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  1. Are you talking about the length of butt section to reel seat?
  2. Surfland bait and tackle in collaboration with Hatteras jacks in Rodanthe, North Carolina. Not sure of the reel seat distance but it’s “surfmachine” reel seat if you can find the specs on it
  3. Wts 9’6 1145 slingshot for $360 if your willing to pick up. Rod is in excellent condition. I’m located north shore, Ma.
  4. My bad guys thought I put a price. $300 takes it
  5. Bought these boots brand new this year and used them 3x and it didn’t really consist of walking or hiking because I rode a bike to my spot then waded. They are in great shape. Let me know if you want them then come pick them up in Andover/Tewksbury, Ma area or pay for shipping. $80 is the perfect price seeing as though most atms only give multiples of $20.
  6. 400 and you got yourself a deal?
  7. I would do the pikie for $30 if you can pick it up and the darter for $10. I have never even used the pikie and it’s in very good condition I’ll do the pikie for $30 if you can pick it up. I’ve never actually used it and it’s in very good condition. I’ll take pics of it this evening
  8. Bottom is slightly red from having to bleach the eel slime out so at least you can tell I took care of it and it has character now lol