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  1. Adam Bomb or Stalker are both good. Don't know when you want to fish, but I don't think Adam is in the water yet (as of 2 weeks ago I talked to him) and Stalker is up by the Delaware river right now. Stalker will be back in CM probably in May.
  2. Fred and Biggest Jack!!
  3. Now I see you are up North, down here SH is Stone Harbor...... Your talking Sandy Hook.....sorry.
  4. Are we talking about Stone Harbor NJ? Maybe I have the wrong place.
  5. Only allow vehicles on the beach from 10/1 through 3/31 and you need a permit.
  6. You got it!!
  7. That was Sam's Pizza........and Fred didn't buy, I know I was there.
  8. Fred, I know your a Sam's guy but Mack's Pizza at Wildwood Ave. opens today, getting a whole pie for dinner tonight.
  9. That is a trip of a live time, have a great time and catch'em up!!
  10. Is that a cat or dog?? Happy Bday!
  11. Welcome!
  12. Nice!!!!!!
  13. How could you hear them over the piling driving yesterday?
  14. Fred, There was a bunch at Skips yesterday
  15. Nice!!!!