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  1. When we watch this years filmimg of "Wicked Tuna" I cant wait to see what they say they are getting per pound !!
  2. I was over on the Cape Cod Fishing and Surfcasting website and noticed that there are not many photos of people posing with their canal caught bass. It used to drive me nuts that people would be posing with short bass up on the service road for photos and then claim they safely released the fish. Now it seems the latest fish being exploited over there is the school bluefin. What has chanced with people, do they enjoy the fishing or is it more about the brag photos. I have said social media will destroy fishing, hunting and society. We already see the political divide and anger even amongst friends and family members over politics due to social media. When will people learn ?
  3. I came across about 4 bags of the tuna size Ron Z tails, they are about 6 years old and smell a little like stale/rancid fish oil, not a super strong smell but if you put your nose to them its definitely there. Are they still good to use or will fish avoid them or spit them out quickly causing problems with hookset. Was planning to use on small bluefin
  4. It does not seem right to me that a good portion of lobsters caught in New England waters are now shipping to China. I view the waters of our coast as property of its citizens and feel the lobsters caught there should be offered at our markets instead of being sold to the highest foreign bidder. To add insult to injury, the US taxpayer will then subsidize the lobsterman when he falls on hard times due to regulations etc.. How many species has China destroyed with their voracious appetite ?
  5. I did some estimates from just looking at photos so obviously not that accurate, but it looked like both the Wald large and medium baskets would hit my heels. I have a size 12 foot and the rubber boots are anything but petite.
  6. I ended up getting this kickstand, its a twin leg and has an 18" spread when open. Rated up to 200 lbs. Its made for bikes with Child seats etc. so should work well. I realize Im a little top heavy but was concerned with my boots hitting the baskets if I went with twin rear baskets. The rod butt should be approx 6" - 7" off the ground so we shall see how it works out. The guys with the large twin baskets on the rear, do you have trouble with your feet hitting them while peddaling ?
  7. Thank you for all the replies and information. I have dropped the rod holders down another 4" after taking these photos, now I have to get one of those double leg kickstands
  8. Thanks for the responses, I have a little slant and the buts about 6-8" off the ground so I would think the top of the rod is at approx 11'3" off the ground (11'rod) hopefully that will be OK
  9. Thanks Bob
  10. Putting together a canal bike and wondering what the max height for a rod tip would be to not have any problems on the service road or any of the popular entry areas regarding power lines' any info is appreciated Thank you gdc
  11. Massachusetts population 2000 6.204 M 2005 6.45 M 2010 6.631 M 2015 6.794 M 2019 6.892 M 2021 7.1 M They keep looking for way to lower emissions, reduce sewerage, etc yet the population just continues to grow. Many of this growth is taken from 3rd world nations where I assume they had a lower impact on the planet due to their lifestyles, hygiene etc.. and here we turn them into the American alpha consumer. Just keep bringing them here and see where the future leads us.
  12. Respectfully offer $42 shipped for 14&15, I will cover Paypal cost
  13. Back when I had my boat we casted to bluefin tuna for hours right at the mouth of the Annisquam river, they were on schools of mackerel with some very large fish in the school.
  14. Instead of attacking each other, wouldn't our efforts be better placed on getting something on the ballot or pressuring politicians to control the seal population. With an estimated 50,000 seals on the cape eating 35-50 pound each per day, I think we can see where the real threat to the future of the striped bass lies.