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  1. Why thank you.
  2. Cooter.
  3. Through your wrist sounds painful. Come on down and we can take care of it with this. Now bend over. Good Luck Tim.
  4. First one of the season for me. Arrived at the feeder just after the sun set behind the tree line.
  5. Fixed it. That will be $3.00 and Thank You.
  6. Hope this helps everyone. Take your meds. It's a hoot when they all kick in at once. After a few weeks you will really need rehab.
  7. Good vibes and a few prayers.
  8. Headed out to a municipal dock today with one rod and two commercial crab pots. Northeast wind in the face sucked and I had the same luck as the four Ospreys flying around. Zilch on the fish but did pot about forty crabs. Mostly small but did keep six big males. Full of meat and the hardest shells I ever had to crack through. Good eats.
  9. You dare speak to the KING that way? SOL VANISH LIST. 1. Fishing Pete.
  10. Make me KING and give me the button that can make anyone I want to just vanish. Not only will I fix the cities but I will also tidy up SOL.
  11. North of Harrisburg?????? Everything else with wheels up there is either plowing fields or being pulled by a horse. Pennsyltucky.
  12. Just playing in the water. A pissed off pickerel.
  13. Sorry Rock. That was me, I sneezed on your truck. Pollen is real bad this year.
  14. How many times did I tell you? Get the band on your left leg. But not you. Just had to do your right leg and now everyone thinks your gay.