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  1. @PlumFishing How was the fight with the sturgeon? Always wanted to catch one myself looks like you got him on a white sluggo? Wouldnt have thought they would hit a lure always thought bait was the way to go.
  2. Last thing you wanna do is live on the north shore and have to drive down to the south shore to fish. You can still get into plenty of action north of Boston. I would pick the closest marina to your house and figure it out from there.
  3. sea lice is usually an indicator of migratory fish. meaning some big gurlz just showed up from out of town and are looking for some dance partners
  4. broke two 1 was my fault the other was 100% the rod
  5. I wouldnt fish for big girls with knock off anything especially if I'm driving that far to fish.
  6. Things will get dicey there after dark for sure
  7. In other news have had plenty of fiesty schoolies south of the Merrimack. Fishing the ebb thru sunset. Have yet to put in a decent night shift but looking to make some moves once the big girls are around
  8. Of course people are fishing it. Get with the program dude
  9. only a loser would ask someone for their fish
  10. I think we need to bring back crucifitions for poachers. Leave a couple guys dangling at the canal and things will turn around real quick
  11. Gloucester was the first place that I thought of after reading this
  12. Gotta keep the rift raft in check, well done. Some of these dudes are getting awfully cheeky...
  13. love these reports
  14. Hahahahaha this is genius
  15. This sounds like an issue for the debate team