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    Fishing is one of my few favorite hobbies. Surf, jetty, bridge, boat, kayak, I enjoy it all as long as it's saltwater!

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  1. Honestly, I think I got unlucky both times I owned this reel. It seems like more people are happy with the drag than not. I’ve read about drag issues from only a handful of people. I sold the reel on BST and probably won’t consider getting another VSX150. May consider a bigger size if and when my Tsunami SaltX (what I replaced the VSX150 with) breaks down. I don’t reel under water too much though, so I am hoping that the SaltX will last me a while.
  2. I’m actually in the market to buy one. WTB (Want to buy).
  3. Hello all. I have a TranX 300a but need more room for line for the new areas I am fishing at. I am looking for a used Shimano TranX 400a in 'Very Good' to 'Excellent' condition. I searched the forum for previous posts on this reel and it was previous listed at $195 shipped. I am looking for a similar price. Thanks!
  4. I filleted 5 sea bass, but I was giving all of the other ones away to family and they wanted them gutted and descaled only. So it wasn’t even for the fish that I was going to eat lol.
  5. Yea Yea, need to get a drain screen. Other one broke and again, my laziness got to the best of me lol. I thought that the garbage disposal would be able to handle it, but when I’m putting a lot of them down all at once, it’s no good.
  6. I descaled nine jumbo black sea bass and two porgies... I usually descale in a trash bag so that scales don’t go everywhere, but after being on the water for 11.5 hours and in the car for 2.5 hours, I was worn out and decided to do everything in the sink and let garbage disposal do its work... What a mistake. Fishy water leaked underneath my sink and down to the basement... Today, I decided to see what happened... Learn from me. Don’t do it!
  7. It is actually on sale for $100 at Amazon. I am personally waiting for the Z3 to go on sale.
  8. I tried Trinidad A 12, Talica 8II, Saltiga 15H, and Avet SXJ 6/4 G2 on Tri-Flex 7030. Shimanos were ultra smooth and eye candy, but Saltiga is also very smooth and Avet is built like a tank and they were the right fit for me. I take two combos for bottom fishing and that’s all I need. Nothing against Shimanos though... At one point, I listed all the reels for sale on this forum and I kept the remaining two, because I couldn’t make the choice. Oh, and I took a peek inside Saltiga after two seasons to look for signs of corrosion, but it looked pretty darn clean. It’s been sprayed with saltwater plenty of times. All I do is rinse it off after each trip.
  9. I'm selling it as a package... Too much work to split. I'm selling the whole thing shipped for $220. I'm accepting Paypal. It will cost over $20 for shipping, so there's no room for negotiation. 1. Case - Plano XL Pistol/Accessory Case (Retail $20) Condition: Good condition with little bit of tear on the foam - See pictures 2. Abu Garcia C4-6600 (Retail $140) Condition: Blemish on the reel, but functionally 100%. Comes spooled with Power Pro braid, but unsure what lb I put on there. 3. Daiwa Saltist Levelwind A STTLW30HA (Retail $180) Condition: Used once or twice and in excellent condition. Comes spooled with Power Pro braid, but unsure what lb. 4. Bass Pro Shops Quick Draw QD40F (Retail $15) 5. 2 x Shakespeare reels that came with Ugly Stik GX2 rods as a combo. One is spooled with braid and the other is spooled with mono. (Retail N/A) 6. Shakespeare reel that came with another combo. (Retail N/A)
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