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  1. @Jonesy02719 great work! This guy sounds like he sucks
  2. Didn't realize it was that easy haha show me your ways...
  3. Rob you can't seem to catch a break with these deadbeats. Also this guy has to be a complete loser with that rescue swimmer vanity plate. I'd say its worth calling the local coast guard see what his commanders think of him threatening people and saying he is in the coast guard in the same breath. I'm sure it won't go over well for him.
  4. Alright keep me posted
  5. @Sudsydoes that have a dedicated button for the red light?
  6. Princeton tec can't beat it. Small cheap waterproof even comes with a detachable red cone to prevent the white light from ruining your night vision. Amazon prime
  7. Price drop $165
  8. 10'6 3/4 - 4oz. Moderate action. Tip section is brand new, bottom and reel seat in great shape. Pics upon request. $175 picked up. Rod is essentially brand new retails for $230.
  9. sad but true if it was only the poaching. luckily they had ammo and drugs so theyll get locked away for awhile in MA
  10. Top shelf west coast bud is on a different level. East coast can't even come close to competing on a large scale yet.
  11. Its not uncommon to see THC levels in flower be over 30% where concentrates like butane honey oil and rosin are over 90%. Its like the difference between beer and liquor. And I think some MJ THC concentrations are akin to drag ratings on some reels haha.
  12. I would try and record the interaction from start to beginning. Better off with a go pro than a camera. Cop might not even notice it. I would imagine any decent lawyer would have a field day with that. As long as you enter the way from a legal public entrance and remain in the water you are covered. Stick it to the man!