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  1. sold to surfcitynj. Thanks sol, please close
  2. sounds good, PM sent
  3. I bought this a few years ago off of here but I need to thin the fleet a bit. I brought it along as a backup reel for albies but it got little use. There are some surface scratches and marks but it still works perfectly and is silky smooth. Asking $70 PayPal or Venmo including shipping conus.
  4. on MV a NE wind drives albies nuts on Chappy especially!
  5. Just got back from MV, the fishing from shore was very slow to say the least. It still a great place to fish with friends and meet new people. Will be tough fishing this week coming up with the weather but maybe that's what is needed to shake things up down there.
  6. I don't want to go that low on it. I'll just keep it for now. Closing thread
  7. Price drop $130 shipped
  8. Same happened to me a year ago with a mag darter. Lost the fish only end up with the clip. Newer mag dater too wtf
  9. Sent in my original for repairs and they swapped it out for a new one. Still in plastic wrap and comes with extra spool and extra drag washer. Asking $140 shipped
  10. I have 2 albie setups with ssv4500's with no backing with zero issues
  11. Be sure to swap out those p line hooks... I got burned once I switched to dressed single hooks for most of my albie jigs and have had very good luck. You get the action of a teaser and it grabs less weed
  12. Personally I agree that 1/2oz is too light for shore casting but guys still do and still catch. I have figured out that the size/color usually doesnt matter. The lure just needs to be in the right place at the right time. From shore I never throw anything under 1oz and usually am throwing 1.25oz or 1.4oz
  13. Yes we have that. If I need to walk around I usually try to knock out a few other things as well to make the most of my trip
  14. Fish in the microwave is a big no no for me As the IT guy People printing out error messages and physically walking them down to show me and interrupting what I am in the middle of rather than just emailing it or putting in a helpdesk ticket like they are supposed to People walking into my office and the first thing they say is "Ill put in a helpdesk ticket for this but..." when we both know they never will And my all time favorite is people calling me on the phone asking me to walk over to their desk so they "can show me weird issue they cannot explain on the phone" and the error is something simple like "your account is locked out" and I have to walk all the way back to my desk to unlock them when I could have done that when they first called
  15. juice