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  1. @Lakertaker is just living his best life over here. I didnt realize topless yoga at sunrise was a thing on the north shore. Could be worth a spot burn....
  2. Try wading up to your tits at night slinging eels then come back and talk to me about sharks. Boat fish dont count. Carry on.
  3. I wouldnt expect the price to budge much even with a newer model. Your best bet for finding one at a decent price would be here in the BST forum.
  4. Im sorry I think i misread the listing! are the CCWs 110 each? if thats the case im sorry I am going to have to pass on my offer. very sorry for the confusion
  5. Could you post a pic of the bottom (hook hangers) of the CCW if theyre looking good ill take them for asking
  6. I will take 1 and 2 if they are both BM just let me know how you would like payment
  7. If this falls through ill take seconds at asking price
  8. No worries ill send you a PM
  9. Id be interested in some BM dannys, SS needles (yellow, white, black, eely, green over white, yellow over white)
  10. What were you thinking for metal lips? Also id be interested in some super strike needles or darters if they're the right color.
  11. Glad to hear shes better good sir!
  12. If you dont mind shipping I will take for asking price plus shipping
  13. Used once in great condition. Retails for $109.95 selling for $60 shipped.
  14. Looking at getting a new surf bag for the season. I really like the setup of the Canyon 10 tube bag but my only hesitation is the Velcro closure. Doesn't appear to be a lot of Velcro holding that bad larry closed and just wondering how it will fare deep wading, swimming out to rocks, or getting smoked by a couple of waves. Would love to hear peoples experience with the bags.