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  1. No. As I said, I don't know him except through his posts and, if he stopped following SOL when he stopped posting in 2017, he doesn't know me or of me as I only started posting in 2018.
  2. I came upon SOL in 2015 while searching the Internet to learn about fly fishing and fly tying for stripers. And discovered great fly tiers for the salt, a new world for me, including of course BobPop, the grand master. A mong those, Rachel Marie (Andrew W.) who was heavily into tying some of BobPop's Fleyes (Semper Fleyes, Bucktail Deceivers, Hollow Fleyes, Hollow Semper etc,) creating gems and posting a lot of them. I never met the gentleman but would have loved to do so and see him tie. He was very active on SOL until 2017 and since then... silence. I just hope he is well and still tying and that one day soon we'll see him back on SOL. For those of you who were not around in those years and want to have a look at some of his gems, take the time to go through the "epic" (that's what Jonny King, another great tier, called it) and lenghty (26 pages) thread "Fall is here" started by Rachel Marie on September 21, 2013 on the Fly Tying Forum. It's really worth it. And it contains a few sbs by RM on how he ties his Hollow Semper, Fleye Foil Sand Eels and Flatwings. So, with a tip of the hat to him, here are my first attempts at Hollow Semper as per his sbs. The first one on a Mustad C70S #2/0, about 7" long and the second on a Mustad S71SNP #2/0, 5.5" long.
  3. Saw this Semper Fleye pattern posted in an old thread which I think Rachel Marie (one of the top fly tiers I've ever seen, I wonder where he's at) originated. This pattern was not posted by him and I'm not comparing in any way what I do to what he does. So
  4. From the thread mentioned above, I discovered Capt. Castafly's Squid-sicle pattern and Slip n Slide's ingenious floating squid fly.
  5. Nice ties but in some of them the proportions are off: the tentacles of a squid are about one-third of the lenght of the head/body. For an interesting thread on squid flies see "Striped bass squid flies", June 160, 2018, on the Fly Fishing Forum. That being said, they will no doubt catch!
  6. And, as my friend sometimes fishes for stripers at dusk or night, I thought an all-black pattern would be useful. I took my "inspiration" from Pete Gray's Black Lucy which he posted on SOL a few years ago (Fly Fishing Forum, on "Striper Patterns for Night Fishing" of June 30, 2017). Not up to par with the original (the bucktail collars over the body gave me fits!) but it should swim allright and get a few nibbles. On a Mustad S71SNP # 2/0 hook, about 6" long.
  7. Eric Leiser's Black Angus tied for the salt as per the dressing posted above but no wraps of lead wire and adding a few strands of black Krystal Flash to the tail. On a Gamakatsu SP113L3H #2/0 hook, 4.5" long.
  8. No, the Kinky Muddler body/head is v-tied. For the hi-tie, you take a pinch of material long enough so that when you lay it down lenghtwise on the hook shank where you want to tie it, the lenght extending to the rear from the tie-in point reaches where you want it to reach and the lenght extending to the front is about two-thirds of that to the rear. You tie it down at that point and fold the front part over the rear part and tie it down with a few wraps of thread over the "fold". Two things I forgot to mention. Don't crowd the pinches of material. Leave space between each as you would do for a Hollow Fleye. And of course use scissors and trim body/head of the fly to proper shape before putting in the eyes. And it's not a fly to tie when you're in a hurry!
  9. That fly is now (with all the changes I made to the original) loosely "based" on Bart Landwehr's Bart-O Minnow, a smallmouth bass fly. You will find a sbs for that fly by googling "Barteau Minneaux" (don't ask me why that spelling!) and a later video by Bart by googling "Bart Landwher's Bart-O Minnow". As to how I tie it: - hook: standard lenght saltwater hook. I use a Mustad C70S #2/0; - thread: I use white 6/0 uni until I've tied in the throat and then fine mono; - tail: tied between barb and point, about 2 1/2 to 3" long: white bucktail under 4 white ostrich herl under 4 gold Flashabou strands under 7-9 olive ostrich herls. In the original it's Icelandic Sheep hair instead of ostrich herls; - throat (??) (not tied at the head of the fly as usual but at the tie-in point of the tail ): red rabbit hair about 1/2" long; - under body/head: pearl crystal chenille wrapped from tail to just behind hook eye; - body/head: white SF Flash Blend under and on the sides of the shank and olive Flash Blend under. From tie in point of tail to behind hook eye. About 4 pinches each color tied hi-tie style and then the last pinch of each color tied hollow-tie (reverse-tie) style just behind the eye of the hook. With the first pinch of each color flowing back to about half the lenght of the tail and each subsequent pinch about half the lenght of the previous one. And, on each side of the shank to cover it , I add one sparse pinch of white blend at the midway point and the same with the hollow-tie at the front but these pinches are tied the standard way and not hi-tied or hollow-tied. In the original, the body/head was initially made with Angel Hair using the loop-spin-wrap method; but then Landwehr's switched to EP Sparkle brushes. But I wanted a dark back and light belly for this baitfish imitation and anyway I hate the loop-spin-wrap; - eyes:3D molded, gold, 1/4". I use a drop of E6000 to glue them in and then cover them with Liquid Fusion. The original also calls for a collar of white Ice Fur just after putting in the throat but with the rear of the Flash Blend body extending over the tail, this collar is superfluous. I also tied this fly in chartreuse/white, chartreuse/yellow and gray/white (that's the color scheme of the original) but the olive/white was the first I tried and it worked so well that the others remained in my boxes! Hopefully I'll get around to try them this coming summer Have fun.
  10. And for this friend a few all-white and all- black Gartside Double Gurglers.
  11. Nice. And how about a close-up picture of the discount pole dancers and maybe a few specs: diameter of head, total lenght and hook size? Thank you.
  12. I'm a Québécois and was heavily into Atlantic salmon fishing for 25 years, mostly in the Gaspé. So what salmon rivers have you fished up here?
  13. Mercirf, it's much appreciated. No doubt Gartside's Beastmaster General has roots in this one. And I'm curio us about that "French" moniker of yours, Moucheur2003.