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  1. $125 for the combo if you pick it up in NJ, i'll meet you at the tunnel or something.
  2. I can do $60 shipped if you're still interested.
  3. Everything is sold except for the poppers. I totally forgot about this, I'm closing this to add more stuff. Thanks
  4. Ok, we'll figure something out. Update: - extra Top section is going to TinyTrout
  5. Where are you located? I don't mind splitting to help you out but I'm not sure about shipping.
  6. Lot 1 sold to HK. Price drop on Lot 2 - $25 shipped It's a steal, i think the GT Minnow alone was $35
  7. Bump $5 off - Triumph $120 - 704 $60 - 7500ss $45
  8. No problem. PM sent
  9. Price drop: $65 per lot $115 for all
  10. Add $4 for shipping/fees, free shipping with multiple items. Gibbs 3oz. Bottle (new), old Danny (used). $25 Cotton Cordell lot, Sea Hag, Redfins and Pencil. $30 Used bottledarter pair, Sporting Wood and 3oz. Northbar. $25 Stetzko Mr.Wiggly new, Gaines Maverick new w/ marks, GuidesSecret Bunka Boy and Slider both used. $35 Tattoo's original with stamped metal lip and Seapup lot. Top 2 are new, yellow was thrown a couple times, bottom two were used the most. $60