, I use braid now. I’ll throw on some spiderwire stealth cuz it’s cheap and I don’t care if it doesn’t last long on a little kids combo. But I got so tired of my little guys snagging everything. Spoon, jig, bait rig, everything. With braid, I’m usually able to yank it free or even occasionally bend out the hooks. (I use small light hooks and crush barbs with my kids.) mono is probably good good for the dead stick bait guys with their rods in a sand spike. It absorbs the initial take and then the stretch rebound self-sets the hook. I still won’t use it to spool a reel. Too stretchy. Plus, you have to respool all the time just to make sure you don’t get brittle mono from rot or UV damage. (Probably not as big a deal for higher test line, but I’ve had this with stuff 17 & below. )
  12. I really like the 10 & 14 lbs fireline and fireline crystal. I haven’t tried 20. Sheisty, It’s not too wiry? Does it break in and get more manageable? I don’t have a 7 series Penn but I have an older spinfisher V 6500 BLS. It doesn’t lay line the best - kind of hourglass shaped. I’m using 14 on there and I was thinking of using 20 if And when the 14 dies out.
  13. Ah. The 4000 sized reel. You probably don’t want to chunk with it. Otherwise, it’s good for so many different purposes right??!! First, check out Alan Hawk’s reviews. He’s pretty much the bees knees for spinning reel reviews. Next, I have a NASCI 4K. Love it. But if I had $200 vs $105 two years ago, I’d rather be sitting here with a better sealed and more time tested reel like the Spheros instead. Also, go 1K up for Shimano to be equivalent vs most others. 4K in another brand is typically a 5K Shimano. Etc. At $100, NASCI offers more sealing than a BG. Though for boat use, I think I’d go BG. Bigger main gear. More line capacity. Don’t own a BG but I’m planning to. at your price point, I’d really be eyeing up the Spheros. I think a 5K for Shimano is more adaptable to both bigger and smaller applications. Just sayin’, that’s what I’d be looking into at the same price range. Stradics look fantastic but long term reliability for saltwater use seems less than ideal. Good luck!!!
  14. Hey man. I’m not too different this year. My last striper was 12-8-17 in OC. I’ve had a few fish come unbuttoned but none caught at all in 2018. I have four young kids and one has special needs, so fishing time is precious. I put my time in (CMC) via multiple all nighters back in the spring with not much to show for it: some bycatch staples from bait fishing out of frustration, one lonely 14” flatfish from switching over to fluke/flounder in summer, some snappers, and I thought I had a monster blue or striper that turned out to be a cow nosed ray on a zoom fluke. I havent wet a line since August, so when you’re out try to enjoy “the process”! Sand eel stuff: fish it hard. I’m trying to get out this week but we’ll see. Good luck to you!