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  1. I agree. I have a slammer 4500 on my bait rod. Think the biggest I have pulled in on it so far was a 38" striper. No problem at all. I just want something light thats the goal. And sealed is not as important to me. The worst my rods ever see is a little sea spray when boat is running.
  2. I didn't realise that was an option. Will look into it!
  3. Just to compare the 2. The 5000 is 10.4oz and holds 235yrds of 30lb braid I'll. The 4000 is only 9.9oz but only holds 180yrds of 30lb. Weight difference is not worth the line lost to me. Also from the pictures it looks like only the 5000 comes worh the round knob that I like.
  4. I followed the advice on here and ordered a stradic 5000 FL. 4oz lighter then my slammer 3 4500. Total setup weight will be 18oz so no bad!
  5. I was thinking that. Isn't it a fresh water reel tho?
  6. Looking for a reel for stripper rod. Fishing from boat. Temple reef stealth stk-72M Would like something light weight. Slammer 3 4500 Saragosa 5000 What other options are there under the $300 range?
  7. Hey all, trying to help my cousin pick out a good rod/reel for striped bass. We fish from a boat. And we want it to be as light weight as possible. Spinning only. Live/Dead mackerel. Usually 3oz sinker give or take. $500 max limit. I currently run a black hole slow pitch charter special 6'3 rod with a slammer 3 4500. I love this setup. He would be happy with the same but we also dont want our rods to match ha. Any ideas?
  8. Awesome thank you!
  9. Also the gears they sent back look fine? I see no damage to indicate they would be issue?
  10. So just got the reel back. Paper says drive gear and pinion for slammer were replaced but there is no difference in the drag sticking. Still feels like initial full drag when I rotate the spool until you get past that hump then drag is normal.
  11. Sent this out today. Should be 2 you friday.
  12. Awesome! Thank you!!
  13. So I just cleaned and added cals drag grease. It is still doing the same thing. When I posted it was before the reel was out of warranty. But now it is out of warranty. Am I screwed?
  14. What grease do you recommend? Lot of grease on top and bottom but I can open it up and check it out.
  15. I have 2 slammer 3 4500s. One the drag is sticking. When I am testing my drag it feels almost locked down for a second then releases to normal drag. The other is buttery smooth. I swap spools and it is the same. The drag still sticks so I know it is inside the spool. Any ideas what the issue might be? It is only a year old reel used on 3 or 4 trips. Maybe 200 striped bass from schoolies to biggest on the reel was a 38" not using a lot of drag.