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  1. Here's a radical idea. Watch your own 2 year old instead of dumping him with strangers.
  2. Pence > worthless ride on the coattails cheer leader in for personal gain until the time comes to put his own ass on the line then bail & hide. That Pence?
  3. Relax, it'll probably show up in the wash with your panties.
  4. Just splashed down a few min. ago. Don't get the big deal. Same thing Alan Shepard did in 61. Only difference was it was funded with tax dollars instead of tax deductible dollars.
  5. Yea. The gutless Taliban, Isis, & other Arab terrorists & the people who don't point em out. If you don't want civilian men, women, & children accidently killed stop hiding behind them.
  6. Could delivering Covid-19 immunity directly to the nose -- the area of the body via which it is most likely to be transmitted -- help conquer the pandemic? The World Health Organization says clinical trials are underway to evaluate eight nasal spray vaccines that target Covid-19. Eff clinical trials, find out quicker by just putting it out there to see if it works. No matter how distrustful Americans are of govt. & doctors they are more than willing to put drugs up their nose.
  7. Yea, same people want to extend the vehicle warranty on it.
  8. Had a friend hunting a small neighborhood woodlot behind his house. You could see the local kids firepit where they hung out. One early bow season he put his hand on something slimy while climbing his stand in the dark. Come sunrise he sees the Italian eels hanging on his tree steps and scattered about.
  9. Should move it to June when the weather is better.
  10. I think the going rate is $500. Just go get 2 new 1st shots. Be super protected.
  11. How's the drone pilot know the friendlies from the foes? Did they leave their pressure cookers out in the open? Spin the turban? Hide the AK's under the seats? How?
  12. So the is in on it.
  13. Nutter Butter. White surrounded by black makes me nervous.
  14. They won't buy or eat that chit. They've been in the kitchen.
  15. Was it one of these? e.jfif z.jfif