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  1. I’ll report once I get it back from service. Planning to tie line directly from the spool to a scale. I’ll compare with similar sized reels, including Stradic FK 4k and BG 4k (These are smaller, but drags on these reels are very nice). I know that tying line directly from the spool to a scale is improper way of measuring drag - that’s why I’ll be comapring with two other reels.
  2. Great, thanks for the feedback. I just dropped it off at UPS and sent it out to Salt Waters tackle in NY. Hopefully it’ll have the issue resolved. I was hesitant at first, because from my previous experience, drag output issues are arbitrary and not so black/white. If I’m not happy when it’s returned to me, at least I know that there are couple of options now!
  3. It looks like the HT 100 drag system isn't too expensive... But there are so many variations. Do you recall what the size (model #) was?
  4. I bought it brand new... I guess it's still worth a look.
  5. So, I kept searching for VS drag service and it looks like all I need is a split ring pliers to remove the c-clip and I should have access to the drag washers... Now I only need recommendations on the replacement drag washers. I am thinking that I’d need a thicker washer material to increase the drag output.
  6. So I've had my Van Staal VSX 150 for about a year now. Ever since I got it though, I felt that the drag was too light. When locked down tight, I could turn the spool without much effort. I didn't return the reel and just fished it with drag locked tight every time - I know I shouldn't have been. I'm currently going through my reels for maintenance. In the process, I checked out the drag for my Shimano Stradic FK 3k and 4k and both have much more drag output than the VSX. I quickly searched to see if I could upgrade the drag on the VSX myself, but it looks like it's not as straight forward, because it is sealed drag. My question is... Has anyone upgraded their VSX drag? If so, how? Currently, I don't think that it has enough drag to handle spring stripers in the 35lb+ weight class - I'd have to worry about getting spooled. I still have about a month until the 1 year is up on the reel, but I'm not sure if VS will identify it as a "problem" since mechanically, it's fine... It just doesn't perform.
  7. PM’ed my zipcode and payment sent.
  8. Assuming that there’s nothing wrong with the reel, $65 shipped?
  9. Sorry - missed it by a few mins lol. Good deal!
  10. I’ll take it at asking at $90.
  11. That's the first thing I checked - ghost drag. It isn't the ghost drag (braid slipping). I use mono backing on all the braid line I use. I should be getting back the reel this week, so I am planning to record a video between SASD15H, SASD35H, and TN12A. I am planning to test the drag directly from the reel at 1/2 rotation positions to see where the sweet spots are. I'll update the post with a chart and link to video when I get around to it this week. Thank you all for the input!
  12. That's what I thought too. I live in MD.
  13. I told Johnny to send the reel back the way it was tightened by him that produced 22 lbs of drag. I told him that I loosen all of my drags after fishing, but I had to see this 22lbs of drag myself. He said it's not a good idea because the drag grease is squeezed out when the drag is tightened and sitting that way for a while could reduce performance. I might try aftermarket drags. Thanks for your input!
  14. Long story short, I bought the Saltiga 15H in December of last year and used it once. While I was using it, I confirmed that something wasn't quite right with the drag. I was on a boat using 8 oz sinker and the drag was slipping when I was setting the hook (without any fish on). I tightened it as far as I was comfortable doing and I was still able to pull line out by hand. I sent in the reel for warranty repair and it came back exactly the way I sent it. Then I called Daiwa and spoke to a service tech, Johnny, and he told me to send it in again. I spoke to him a few times about the issue today and it looks like he can't do anything about it. Basically, I don't feel comfortable locking down drag on any of my reels in most scenarios. It has 17.5 lbs of max drag and that's more than plenty for what I am targeting. I usually go 80% from being locked tight and that usually works fine. But Johnny told me that he measured 22 lbs of drag when he tightened as far as he could. I told him that that wasn't my issue and I don't need 22 lb of drag. I want to be able to go from 1lb of drag to 17lb of drag gradually. Not 0 drag to 22lb drag instantly only when the reel is locked down. What worried me was when he said "You'd be surprised how much I had to tighten." I have many other star drag reels and they all have fairly wide sweet spots and drag seems to go up gradually. If there is a sweet spot on this reel (which I still think is a lemon), it is probably extremely narrow. Not what I expected from a $400 reel. Johnny first said that he would put in an extra drag washer, then changed his mind and pointed me to aftermarket drag washers... Smh. He's definitely a nice guy, but in the end, wasn't very helpful. Anyone else with Saltiga 15H drag problems?
  15. I think what chitala is saying is that you just have to say “I’ll take it” here publicly, then exhchange paypal info via PM. (All price negotiations need to be public I think)