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  1. Pm sent
  2. Thanks for the offer but i prefer cash. Looking to buy another rod
  3. Thanks. Gomexus 39 or 41 mm dont remember
  4. For sale: Shimano Speedmaster surf rod SPMS100M2 Medium power, rated 3/4 - 4 oz. Brand New. Paid 150$, asking 100$. Pick up in brooklyn.
  5. bump
  6. Shimano Nasci 5000 like new condition, used few times. Has a power knob installed and spooled with 10lb fireline (ultra 8). $100 OBO. Prefer pickup in Brooklyn, NY
  7. Yea, it is not made for big heavy plugs, i never throw more than 2 oz with it. It is a very light rod, paired with spheros 6k i can cast all day. But im always interested in lighter setups, that's why i am interested in the 9'6 suzkuki rod because it is 1 oz lighter than the 9'6 tsunami. I would pair it with the new ultegra xtc 5500 which weighs only 15.5 oz and i will have a new combo that is 2 oz lighter than the one i have now. ksong, do you know which shops in NY or NJ will have it? tackle direct? j and h ? Thanks
  8. How is the 9'6 suziku compared to 9'6 tsunami airwave elite? Tsunami airwave elite weighs 10.4 oz and suzuki is slightly lighter at 9.6 oz. Also, the 2 rods have exact same lure rating 3/4-3oz. I was wondering about the difference in rod action? I have the Tsunami 9'6 and i love the fast action it has. How does the suzuki compare to it? Suzuki is rated as moderate fast action. Is it not as stiff as the 9'6 airwave? Anyone who tried both rods, i would really appreciate your opinion. Thanks
  9. double palomar to swivel, never had issues
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys, you have convinced me to buy and try it. I will also be using it for ice fishing, getting to some drop offs on the lakes.
  11. google rat-l-trap, on their web site go to saltwater section, they have a 1 oz, it is the same thing and only $10, alot of nice colors.
  12. I want to buy Navionics app for my android and fish some new spots from the beach that require some hiking. Will it be able to show me my exact location on shore or is it only made for navigating on water? If it does work on land, how accurate is it? Thanks!
  13. 30" on a 4.5" lunker city shad
  14. Northern Stargazer on a white 4" gotcha swim shad
  15. I am a big fan of nano and i gave up trying to find a knot that works, they all slip or nano cuts right through. I prefer to connect my leaders with a swivel to feel safe, for freshwater i use the smallest size swivel. Double palomar on a swivel will never slip.