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  1. .
  2. Where in MA
  3. Thats what its all about. Even better to get a picture like that. What did you catch it on?
  4. Did the parking tickets happen this year? Also were they formal tickets or just an envelope to pay the gate fee on your way out? Just curious because I have parked there a million times without an issue (granted not this year yet). I havent noticed any "no parking" signs and the town website certainly doesnt mention anything about not parking overnight so to ticket people is rather infuriating.
  5. I always have at least one magic swimmer in my bag day or night. Have had some great nights with them
  6. Perhaps ill get lucky and one of you fine American's have some extra Magpul Enhanced Self-Leveling Followers – for USGI 5.56x45 magazines. Looking for 10
  7. I will take take these for $40 if offer still stands
  8. This is sweet
  9. I know someone already answered but lock that bad boy up ASAP!
  10. @Jdiesel venmo, check or PayPal what works for you
  11. In great condition Penn Slammer 3 4500 spooled with 300 yards of 30# power pro. This was a backup only fished it twice this past spring. Don't need two of them so letting this one go. $180 shipped
  12. shipping? Or where are you located?
  13. ahhh schnitzel @Ba Ba Buoy. Was trying to think of when I'd be able to make it to the cape. If you end up changing your mind let me know, I'd be interested in some pics. As long as the rod was in pretty good condition and the guides were good to go seems like a good deal
  14. Located in MA. Would travel travel for the right rod and price