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  1. Jersey Cape Fishing is on at 6:30 this evening. It's a new show we taped last fall fishing for stripers at a bridge in Wildwood. I do believe it will be a pretty good show. Just letting everyone know. Check your guide for the channel.
  2. Taped last fall around a bridge for stripers. Should be a good one. No keepers but lots of action.
  3. Right after a storm passed through. It's the little things in life that catch my attention.
  4. Girlfriend got a garden pond today. About seven feet long and probably three feet deep. A neighbor who upgraded to a much larger pond gave it to us. She has a spot she wants it but now we need to run power out there. It's about 60 feet to the back yard shed where I've wanted power to for some time. The electrical box is in her garage and just about a straight run to the shed. Any ideas what it would cost to have someone run the line and outlets out that far. Can't wait to get this thing up and running. Thanks.
  5. My brothers turkey chicks on May 1st. Here they are yesterday on June 1st.
  6. House Wren building a house. First Goldfinch of the season here for me.
  7. Was planning to semi-retire and work two days a week but took some time to think about it and finally decided to just jump in at the deep end and fully retire. After working for fifty five years straight I figure it's time to sit back and do a lot of things I want to do without watching the clock. Been at No Bones since the doors first opened and enjoyed just about all of it but seven days a week during the hot summer days does get a little old. Will still make the rigs during the winter months and will actually have a lot more time to tape new shows so my mind will still be in the game and hopefully I will keep learning more about this great sport of fishing. Will take a little adjusting to this much free time but I will work at it real hard. Like last week my girlfriend said to me that we should take a day and look around South Jersey for a good body of water for carp fishing. My favorite fresh water fish because they are big and strong and I just haven't found any productive waters down here at the shore. She figured I'd jump at the chance but I didn't and couldn't do it. After I thought about it she asked me why and I told her. I could never afford a day to just go out and look around. With my work schedule I had to make sure I was going to productive waters and not just look around for a good spot. Always had a job to do and had to answer to someone or be on the clock. Just going to take a little time to wrap my head around the fact that I can do and go where I want every day of the week. Just wanted to pass this along in case any of you guys decided to stop by the shop. I may be there but I will be enjoying the view and having fun. One last thing. Red visited the shop this past winter so he knows where I worked and the possibility of a second visit was enough to push me into retirement.
  8. What did we tell you about dating your sister?
  9. Don't worry Red. By mid July and August you won't even remember this days heat.
  10. When I first saw the title to this thread I figured it was a quote from the South Carolina State Constitution.
  11. I know they can smell death a mile away so it spooked me to see this guy land in a tree in my girlfriends front yard and give me a good look. Then I spotted what he really wanted. Dead chipmunk right near the base of the tree. Next door neighbor spotted in when he cut his grass. I guess I was just too close for his comfort level. .
  12. Next week is a rerun of Kingfishing in the inlet with my friend Harry. The following week is a new one from last fall about striper fishing by a bridge and it should be a real good one. At least I had fun taping it.
  13. Under the porch light. The kill zone.
  14. Made my first summer flounder trip of the season today. Headed out with my buddy Frank (Squidder) leaving the dock around ten this morning to hit the last of the incoming tide. We had live minnows, frozen spearing and cut strips of salted herring for bait and we made a long run to one of my favorite spots that took us at least a half hour to reach. a 9.9 doesn't push a seventeen foot Carolina Skiff very fast especially against the tide. I have been flounder fishing for over sixty years and had the best I have ever seen as my teacher. My dad was a big man but he had the softest feel I have ever seen when it came to feeling a bite. When we fished it was school time for me as he explained every facet of the sport to an idiot kid. We had some great times over the years and every time I go out he is in my thoughts and I can still hear his voice when the fish are snapping. When we reached the spot this morning in a narrow waterway connecting two sounds we found about seven boats scattered around. One of my favorite spots was empty so we set up for our drift. Now we don't actually drift because the motor is running and I'm constantly popping it in and out of gear to position the boat exactly where I want it. We were using half ounce weights or bucktails and by controlling the boat we could keep our line just about vertical so jigging motions had out offerings going straight up and down. We fished an area about fifty yards in length and we fished it hard with many many slow drifts over the same spot for just about two and a half hours. We finished with four nice keepers and a total of twenty two flounder caught and we were using one rod each with a one hook rig. We caught on all three baits and just switched them around according to what we felt like using. Other boats came and went and we never saw another fish boated the entire time. We did see most if not all of those boats move from one spot to another and then back again. To me it's the biggest mistake back bay flounder anglers make. We have no idea how many flounder are down there but I'm convinced that it's way way more than we ever imagined. Flounder are ambushers and don't just jump on a target that passes by. they want to remain under cover until something in that head of theirs sends a signal to attack and we can drift right by them time and time again until something clicks and they strike. It can be difficult at times to keep the faith but I firmly believe that if you believe in a spot and you hit it hard and constantly you will be rewarded. I always kid our cameraman and tell him the we are going to this spot and we are going to beat it to death. We do and we catch fish. I'm not out for a boat ride and the longer my line is in the water the more fish I will catch. Today we worked a very small area and I believe we did more than anyone else we talked to who had been out a lot longer than us. Pick your spot and beat it to death.
  15. This story will fade in a few days and within a week she will be living with Red.