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  1. Why do your keep your urine sample right next to that cute little gay coffee maker?
  2. Found out the hard way today. Have always said that spots are oxygen gulpers. Way back I tried hooking them through both lips like a minnow and found them dead a short time later. Then tried placing the hook inside the open mouth and out through it's nostrils and that worked. Their lower jaw is always pumping in water over the gills and if you pin the mouth shut you basically suffocate it. We have otters around the dock so keeping them in a minnow bucket is as good as feeding time at the zoo. These spots are still small so I'm putting them in a minnow bucket but keeping the bucket in one of our hundred gallon minnow containers. This container is hooked to a pump that pushes 750 gallons of new water an hour and it keeps our minnows safe and happy until they get sold. Yesterday we had four gallons of minnow delivered to the one tank where I keep my spot bucket. This morning I unlocked the minnow tank and lifted the lid. Had about five minnows that didn't make it but the rest were fine. Opened the spot bucket and the four spots caught yesterday were dead. Gills wide open and mouth open as big as it could get and thats a sure sign that they suffocated. Spots just aren't as durable as minnow and that many minnows just took out too much oxygen out for the spots to survive. Learn something new every day so I won't be putting the spots in a tank with that many minnows again.
  3. I believe we still do. Guy came in the other day and watched me pull ours up with spots and shiners in it. He picked up two for himself. Stopped in today and picked up three more. He has a house on Otten's Harbor and his kids are having a blast with them. Came in today because his neighbors want them. Will check tomorrow and if we do I will put one aside for you.
  4. Sounds like antifreeze in the old orange juice breakfast time. The question now isn't who in your family wants you gone but how many in the family want you gone. Probably have to put the dogs and chickens and neighbors and a few SOLers in that lineup.
  5. Up to about 4 inches but growing fast.
  6. Guy was a genius. Tried to establish the first underground air route to China. Way ahead of his time.
  7. They took a guy off a plane in a straight jacket one time then I had to climb up and repair the damage to one of the engines. CRAZY?
  8. Still remember that day like it was yesterday. We didn't care how F'd up the runway was because we just wanted out of there. It was Flying Tiger airlines who were cargo carriers but got into the people end of cargo because back and forth to Nam was constant business. We weren't real happy when the DC 8 came in to pick us up. Guess what color Flying Tiger airlines is? Bright freaking RED. Like someone with a rocket couldn't pick that sucker out of the blue sky. From my seat as we bounced towards takeoff I could see a lot of wing then nothing and thats when funny boy did the yell out. We made it to Japan only to find out that one engine had died out over the ocean and had to be replaced. Then over to Alaska where the snow was plowed up so deep that the 8 couldn't even make it to the terminal. So they hauled out the steps and all of us came out to falling snow and temps in the teens and we were all bundled up in our paper thin jungle fatigues. Finally made it to Seattle Tacoma airport and when we got off we all said that it was the greatest airplane ever made.
  9. Amazing how fast security got there.
  10. April 1970 Leaving after a year in the jungles of Vietnam. 270 of us as excited as you could imagine having made it out alive. We called them Freedom Birds and the DC Stretch 8 was ready to take off. We taxied along the runway that had been hit with mortars the night before and as we moved towards the runway the plane bounced up and down over the rough ground. The wings loaded with fuel were bouncing so bad that they were almost hitting the ground. One clown sitting right next to the wing yelled out "Ain't no ******* way that ******* wing is going to stay on this ******* airplane the whole way home". The rest of us threw everything we could get our hands on at him.
  11. Drop net with bunker is working great. Haven't tried cast net yet.
  12. They are here every day in larger numbers and getting bigger.
  13. Sodium tripoly phosphate. Turns everything including scallops and clams into sponges. Does the same thing to your tongue and why after eating things soaked in it you get this weird feeling like a thick coating on your tongue.
  14. Sounds of silence by Puddles the Clown.
  15. Caused by someone stopping to take a pic about slow moving watercraft no doubt.