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  1. Variants on Gartside's Beastmaster General. All have ostrich herl in the tail as shown on the Saltwater Flies website and that's the only difference for the first two. In the third I attempted to have the chartreuse on top and the yellow on the bottom except for the collar and head. And in the last two, I went further by adding ostrich herl on top of the marabou body and making a two-tone collar and head. These are 5.5"-6" long, longer than the ones (3"-4") I have fished so far with success, fishing them sub-surface with an intermediate line. I've tied a few of these smaller ones for a friend who has fished them topwater as a slider also with success (and he gets spectacular takes). So I will be fishing these bigger ones mostly topwater, even greasing the head as Gartside suggests when fishing them that way. They should stir something!
  2. Thanks HT. Very interesting.
  3. Very nice Hilltop. But what gives the "hook skyward configuration"? The weight of the rattles?
  4. Indeed Salty and Titleguy, whenever I fish for stripers the last hour before darkness (which, being more a morning guy, doesn't happen often) I put on a classic 3-4" black woolly bugger and it does the job and a good one at that Also good when it's a dark, overcast rainy day.
  5. Last summer I caught a striper of about 20" in the Baie-des-Chaleurs and it had a 6" lobster in its stomach (nothing else). I caught that fish fishing the shore line of a gravel beach. It's probable that the fish grabbed that lobster somewhere else but two days later, I was fishing off the same beach standing in about two feet of water at about 9:30 in the morning and I suddenly saw a lobster of about one pound walking slowly on the bottom towards me with its two claws actually opening and closing! I started shuffling my feet and it finally backed up and swam away when it was about three feet away. There was another fly angler close by and I told him what had just happened (I have been fishing that area for five years and its the only lobster I've seen while fishing) and he said that the same thing had happened to a friend of his the previous year, off the same beach, but with a much bigger lobster!
  6. BFD: as I intend to reactivate a 10'10wt rod that I have and haven't fished with for a number of years (I used it in the past only for Atlantic salmon early in the season, i.e. high water and big flies) and fish it for stripers with an intermediate line (probably an intermediate Airflo Cold Saltwater Striper that I know you're partial to), I'm curious about the sinking line you're referring to in your post.
  7. I have a few 8wt rods and have fished them a lot over the years, including two built (a long time ago) on Hardy blanks, one a 9' and the other a 9'-6". I'm more partial to the latter but frankly, I'd be hard pressed to explain why. As Esa said, the difference is difficult to notice.
  8. Very nice Seadogg. If I hadn't so much fibers of all sort, I'd certainly go for that Congo hair. Much less expensive.
  9. Snapper 1: merci Martin.
  10. Those tarpon toads are fun to tie. So here's a few I tied to try on stripers next summer playing around with different fibers for the "head". The first is following Merriman's original with the rabbit strip as part of the "tail-body" but I used Neer-Hair fibers for the head. The following three are marabou toads with (in the order as shown) EP fibers, Widow's Web and SF Blend for the heads and the last one has a tail-body of ostrich herl, and marabou with a collar of crosscut rabbit strip and a head of antron poly-yarn.
  11. Thanks HT. I agree with you that most of what we buy from flytying specialty outlets is overpriced. And if I was 20 years younger, I'd do what you do and probably come up with very nice flies indeed!
  12. Nice HT. Besides feathers, SF flash blend?
  13. Nice Baldwin. Is this (or is it based on) a Gartside's Beastmaster General (can't see very well the rear of the fly)?
  14. Nice ties. As I love flatwings, here's a few more. And also two very good flies for me in the Baie-des-Chaleurs, a small (3") sand eel pattern loosely based on the EZ Sand Eel (by far my best fly since I started fishing for stripers) and the very good Ray's fly (and a flatwing variation of same).
  15. Nice, Baldwin. Eyes-topping: short golden badger neck hackle?