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  1. I agree with you but unfortunately, let's not hold our breath: the cost of salmon fishing will not come down and it is doubtful that the stocks will start increasing significantly. And in Québec, we still allow killing big salmon.... What a shame... it should be mandatory to release all salmon, even grilse. As for NB, leaving Saturday and getting there Sunday.
  2. Mike, I have the French version of a fascinating book originally published in 1909 and titled "Life and Sport on the North Shore of the Lower Saint-Lawrence and Gulf" written by Napoléon-A. Comeau, a legend (self-made doctor, naturalist, scientific researcher recognized by the Smithsonian, director of fisheries for the government, postman, telegraphist, warden for salmon fishing, hunter, trapper, angler etc.) who lived on the lower North Shore during the second half of the 19th century. This book is his auto-biography. And in the introduction by one E.T.D. Chambers it is written that on July 9, 1874, Comeau caught 54 salmon on the fly on the Godbout River!. Probably on a rod as shown in the picture posted by the Fisherman. And no mention that he was C+R! And... you can still fish the Godbout these days but keep your expectations much lower! Pierre
  3. Take a look at the Partridge Universal Predator hook which comes in big sizes up to #8/0. Shorter and lighter than the Mustad 34011 but with a much wider gap (a#4/0 has a 3/4" gap).
  4. Sad indeed. I've already written on another post my praise to this gentleman, one of SOL's bright lights, whom I would have loved to meet. I just wish to add that I have many Betsies in my fly boxes, that they've already taken quite a few stripers north of the border and they are one of my go-to flies.
  5. Saltyp: See my response above. I tried to quote you but it didn't work.
  6. These seem to be Bulkhead Deceivers (or a variation as I think I see ostrich herls (?)). If I'm right, go to for a good how-to of that pattern style or Google "bulkhead deceiver fly pattern" and you'll get that one and others.
  7. So sad indeed. Nonetheless let's hope. Bon courage to his family and close friends.
  8. Seems to me that for a small animal to have done this, the first cut would have to have been made at the tree or at the car. Otherwise, as the line was 4 feet off the ground.... Poirot, the fly line detective
  9. I saw that some of these inexpensive lines are for TH rod (spey and switch lines, including scandi and skagit heads). Anybody has tried those?
  10. Scholeen: see the thread "Roll top or build a bench?" started by Broke off on Jan. 22 last.
  11. I discovered and began following this forum and the Fly Tying forum six years ago when I began flyfishing and flytying for stripers and, if you do that regularly, which I did, you soon identify the regular contributors and more particularly those whose posts are interesting and of substance. And BFD is prominently among those who are at the top of that list. In my book, he's a no-nonsense sort of guy willing to share loads of experience in saltwater flyfishing. I've never met the gentleman but I wish that someday I could have the pleasure of sharing a stretch of shoreline flyfishing with him for a couple of hours. So, dblhauler, BFD has a big fan north of the border who wishes him well. Bonne chance.
  12. Thanks HillTop and, xsailor, delzea already answered.
  13. And there is another thread, I think on the Fly Tying forum too, where BFD, on January 15, 2015, also gives the step-by-step of the Betsy, this time wirhout pictures. The combination of the two threads gives you a complete picture. Just open the Fly Tying Forum and then, in search, type in Betsy, and you should find the two threads I referred to. And good tying...
  14. Dannyplug: there is a thread, "the Betsy" (November 24, 2013), on the Fly Tying forum in which Bonefishdick gives a step-by-step pictorial for his very good fly. You'll just need to adapt the colors for this olive Betsy.