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  1. There's literally nothing better on the planet than getting tight on a sea monster in the pitch black of night while getting smoked by waves on a sandbar/rock. It satisfies a deep primal urge and I've never felt so alive. Especially after you've been grinding to find some fish, the work makes it even sweeter. Unfortunately its a mentality that is lost on most people nowadays.
  2. but theres also no fish there so carry on...
  3. hell be fine as long as he doesnt have the upper body strength of a 12 year old
  4. VSX 100 for bombproof; VR50 for bulletproof, the VR is also going to be a lot smoother but not quite as durable as the VSX
  5. If you need the extra distance to get into fish go with a pencil or SS popper for distance in regards to topwater. Best case scenario I think I might be able to cast the 9" Doc around 50 yards or so? Overall its a great plug and the action is amazing but its not going to cast like a bullet
  6. This persistent west wind didn't do me any favors during the full moom
  7. Anyone ever check out rusty can BBQ in byfield?
  8. I bet a couple ****** set the hook on a boulder and claimed it was a tuna...
  9. I usually like to start with places that have water
  10. I would start by fishing the 18 miles of shoreline NH has to offer.
  11. 10ft odm genesis 3/4 - 4oz with a vsx 150
  12. I'm partial to dirty martinis.. just a wee bit of olive juice and skip the vermouth, sometimes gin but mostly vodka. Throw a couple blue cheese olives in there, absolute perfection.
  13. Pffftttt the tavern has the most splendid minds in all of SOL. I wouldn't expect an individual of your caliber to understand the nuances and high frequency cerebral stuff flying around.
  14. How many drinks have you had you fool?! That post is over a year old. Get with the program
  15. I would love the Danny with eyes if you decide to split!