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  1. From the album Forum Attachments

  2. You may want to check out TerraserverUSA, a Microsoft product. It's photos are perhaps dated for what you want but it does give the date of the media. Terraserver was the first terra bite server application. It stored and made available SPIN-2 Russian satellite imagery available on the internet and was originated by Microsoft, then sold. There is still a commercial version Now you can buy a terra bite hard drive at COSTCO for a few hundred dollars! John
  3. I will take it for $60. PM payment info. John
  4. what was it that you learned? Inquiring minds want to know! John
  5. Fly Fishing Salt Water by Lefty Kreh
  6. saltwaterflies dot com
  7. Yes, 1/32 oz (1/64 oz ?) yellow/chartreuse or yellow orange darts in tandem with a regular shad fly about 18" behind. Used a 6 wt RPLXi with a floating line-the shad dart was an attempt to get the shad fly down in heavy current above Chain Bridge on the Potomac. It worked but caught the fish, Hickory Shad, on the shad fly. I now use a 200 grain Airflow sink tip and no shad dart. The shad fly was a Joe Bruce design that has worked well for me. Joe Bruce Shad Fly Joe's fly can be tied in other colors, especially green over yellow but also red over white (silver tinsel body) as well as pink or purple over white. Another good one is the white eztaz body red head-can be eztaz,chenille or even a red bullet head, with a short white marabou tail. I tie my shad flies on a size 6 Gamakatsu SS 15 hook.
  8. Check out www.tides.com John
  9. Check out redfish dot com and our very own capt gordon (check out his web site). Capt Gordon is from Moorehead City, NC. John
  10. Allstar 1265-2 if you can find one. I think that Rainshadow may have a very similar blank. John
  11. Big Hammer Swim Baits has a glow and a pearl in 5" but would prbably pour some white for you If you aren"™t familiar with this California bait you might like to check them out. Google will find them right away. John
  12. There is a fly shop on Rt. 5 and a club that meets in Davidsonville ( west of Annapolis. I have no personal experience with either. Fly Shop: CR MacLellan's fly shop in Hughesville. Phone# 301-274-5833 Location: The rear suite of rooms behind Nationwide Ins Building on MD Rt5 listed as: 85921 Leonardtown Rd. Club: Free State Fly Fishers (Maryland) http://www.geocities.com/freestateflyfishers/ Good Luck (and buy a boat), John
  13. Do a search. I got some good information here--fly fishing =--a couple of years ago. Try Hawaii Bonefish John
  14. Its all carbon fibre/fiber in fishing rods. Note the higer tensile strength of graphene carbon fibre and the high modulus of elasticity (stiffness) of graphite carbon fiber. Note that graphit is crystalline and graphene is semi-crystalline. What about "Bucky Ball" reinforced materials for reels? John
  15. Oh! That is what you are talking about. I fished out there a little last summer (N) Newport Beach area and while researching found an artilcle "Corbina on the Fly" by Richard Jacobsen. He uses 15-20 feet of 6-8 lb test Stren Magnathin (green) and points out that casting this rig must be learned. The article is on Dan Blanton's site as well as at least one other. Have fun experimenting! John Flat water was not too common while I was there--perhaps the reason for the popularity of surfing!