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    Manage No Bones Bait & Tackle

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  1. I think I found him.
  2. fify
  3. Why you bringing me into this?
  4. I still say this is the one.
  5. Correct sir.
  6. Red used to be THE guy from South Carolina. Now he just looks like some guy from South Carolina.
  7. He found fifteen dollars for a haircut.
  8. Can't still burning.
  9. How HAZMAT handled the cleanup.
  10. PLEASE.
  11. New Holland Agriculture Blanchard Cat Sales Parts and Service. How could we ever forget.
  12. Like I said earlier, the mind can go dark but can also go blank. Had an ex brother-in-law who closed his garage and taped the door to his house shut then sat in his car with the motor running. Neighbor came home and didn't like the motor running with the door shut so he broke it open and saved him. Doctors said another few minutes and it would have been too late. He recovered but to this day says it never happened and just laughs about it.
  13. 42 Days till CHRISTMAS. Did you know? Every member of SOL gets one of these this Christmas. Then lets pick a day when we can all get together. Sorta like a barn raising but with less barn.
  14. 42 Days till CHRISTMAS. Did you know? Old people fall asleep easily and I know because I'm an old people. To the amusement of the cast and crew of Christmas Vacation the two actors, John Randolph and E.G. Marshall who played the grandfathers actually did fall asleep in their recliners in their fall asleep scene.