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  1. 25 Days till Sam's reopening.
  2. Fish are cold blooded so water temp is their body temp and we can use this to our advantage. Look for calmer waters since fast waters require more energy for the fish to swim in. Right now at our dock I can catch a hundred times as many grass shrimp as I can during the warm months. We have a current at the dock but there are two openings into the channel with one facing west and the other south. So water comes in from two different directions causing the tide to rise and fall but not screaming in either direction. As soon as the waters cool our shrimp population jumps as they come in out of the strong current. In winter fish will always gravitate towards warm water even if it's only a few degrees warmer. Again at our dock there are always minnows to be caught by net or trap year round. When we get a severe cold snap like the one that hits tomorrow they will be gone. Took me a while to figure out where they went and I was surprised when I did locate them. Behind our shop about a hundred yards from our waters is a storm sewer that drains into the back bay. It fills with minnows during the cold snaps as the concrete absorbs warmth from the sunlight and transfers it to the water. Find calmer water that is a few degrees warmer and you should find fish.
  3. At one time every reel I owned was spooled with Fireline. I fished a 21 CC with a T-top and I use very very light tackle. With mono when I set the hook I kept banging my rod against the T-top. The Fireline took care of that problem. Still have a few reels loaded with Fireline for back bay striper fishing but the rest of my reels are now loaded with mono. I fish an open Carolina Skiff with no top so banging the rod on a hook set isn't a problem and I just like the feel of the mono when I'm summer flounder fishing.
  4. OMG. I know what I think about a lot and if Frank is correct then that can only mean one thing. I'm a Lesbian. There, I said it.
  5. If the shark ate her then it's either Bi or Lesbian. And yes I would watch.
  6. Last laugh. We are in heaven but just haven't figured it out. The good souls are happy and enjoy every day. The bad souls never seem to be happy or satisfied. God does have a sense of humor.
  7. I'll be doing a seminar at the Ocean City Fishing Flea Market on February 2nd.
  8. Good read there Brian. Well said.
  9. White perch.
  10. Sounds like a brave little boy. Wish him and his family strength through the battle. Prayers sent.
  11. 28 Days till Sam's.
  12. Great to hear Red and I'm sure you did the right things. Did the dishes, laundry, bed made, floors clean. And don't forget a nice little bouquet (bookay) of flowers to welcome her home?
  13. Didn't read it but I'm sure we are all going to die.
  14. Well the average age on this trip was older than us. If there was a shortage of canes, wheelchairs or walkers it was because they were all on this ship. We had a great time with perfect weather from when we stepped aboard till we stepped off. Great food, good movies under the stars and great beaches to lay around on when we weren't sightseeing. Big beautiful ship and even better beaches. Incredible islands. Incredible Lady. And a monkey.
  15. 29 Days till Sam's reopening.