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  1. I’m simply stating what I was told by a Pure Fishing rep
  2. Van stall will remain its own independent brand. Pure fishing would like to move manufacturing to the US. The problem is, the reason VS originally moved to China is because the tools used to manufacture VS in the US were worn out. They had to be replaced. This was an astronomical cost. The solution was to move manufacturing to China as the Chinese manufacturers were willing to split the cost of manufacturing the tools needed to build VS. remember in late 2017-2018 vs150 were hard to get? Some of the tools for the manufacturing had to be replaced. In order for pure fishing to bring manufacturing to the US they need the Chinese to sell them the tools or else we will just have Chinese VS reels all over Wish eBay and Amazon. Pure fishing doesn’t want to change van stall. It works and makes money. That’s why they bought it. This is not my opinion, this is from pure fishing rep. Side note: I live in Florida. I fish VS, HARD! 5 days a week, late nights, inlets, jettys, bridges, spillways, for big snook and tarpon. I beat the hell out of my reels. I dunk them, drop them, push them past the limits, landing 100+ lb tarpon on vs150’s. I use them on bridges also because I move around a lot on nights when I fish to find a bite. But I do also see the rich kids fishing them on bridges who never get them wet. Who only have them to show off. But some of us down here do use them for their intended purpose.
  3. I understand that. I’m saying when I close or open it, it doesn’t snap in like the springs are weak or something.
  4. I recently converted my vr175 back to bailed for live bait and the bail arm doesn’t “snap” down when I close or open it. I am quite confident I put it back properly but can’t remember if this is just how it is or if I’m missing something. When open it stays open, when closed it stays closed it just doesn’t snap like other broiled reels I have.
  5. bump open to trades. looking for a slow pitch rod or an accurate 600 size valiant
  6. What’s your zip code?
  7. I have one that is basically new but I’m in Florida. If you’re interested I can check on shipping cost
  8. No thanks. I don’t need the money. It’s a great reel, I just don’t use it much. If I can’t get close to my asking price I’ll just keep it until I can
  9. Found the aluminum reel seat screws.
  10. Also comes with an extra brass drag cam. I can’t find the original aluminum screws for the reel seat. I’m sure I have them and will continue to look but at the very least it will come with a stainless set
  11. Original release LG left hand retrieve in all silver with power t-bar handle and aluminum round handle. This is one of the originals that doesn’t have the annoying strike button on the lever. Fairly rare I guess since they all have the strike button and have obviously all been rebranded twice. Excellent condition overall no scratches. Comes with box and warranty card. Asking $350 plus shipping
  12. I have the original release version in left hand but it’s a LG not sure if that’s too big for what you’re looking for. Has a t-bar handle from them and comes with the round handle from them. Pretty sure I still have the box as well
  13. I have one that was lightly used has all parts and keys, rubber for front bar is in good condition not cracked or stretched. I’m in Florida. I’d sell it for $220 shipped
  14. Still looking