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  1. The other day we had one come right up to the shop door. Rare since the nearest tree is about three hundred yards away. Then i remembered reading up on the Cecropia Moth and their cocoons. I found two this year and have the branches they are on stuck into our garden and ready for spring. Have a large plastic container that I would transfer them to so we could watch and photo the big event. I have been reading up on them and the article mentioned that they have one serious predator while in their cocoon and thats squirrels that eat them for the protein. Ran outside and both cocoons are gone. Just the chewed off branches in the ground.
  2. If you are a gnat. Arrived at the dock this morning and went right to work. Why is it that the first two that arrive a second before the swarm have to fly right in each of my ears when I have fresh paint or oil on my hands? Ever notice how the itch becomes worse a little while after they bite? I keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol at the dock and rub it over the bites and it calms them right down. Not to worry right now because they are just tenderizing us for the arrival of the greenheads later in June. Welcome to Jersey where everything wants your blood.
  3. Took my girlfriend for her surgery about two months ago. she was out and ready to go in two hours with a patch over her eye. Took her to breakfast for being a brave girl. Normally she eats very little but was still doped up and did everything but chew on the plate. We still laugh about it. Good luck Al and enjoy breakfast.
  4. How many times have you said that?
  5. Every year at this time i pull out the DVD of the 86 Masters. What an incredible final round. It's a little like watching Apollo 13. You knew how it ends before they even made the movie but you still watch it to the end. As Bob Costas of NBC sports said, "Very few things in life are perfect, This was"
  6. Go back to the days when spring training actually mean something other than press conferences and interviews. Players got back into shape with workouts like stretching and running so they didn't pull every muscle when a ball is actually hit.
  7. Still trying to find someone brave enough to shove a bag of peanuts up your arse. So many SOL'ers want to that I decided to put it out for bid.
  8. Next week going to power wash my girlfriends driveway. Two cars wide and deep with a lot of shade. Dirt and algae has made it very dark in spots. What to add to the wash to kill the algae that won't kill her plants along the edge?
  9. I have proof that Red is a man of his word.
  10. Get the feeling that you could turn the show on in six months and this guy will still be there.
  11. This will finally end at an adult book store.
  12. YES. And now I have the fever and I'm heading south.
  13. A guy just blew the record apart. Was four thousand off the record for one day before they reached Final Jeopardy. Correct response and wagered $38,000.00 to finish the one day total with $110,000.00 This guy was almost as smart as Belmo.
  14. Only one. There was a brush fire that destroyed the place where I picked up the second one.
  15. Not them. Just him.
  16. How about a sign. All Squirrels, please don't put your head in rat trap. That should about cover it.
  17. True. I will use that against them.
  18. Or just do this.
  19. Gets you ready for divorce when you have separate homes.
  20. Or this one.
  21. Still enjoy going into stores to pick things up and put them down before I purchase. Supermarkets offer where they pick out you list and you just pick up. won't ever let someone pick a steak or produce for me. Ordered a rod blank from St. Croix some years back in the middle of winter. Worried about not being able to get the feel of it but the specs looked good and I took the chance. As soon as it arrived I knew I wouldn't have taken it if I had been able to feel it in person. Built it and used it once then sold it and swore I would never do that again. However, internet shopping has some great advantages that I can't pass up. We were planning on doing a freshwater show on trout but our camera man is in Florida till the end of the month. Decided not to wait so I asked a friend who has done this for us before if he would man our small Panasonic camera to tape the show. Not the greatest camera but it has never failed us in about ten years. Only one problem. We have three rechargeable batteries and two are pretty old and don't last long. Hate going out without enough power and this plan was short notice. Checked the local stores and no batteries for this camera so went online late last night. Two new batteries and a charger for a very good price and will be here tomorrow in time for the shoot. B&R stores just can't offer the inventory and delivery that the internet provides. Now if I can just coax a few fish to bite.
  22. If anyone took a nap or just can't get to sleep and want a good flick for tonight. 9:45 on TCM is Gettysburg. I hope Red watches. May break the **** you record tomorrow.
  23. The large mall near us had three anchor stores. Sears, JC Penny and Macy's. Sears is gone and JC Penny will close the first week of May leaving Macy's who is in deep trouble already. Article in the paper said it was built in 1987 with nothing else around it. Rated worth at 97 million. A few years ago it was reduced to 75 million and just now reduced to 50 million. Now across the street is a large strip mall with a Best Buy, Dick's, Target, B.J.s and many small stores that shoppers visit and across from them is a Super Walmart while the big mall has nothing to offer. Their food court was awesome at one time but now it's just about empty. Coincidence? This is the same mall where me, my brother and our friend got thrown out of when we tried to get our picture taken with SANTA two years ago. Mess with us and the whole mall goes down.
  24. Law firm advertising tonight. "If you've been hurt in an amusement park accident"
  25. I didn't think this first in line for tickets out. Can someone drop me off a sandwich?