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  1. that's pretty cool are you sure it was a bald eagle though?
  2. This gets me so mad. There were never signs there before. Legit they have closed off all access to the water. Absolutely rediculous. No exaggeration I lost access to 95% of the places I fish.
  3. Ummm don't like the sound of that one bit
  4. Give Noel a call at bridge street sports. He's a great local guy just over the bridge past Al's. Then there is also Tomos in Salem at the wharf. Can't go wrong with him. Plus he has probably the best selection of tackle North of Boston.
  5. your big pikies rock and those gliders look pretty sweet as well. Id be interested in both for sure.
  6. Blurple sp minnow
  7. Its no sham friend I'm watching 18 wheelers rolling up everyday to take away dead bodies. The numbers are under reported at best. Just wait things are still building
  8. Youre underestimating this disease process. But truthfully I can't say what's worse crippling the economy or more dead bodies. Either way were screwed.
  9. Your 100% correct on all accounts
  10. Yes
  11. Will post pics in AM but they look like this
  12. Need some moolah given the current climate had every intention of fishing these but so is life. $130 shipped Paypal, venmo, check. All plugs are new in package 3oz sinking popper 2 3/8 sinking popper 1 Little neck swimmer
  13. Limit your time in public and avoid people even family. Keep it to just the people in your immediate house. Wash your hands when you do have to go out for food. The trouble is younger people can have the disease and not show symptoms at all infecting many people they come into contact with. Social distancing is KEY in curbing the amount of people the get infected. Our healthcare systems are not designed to handle this influx of patients. The last thing we want is a situation like Italy where healthcare providers have to decide who lives and who dies.
  14. Yes the media has done the American people a grave disservice with their constant fear mongering which has resulted in people hoarding supplies like arseholes. But COVID 19 is serious nonetheless. The concern is how easily it can be transmitted from person to person with some individuals being asymptomatic and the incubation period being anywhere from 7-14 days. Testing methods are lacking and facilities are inundated with cases. If youre a young healthy person mortality rates are <1%ish from current data. However current data is skewed in the sense we dont have the capabilities to test everyone to know what were really working with. Hopefully current restrictions by limiting crowds and such will help curb the numbers. Be smart. Wash your hands. And help those who need it most. If you have more supplies than you truthfully need reach out to that old couple down the street and see if you can be of assistance.
  15. I think this is one of the cooler fisheries out there. Sharks on topwater?! Definitely on the ol bucketlist