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  1. It’s definitely a concern from all but the most trusted retailers. The knockoffs are tough to distinguish via generic web pics which may be copped from the original manufacturer version anyway. Said this before but if there’s a well made knockoff with glass lenses, I’d potentially be willing to pay $40 bucks to test try. But polycarbonate & other plastic/acrylic type lenses are generally cheap & basically disposable in all but a few outlier cases like Smith. No sense paying more than $20 or maybe $30 (with today’s inflation) for PC lenses you can get at an outdoor table somewhere for $5-15.
  2. Had this larger one for minimum 5-10 years.
  3. Fun thread. You have the same problem I do: volunteer too many of the details you then want people not to discuss - get embittered when they do. It’s a blessing of a trait, or so I tell myself. ;-) (“They” can’t help themselves and we could potentially do ourselves the favor of leaving the TMI part out - but god knows I still slap that crap in there anyway!) I am in a similar boat - shopping wise. Maybe I’ll finally try @Popasilov favorite line of Rockaways. But I think I’m heading towards a DNA or Tsunami AWE. I can tell you from firsthand experience that the Shimano Speedmaster is most likely the durability king of the sub $200 range of surf sticks with K guides. I was swinging 10 - 15 lbs stripers up to my feet high above the water for several years before I broke it in a non fishing event. (Not gonna explain here, haha. I’m dumb enough to have shared elsewhere.) I think one of those would be darn near indestructible if you ever bust your newest acquisition.
  4. That skitter looks a lot like a needle right? Really curious what kinda action these have.
  5. Crazy thing is that I have the large size x-rap - I forget the number. I dunno if it is their biggest but it’s bigger than a standard original size SP. I guess about the size of a hydro minnow but fatter through the middle? Anyway, that one came with awesome splits & trebles. Anything up to that size comes with atrocious splits and wimpy trebles or in line singles that seem underwhelming as well.
  6. Be well.
  7. Rapala uses VMC I think. But they always use hook sizes more appropriate for puppy redfish IMHO.
  8. You have the gear, can’t hurt. I suspect there’s some early arriving sharks that big. I got busted off after an hour long fight from the beach - definitely not your average shark or dogfish given the size of the bunker head I threw & the fight that ensued. That was one two south though. But same idea just slightly shallower water in the wwoods. Non fishing related bonus tip: if you have little kids, the boardwalk is fine for rides & such during the day if it’s not too hot. Midweek at night in June is fine too. Don’t put yourself through the torture of being up there on a Fri or Sat night though. By midsummer it’s like Venice Beach (CA) up there.
  9. That poor family. Bad enough he’s missing or gone for good, but no closure? Awful.
  10. I the toilet photo was funny and fair game - but obviously in poor taste. A member’s advice was taken. Feelings not hurt. Much! (Be as much of a blatant dick as you want. You’re improving.) I called three locksmiths first and none picked up. When I called 911, I asked if this was totally inappropriate - probably because I knew it was and they actually said it wasn’t. Besides- I needed locals. Unmarked road & all that. I knew cops know all the spots everywhere. That’s the reason, and I did end that process myself even though the one township PD said I should just call the other one. Moral of the story, don’t lock your keys in the car and always be manly men here on SOL. (Set ya up. Go for it.)
  11. Slapping Chris Rock? You’re saying that was called for? “Acted accordingly.”
  12. Men in 2022 also slap other men for making jokes. I guess you’re the Will Smith type? ———————— “Look like a fool in the thread.” Okay. Can’t deny that! I sure laughed at the YouTube video “stay wit yo momma” bc it’s hilarious. And gave props. SIC is a jerk in all threads. Goldy’s comment wasn’t my favorite take but he’s good people from all I can tell and either way I didn’t take that personally. After all, I aired my laundry. Sopranos and the picture were jokes. Actual toilet humor seems funny to me but whatever. I knew I was opening myself up to whatever comments & judgments when I started the thread. And also I’m no saint & therefore guilty of worse than any of this stuff. So, judge, laugh, handle as you see fit. No offense taken but I’m not sure how I’m not being an adult. That’s confusing.
  13. Guilty for sure. Stupidity in layers. I know it. I’m still not answering in full honesty what really took so long in the bathroom. ;-)
  14. I totally agree. Internet bro mentality. I did actually forget about that one loser but who cares. Anyway, he only ever brings a knife to a gunfight. I always “come heavy” to quote the Sopranos. I guess I was looking for tips and commiserations. Got a few of each. And I can definitely laugh at my own expense when intelligence & humor get wielded- as well as put the real dimwits in their rightful place. Everyone has it tough in small or big ways at varying times. Everyone. Found that I like to share some small stuff- this is small potatoes for me -and keep the real madness to myself lest I sound like a complainer. Nobody needs that. (Least of all me. Worst kind of trap there is -self pity- and most normal men tend to feel that way. Women, that’s another story.) Really just trying to laugh at my own stupidity. Laugh with me or at me. No worries. Honestly. Thanks Bob. And if your avatar pic is because your or yours served then thanks for your service or their service. That’s real perspective!
  15. I added a glider recently, plus I modified a Danny with a metal leaf / blade whatever that’s called on the rear hanger that’s super sexy & different enough to justify two Danny plugs. And a short yo zuri. Downsizing isn’t happening yet!