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  1. Drove one over the weekend without knowing what was under the hood. It wasn't mine so I didn't exactly "put it through its paces" but I didn't find it sluggish at all. That being said, I thought it had a lot of blind spots and I wasn't impressed with the interior
  2. woman
  3. The bigger fish should be arriving around now. Fishing the beachfront I have been successful with SP's, magdarters and bucktails at night. I prefer to be closer to the base of the jetty that's my personal preference. Your best bet is to just get out there and fish it... and don't forget the bug spray!
  4. automatic
  5. Probably sturgeon jumping
  6. slice
  7. changed wheel bearing in january!
  8. Changed the oil in my Trailblazer last night, still using conventional 5w-30 and change it every 6k or when the OLM gets to 40-50% life left just for piece of mind. Usually use the ACDelco filters but picked up a bunch of Purolater one filters from a closing kmart. Still runs great at 163K. It takes 7 quarts but slightly less than 5 actually came out
  9. I immediately was reminded of The Three Stooges episode If a Body Meets a Body (1945) A classic Moe reads in the newspaper that Curly is the missing heir to his rich uncle Bob O. Link's estate. The Stooges go to the mansion, only to find out that Prof. Bob O. Link didn't die, he was murdered! And both his body and the will are missing. The boys have to spend the night in the spooky old house and solve the mystery.
  10. I have caught blues, stripers, brown sharks, roughtail stingrays, sea robins, black sea bass and some other mystery fish chunking from shore but I personally have never caught a fluke down MV. I have only seen a small handful caught over the few years and they were very small
  11. The weekend before memorial day is usually a hit or miss weekend. Sometimes you get lucky and find a few early bluefish before they really invade. We show up to the beach around 11 after getting everything ready. Drive out onto the beach and stop to say hello to some guys we knew who were having lunch. Nobody was fishing at all. So after talking I said, "might as well take a few casts since nobody else is" and hooked up with a decent 8lb + bluefish on my first cast with a roberts ranger. I chocked that up to good luck and I get another one on the next cast. Long story short, myself and everybody else that showed up around us had the same thing happen to them as well...until it got dark! And it wasn't just our spot, it seemed like it was the whole beach. This went on for 3 days straight! You could not throw a plug out without it getting hit at least. We caught hundreds of blues and only stopped when our arms were too sore to reel any more in. Some people even removed the hooks just so they could watch the fish hit the plugs. Best part of the story is I only lost one plug and it was because my wire leader got bitten and I didn't see it until it was too late
  12. train
  13. closed for lack of interest
  14. TTT
  15. steer