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  1. What grease do you recommend? Lot of grease on top and bottom but I can open it up and check it out.
  2. I have 2 slammer 3 4500s. One the drag is sticking. When I am testing my drag it feels almost locked down for a second then releases to normal drag. The other is buttery smooth. I swap spools and it is the same. The drag still sticks so I know it is inside the spool. Any ideas what the issue might be? It is only a year old reel used on 3 or 4 trips. Maybe 200 striped bass from schoolies to biggest on the reel was a 38" not using a lot of drag.
  3. I agree! But yes they were intended for slow jigging.
  4. 6'8" sorry And just used it for chunks. Wasn't really a lure/jig bite going on unfortunately.
  5. Uploading some video now
  6. Went to barnstable 2 weeks ago and had a blast fishing for striper. Decided to go back this past weekend and figured I should get a new setup to go with me. Got talking to Ksong who was extremely helpful with picking a new rod. I ended up with a black hole charter special slow pitch 6'8 rod and a penn slammer 3 4500 reel. The rod was extremely light weight. Had a ton of backbone and a very sensitive tip. The styling of the rod was also great! Blue accents matched my spiderwire stealth blue camo line. As far as fishing went, I fish chunks dragged along the sandy bottom and like the sensitivity to feel every rock and crab down there! I like to hold the rod and set the hook when I feel bites. I landed over 32 fish saturday from schoolies to 34" fish. And another 15ish fish Sunday morning before heading home. The rod handled them with ease and the drag on the slammer was silk! The rod/reel can absolutely handle much bigger fish. Will be using it for bigger stripers, red snapper/grouper. Highly recommend this rod and reel. Very impressed!
  7. Was fishing out of Barnstable the 6th-10th. Personally landed over 100 stripers in 4 days. Schoolies up to 34" was largest. 2 other guys I was fishing with landed around 80 fish each. Going back out again this weekend!
  8. Some big fish come here upwards of 40lbs. Kid that works the bait shop said at low tide he can climb down and hand feed them. Wish we could catch them!
  9. I actually messaged you about this rod last week over at 360 tuna How fast is your shipping? Going back to the cape Friday night haha
  10. Why do you say that? Have always only used spinning. Not very comfortable with conventional. Even my tuna gear is spinning gear. Will check out star rods thanks!
  11. Fish barnstable harbor for striped bass couple times a year out of boat. Just got back from my trip. Caught around 100 fish in 4 days on CHUNKS. Schoolies and fish up to biggest I landed was 33". Setup I was using was penn conflict 2 4000 w/ 20lb braid on a tsunami air wave elite 7' MH inshore rod(First guide on the rod is pulling away after 1 trip, no more tsunami rods for me). Setup felt and fished awesome but I would be scared catching bigger fish on it. Had to work to get the bigger fish in. Again I chunk from a boat and hard set my hooks. I like fast action as I hold the rod the entire time I am chunking and drag my egg sinker along the sand. I like to feel everything going on down there. Feel it dragging along the sand, then set the hook when I feel a nibble. And yes I use circle hooks. The 2 guys I was fishing with thought I was crazy, but by the end of the trip they were setting the hooks as well! So I am going to get either a conflict 2 5000 or a slammer 3 4500 and I need a rod to go with it. What would you guys recomend? I like st croix rods. Maybe a mojo or tidemaster? I hate the colors tho. Something that would look good with the slammer would be cool.
  12. Why would you back it with anything? I just fill my spools with straight braid. 40lb braid is cheap. Throw some electrical tape around spool if your worried about it slipping. Most new reels are designed to take braid. Even on my tuna reels, 20k stella and 20k gosa with 450yrds of 100lb hollow core it's all just straight braid. Expensive for sure. Maybe a conventional thing to use backing? I dont fish conventional so wouldn't know.
  13. I was gonna try with my penn rampage jigging rod and spinfisher v 6500 reel if there were like 40lbers around....but all we saw were 100lbers and I didn't think that would happen lol
  14. The belly toro is amazing! Never had sashimi that tasted this good!
  15. Oh! Duhh! Right over my head haha. But yes absolutely am hooked! We plan to take a week year and start the trip with false albies then move to the blue fin! Fingers crossed we have similar luck!