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  1. Really cool to see the process thanks for posting
  2. Anyone live in Mashpee or familiar with the area that could answer an access/parking question? Please shoot me a PM dont want to ruffle any feathers. Thanks guys
  3. I know some of the slammer handles fit on some of the clashes. Funny you brought this up because I was wondering/hoping the same thing.
  4. yeah you're right the government is always honest and forthcoming. Let's just trust them
  5. Walmart, arts and crafts section. 100 of those bags for $1. That should really blow your mind
  6. I agree with the fishing bear
  7. Never offered it as a solution just my personal feelings on the matter. And the issue isn't as complicated as many want to make it. Its only complicated because money is involved. The management of natural resources should be based on what is best for the resource not the people benefiting from it financially.
  8. If youre not worried about line capacity go with the 150. The 150 may take some yards off your casting potential but I like the appeal of a light setup for casting all day.
  9. Commercial fishing should either be hook and line or a cast net no bigger than 10ft....
  10. yes please!!
  11. reports from credible sources of a great white just south of plum island... cant wait to sling some eels at night...
  12. Without actual enforcement nothing will change. All the signage in the world isnt going to deter these dirtbags from doing dirtbag things. Heck most poachers just get by with a slap on the wrist so its worth the risk to them. Im willing to bet the overwhelming majority of people committing these offenses know theyre in the wrong. They just dont care because they know theres a good chance they wont get caught.
  13. I say scrap the proposed fishing pier in Winthrop and use that money to hire more EPOs. Especially at the canal. Too many knuckleheads running amuck.
  14. I use white medical tape and its held up wellto the elements