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  1. Totally agree with this, we are in the age of self promotion where everyone has to take trophy shots to post on Farcebook
  2. If your from CT, I believe with MA gunlaws it would be illegal for you to carry in this state
  3. I am with you there, sad that we even have to think about this going fishing..
  4. Not lame, just not stupid
  5. Not sure who you guys are that are threatening retribution, I myself go to the canal to enjoy myself and relax doing what I love and am certainly not looking for any trouble and will do my best to avoid any that may come my way. Lets remember its a fish, also its hard to believe the comments going around here, I value my life and freedom as I hope most of you do, also lets remember that there are people out there that will shoot someone dead for $20 out of a convenience store register.
  6. It seems to me there are two problem areas. First is what I will call the immigrant fisherman (hold back the flaming) who has no regards for the resource and keeps everything he catches fully understanding he is doing wrong but could care less Second is the commercial fisherman who party fish to help fill one anothers limit and also pass it off to the commercial boat fisherman with the higher limit, many of these folks are the guys who hang around tackle shops and consider themselves true sportsman. Unfortunately every time a species gets a high price put on its head it brings out the worst in people and eventually causes a decline in the species population forcing stricter laws be imposed. It seems the only deterrent is to increase the fine to a level where it is no longer profitable to poach. Currently most of the fines one incurs can be made back up in one successful night of poaching, so possibly this is where we should concentrate our efforts. I believe the higher courts have ruled you can no longer seize vehicles, but possibly a multi year suspension of your commercial license and once again doubling the fines and making them mandatory would be a step in the right direction
  7. can we assume the offenders will just move to another easily accessible part of the canal and regroup.
  8. Got that right !!
  9. Seals have destroyed fishing on the outer cape, now due to their numbers we have great whites which have destroyed swimming and surfing and soon may have an orca population. At what point do we do something about the seals ? As had been said they are in the canal and have quickly spread from Monomoy to all beaches along the national seashore and mainland. We have seen this played out before, politicians come up with a plan, environmentalist tie it up in court. Where does this end.....May be a good time to invest in a lake home
  10. Several videos of fish being caught at canal are being posted on the Facebook sites. Comments such as four or more different people saying they have to go there next year being posted. If this social media crap don't stop we can kiss quality fishing goodbye. These morons just need there 15 minutes .
  11. Did part of this post get deleted ? Hope we are not playing that game.
  12. The canal is one of the places we have to fish locally in MA, why dont the Montauk and Block Island crowd fish their own waters. The canal cant take this multi-state fishing pressure, and by coming here to fish you are not only destroying the canal but also the population of fish in your own waters
  13. I agree with Bob, this site while about sharing info is not in the same realm as the facebook sites.
  14. I would assume a couple people running the facebook fishing groups are profiting handsomely while destroying a natural resource.