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  1. Watched the first 2, I like it. More episodes coming out on Thursday I think.
  2. All rerun's now, Fred retired and I don't think he's doing any new shows.
  3. Ok thanks, It's not on paint.
  4. Thanks for all the reply's gang, I will test them all to see what works the best. Thanks again!
  5. I'm removing my fiberglass bed cover from my truck for good. Just wondering if anyone has a good way to remove the weather strip that is on the top on the truck bed. Thanks gang!
  6. Tog & Seabass for me!
  7. Put in the time, and you will find!! Back water's are good this time of year, later they move offshore.
  8. 832
  9. Hi young, I think I will pass, I think I will go with a smaller squall 15 for seabass and tog. Thanks, I hope your sale goes through.
  10. Sorry, I have been away from the PC, If quan808 takes it no problem.
  11. I did it the second week of Jan. and it worked fine.
  12. I rode there in 09', went down on a HD Deluxe and came back with a HD Roadking. All the bike weeks are the same old s#@t but still fun.
  13. Do you take PayPal?
  14. Just want to say who ever did your drywall job did a excellent job!! I have been in the business for 49 years and I know quality work, your job is the way we want it to look!
  15. My Striper chowder, but I'm doing it with cod because I have no striper.