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  1. Every year at this time i pull out the DVD of the 86 Masters. What an incredible final round. It's a little like watching Apollo 13. You knew how it ends before they even made the movie but you still watch it to the end. As Bob Costas of NBC sports said, "Very few things in life are perfect, This was"
  2. I was going to do it but you beat me to it.
  3. Just had to do it didn't ya.
  4. Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold decorations on every Christmas Tree. Only 276 Day Till Christmas.
  5. For 16 years all we spool up with at our shop is Momoi Hi Catch mono and have never had one complaint. We sell smaller spools of Stren but Momoi has and will be my choice of mono. Had many of my reels spooled with Fireline but now only two are loaded for bear while the rest all have the Momoi mono. Knots, casting, strength and durability and not one complaint from me so not planing on spooling with anything else.
  6. Around here it's like a half hour if I have a hunk of bunker hanging on the net.
  7. WOW. You are this smart.
  8. We left Lincoln and headed towards The Wall and I told her I felt lighter on my feet and walking taller right up to the statue. Turned to The Wall and it was like I was walking through wet cement and I told her that this was as close as I was going. Sat on a bench and watched as she walked the walk. Came back to me with tears in her eyes and we just sat there for about fifteen minutes. I never saw that coming. She told me the school kids all had names to look up and a flower to place under the name. She also said they were all respectful and weren't even talking as they searched The Wall. We have a Wall here in my home town of Wildwood. It's permanent and a little more than half the size of the real one in DC. I have no problem here but that one just shook me to my knees. Maybe another time.
  9. Drop net at the dock in the dead of winter. After I pulled the net it is sitting on our snow covered deck.
  10. Korean War Memorial. Vietnam War Memorial. The Wall. First time I was there. I tried but this was as close as I could get.
  11. Theaters in DC.
  12. Me and the Honey had three days in a time share in National Harbor Maryland and toured DC for two days. The Harbor was real cool and had one of the biggest convention centers I have ever seen. Place was awesome. Some neat life size figures in town. Hung with some cool guys. Gave one a noogie. Saluted with one of the best. Then this sailor came along and copied me and my Honey. These guys almost talked me into reenlisting. And got a good look at a Peking Duck. Walked the harbor to the sights of the cherry trees.
  13. Just curious but have you ever ridden a turtle.
  14. Tons of them all winter at our dock where there is little current for them to swim against when they are sluggish. Drop net (umbrella net) baited with a half bunker will produce all you want. Also like mentioned, shrimp net dragged against the growth under floating docks and pilings will produce.