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  1. Pre-ordered 6k when it said expected availability was Feb. I just checked again today and it Now says availability is June 10th for 6k. I was hoping to get it in March and definitely before June, but doesn’t look like that’ll happen. Hope that they are fixing flaws and making it better before releasing it to the public!
  2. I had a few, but moved on to using few wraps of adhesive cloth tape around the index finger. Usually lasts all day/evening and much better feel compared to the glove and it won’t stink, since you’ll be putting new tape on each outing. Hah, my profile pic shows it.
  3. ...Or wait to see if Tsunami SaltX is as good as it’s on paper. Should start to ship shortly.
  4. I am also a believer that less hardware is better (personal preference). When I'm at home prepping, I do FG knot for braid-to-mono or braid-to-Fluorocarbon. If the main line breaks above the knot while I'm fishing, I do uni-to-uni temporarily until the next time I have time to prep and switch back to FG knot.
  5. Based on all the feedback, it looks like it's not really a "problem" per se, but by design. I've had two different VSX150's, and the first was returned to the seller because of the weak drag and second one, I sold on this forum. I never had a VS150 in my hands to make a comparison, but it seems like VS150's have more drag based on the comments. Maybe you should consider a VS150? First one was returned to the seller two years ago and the seller said that they tried to add another drag washer in the spool and found that there was already an additional washer in there and that they would have to get warranty service. I waited another year to give it a second try after getting one of my reels sandy, but weak drag was a no go for me.
  6. The 2019 Stellas are up for pre-order now. And in the seller's description, it says "Shimano 2019 Stella SWC Spinning Reels improve on one of the best reels ever made! The new Stella has an IPX8 waterproof body, is more rigid, can handle impacts better is a little bit lighter than the previous generation. Shimano has worked hard to make the reel smoother by reducing play between the internal parts. Incorporating Infinity Drive Technology the new Stella produces more torque while maintaining smoothness. The HeatSink Drag puts out 55 lbs at max and reduces failure due to an overheating drag system. Shimano has stepped up the waterproofing on the reel and it can be dunked. They paid close attention to protecting the line roller to reduce failure. Whether you're fishing from the beach or from a boat, the Shimano 2019 Stella SWC Spinning Reel is the crown jewel of spinning reels!" It mentioned fishing from the beach and that caught my eye. It's $160 cheaper than the SWB for 10k size... Wondering if I should wait to see reviews from early adopters.
  7. Lackluster in which way? I also own a Daiwa BG, a Penn Slammer III, and owned a Spinfisher V until recently when I sold it. But Stradic gets the most love. Lackluster in drag? Don’t think so. Lackluster in smoothness? Don’t think so. Lackluster in weight? Don’t think so... Kinda curious where you think it is lackluster.
  8. I have FK 4000 that I pair up with 9' St. Croix Legend and FK 3000 that I pair up with 7' St Croix Avid. I fished 4k on piers and got it dunked once (yea, I left the combo sitting on a rail and a spring striper knocked it over) and dragged in sand once when I took it to Florida and hooked a shark. I wasn't able to land the shark, but 4k was plenty good enough to bring in 40lb+ stripers. Keep in mind though, there wasn't much current on piers that I fished at. It's a really light combo and I don't have a single complaint. So far, I only used the 3k on bridges to haul up bluefish up to about 20"... It's probably a no-no, since it wears out the gears, but I was reeling them in rather than pulling it up by hand/bridge net. When I was going through my reels in December for maintenance, both 3k and 4k were still smoooooooth.
  9. I agree. If it weren't for the weak drag, I would have definitely kept the reel. It's super light for a fully sealed reel and I was pleasantly surprised when I picked it up for the first time. Weak drag makes it much less versatile and a game killer. I went surf fishing with it and used 5 oz weight + bait and it was slipping.as I was casting. Some of it probably has to do with my technique and the fact that the reel wasn't really designed for that, but my other reels that are similar in size don't have this problem.
  10. I sold mine at a loss for the same reason and bought a much cheaper Saragosa SW. There’s no official drag rating on the box or on the official VS website for the VSX. The new Stellas look mighty nice!
  11. Those 5k and 6k are “SWB”, correct? The new ones are “SWC” I believe. (Edit: Responding to an earlier reply. Looks like it’s been cleared). Anyone planning to use the new Stella on the surf?
  12. I bought this from Bass Pro in April, 2017. This was a reel for me to try out "bailess". I took it on 5 outings. It was never dunked either in water or sand. I am trying to sell reels that I don't use enough. I see myself using bailed reels over bailess reels going forward. I could not find the box or manual, so I will only be shipping the reel. I have it written down on my fishing log that it has 40 lb Spiderwire Stealth braid. I am selling this at $85 shipped. I accept Venmo, Paypal, Check, or BoA wire. I think the preferred method is Paypal on this forum for buyer/seller protection.
  13. I purchased this reel in May, 2017 at $450 from TD. I've used it only 3 times, but there are some signs of wear. Mainly, a scratch on the left side plate (in the pic) and some dings. I intended to use it on the surf, but it never made it to the beach. I practiced distance casting from a bridge, but couldn't tame the beast. I took it on headboat a couple of times since then and that's where it got a scratch and dings. There's absolutely nothing functionally wrong with the reel that I am aware of. I have a smaller Saltiga (SASD15H) that I use on headboats now, so this bigger reel is only collecting dust. I couldn't find the manual, but it comes with a box and whatever you see in the picture. It's spooled with 50lb power pro with 50lb flourocarbon leader. I am selling this at $300 shipped. I accept Venmo, Paypal, Check, or BoA wire. I think the preferred method is Paypal on this forum for buyer/seller protection.
  14. Ok, PM coming... I've received couple of PMs letting me know that it might be an easy fix... Maybe you know what to try. Will you let me know if you end up tweaking the drag and "fixing" it? Maybe 10 lb's of drag right off the spool is a lot more when it's on a rod (since the rod will take some load off) and you won't mess with it. Either way, I would really like to know what you decide to do. Thanks.
  15. My buddy said the same thing about drag knob maybe being suspect. Did you compare the two drag knobs to see what was not right? I feel like the drag knob is just compressing the drag washers and can’t really see what could go wrong... Thanks for the info though. I am trying to sell/trade the reel right now, but if no one takes it, maybe I’ll try getting a replacement drag knob.