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  1. Sorry to revive this. I did a transition from the reel seat to foregrip, and not totally happy with the way the epoxy came out on the shrink wrap. For a clean edge, are you guys using tape and peeling it off for that clean epoxy line? Thanks
  2. Looking to pickup this weekend. Located in ocean county NJ and will make a drive to pickup or pay for shipping. Black preferred. Thanks guys
  3. Long story short, I am home for a few days and with the crappy weather I want to finish up a rod for a friend. He's using a tsunami salt x 4000 for this rod, but he is working till the weekend. I want to map out my guides using the 27x method, but I don't have the reel in hand for the spool diameter. I will personally paypal someone some beer Money if they have a salt x 4000 laying around and can get me that measurement to give me something to do. No epoxy on the guides until I test cast, but just want to see where I will be at. Thanks guys !
  4. PM sent
  5. Lol I'll tell you what, everytime I searched a particular aspect to rod building, from grips to reel seats, I see he commented. He looks like a boat load of great information and I have some of his responses bookmarked. Thank you gentlemen. Sorry for getting back to everyone late.. CRAZY week at work going on. But I did manage to order a ton of different sized guides to have on hand. The x27 rule seems to make the most sense to me, so I'll give that a shot when the guides come in. Thanks for all the help !
  6. Thank you !!
  7. I have roof racks but 120 miles round trip on the parkway everyday I'd rather keep it in the truck with the seats down. I like to just grab the rod when I get to the spot and put it back when im done instead of disassembling and reassembling everytime I switch spots.
  8. Hey guys, Looking for a little guidance here on my first rod build. I am pretty mechanically inclined and would like to start building rods for myself and others when I get good enough. I've been doing research for quite some time and ready to tackle it. I have been reading up on everything, rod guides in particular though are absolutely mind numbing. All of the sizes and letters have me just completely lost at times. I've read up on the New Concept and KR concept for layouts, but I am kind of at the point where I have a decent idea on what I think it should be, but not 100% sure. I also understand how to take the reel measurements for the guides for the most part. Is it uncommon to just order a ton of guides to get me started versus ordering just what I think I need for a particular build ? If possible I'd love to pick someone's brain about the FSC 967 build in particular if they built one themselves. I plan on using a Salt X 4000 with 20 or 30lb braid. I'd prefer double foot guides because I will be fishing rocks and will having it with me in the Jeep at basically all times for before/after work. I'm a huge fan of the Fiberstars and have a few others, hoping they return back this Spring. Thanks ! Joe
  9. I'll take the Zeebaas please
  10. Hey Whats up. I have been looking for a ZB 25 myself. I actually just ordered one from ZB this week finally. Anyway there is a nice 27 on Ebay right now. I have thought about buying it but I dont think I will. Anyway thought you might be interested.

  11. Bump still looking. You can also text me 856 213 1924 if I do not see it right away
  12. Pm coming !!
  13. Where is it ? I'm ready to buy
  14. Anybody ? Will go for a zx27 as well
  15. PayPal ready. Color doesn't matter. Prefer single roller but won't turn down a double if that's all that is available out there. Thanks fellas !