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  1. My Bo-Jack girl (Boston Terrier/Jack Russel mix), litter found in a box in the woods of West Virginia.
  2. You got it! PM coming with details.
  3. Brand new, still in package. $30 shipped $25 without tubes I'll throw a couple poppers with the bag.
  4. Listing for a friend that's moving out of state. Rods in my posession, will get better pictures tonight if needed. - ODM Frontier NFX1002-4 3/4 - 4 oz Condition 8/10 $250 - Daiwa Saltiga G Jigging/Spinning SAG-J 60MHFS 6'MH Condition 9/10 like new +Daiwa Beefstick BF-BT 70HR 7'H Conventional, 10/10 new, with tags. $75 for the lot - Local Hooker MSF800f1225s 8' 1 piece rod 12#-25# line, Custom built by Bob Jenkins, great jetty rod. Condition 7/10 $75 Pick up only, North Jersey to Monmouth county.
  5. I used to tape a small glow stick while chunking, not permanent but you can re-use it if you freeze it while it's glowing.
  6. He was born in a coop, raised in a cage, children fear him, critics rage
  7. Can you drill the concrete and use a plastic anchor? Or a thicker screw instead of longer.
  8. I'll take it! PM details.
  9. Monmouth county.
  10. I have an Frontier NFX Series 10'6 barely used, like new. $250 cash meet up in NJ.
  11. A new carb is 10 or 20 bucks. I wouldn't bother fixing unless you need it right now.
  12. I have one like this, brand new. $45 shipped and I'll throw a couple poppers with the bag.
  13. Wacky rig'em and you good