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  1. A good day of Flounder fishing years back, there was 4 of us on the boat.
  2. 49"er released and 1 that made the 50"-50# club. I don't keep large stripers anymore.
  3. I think Amazon also, the last think I ordered from FL had sales tax.
  4. Got the email today.
  5. It's the 24th.
  6. Like Mike said, plug directly into the modem.
  7. Yep, he has a girlfriend now!
  8. Nice! I have all the goodies that go on the Roadking, that picture is what it looks like around town riding solo.
  9. Thanks bassmaster, I like the old school look of the softail, the Roadking is nice for the long haul.
  10. No Bones B&T in Wildwood NJ may be having one. DoorGunner runs this tourament, I'm sure he will reply to this post.
  11. 72 years young, but still ride, own 2 Harleys, been riding from 15 years young.
  12. Funny, funny man, RIP Tim.
  13. Your buying a lift to hang 3 sheets, buy 5 sheets of 8 footers and get a friend to help you hang. You will have 3 cross butts, but that's no big deal. Purple board is good!
  14. +2
  15. 1947 birthday tomorrow, do the math.....still fish a lot and ride my Harley Road King.