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  1. And yet we wonder how you lost the Gundelfinger account.
  2. And yet we wonder how you lost the Gundelfinger account.
  3. And yet we wonder how you lost the Gundelfinger account.
  4. You should try a different sex relationship at least once.
  5. 05-17-19, 64 degrees.
  6. YES!!!! Only 220 Days till.
  7. Good show that ran it's course like Mash, Cheer's and Seinfeld. Whats next?
  8. 62 here with a chance of thunder storms this evening. Sounds like we are finally getting the weather to jump start the season. Good Morning.
  9. Water temp at the dock mid tide. 05-16-19, 60 degrees.
  10. I'm still thinking raccoons. And when I get a dozen guess where I'm sending them?
  11. Another dozen on the way.
  12. Has anyone mentioned Raccoon? Kills my brothers chicken by ripping their head off. Lot more of them around than some of the critters mentioned.
  13. Sorry but I don't. The only reason we did get one was the first year we set up the two aquariums we were told by one game warden who I called just to let them know what we were doing. He told me flat out that if he came in and found any undersize fish that we would get cited. I explained that we weren't selling them or hurting them. We just wanted to let people see what the fish around here look like alive and swimming around. He still said the same thing about citing us. So I called Trenton and found someone above this clown who said what we were doing sounded cool and helpful. Then I told him what the local warden said and he said that he was a new warden and it had gone to his head a little. Then he informed me about the scientific collection permit and I believe it cost something like $25.00 back then. Later in the summer the gung ho warden payed us a visit and loved the setup and said we wouldn't have any issues with him so we stopped the permit after that. Don't know what the rules are today. Back in the late 70's when I lived in Philly I had a 75 gallon aquarium set up with saltwater and every week I caught and transported all kinds of fish and was never checked once. If I were going to do it today I would just go pirate. .
  14. Best business to have is a dredging business. Dredge, pump, laugh and dredge, pump again.
  15. I'm sending Red a dozen owls.