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  1. How do you guys rig your top water lures for sharks?
  2. I have tried it on a few occasions using a slide rig in the picture. Can be difficult to use on a sloping beach. Need a strong anchor point. Honestly I like fresh cut bait for drum , I think live bait attracts the sharks quicker. I’ve tossed out live crabs as well but I think they work better chopped as well
  3. Here it is uncut . bsvag Fuji alconite guides cork tape no reel seat. Feels pretty light. Just gotta seal and epoxy
  4. Nice guys I’m building mine right now. Finish wrapping guides today. I asked about the mono because I was reading old posts and it seems some favor it for pencils. Thanks again
  5. Braid just doesn’t have the spring that is needed when distance casting conventional setups. Mono absorbs the shock where braid can’t thus allowing more power to be applied. If you are going to try to add power with braid you better be smooth.
  6. So I cast this rod today with the guides taped on and it cast beautifully. Cast 1-4 oz and I would say 2.5 to 3.5 is the sweet spot but 4 was no problem at all. I have a 706z with 30lb fireline. I’ve read about mono being preferred for working a pencil with these rods like to hear from anyone with experience fireline vs. mono for pencils on this type of setup
  7. Conventional mono. Distance records are set with mono . That thin diameter in braid will cause problems when power casting. Lobbing it may work with braid but won’t get the distance.
  8. Read the bst rules
  9. Ok I can do that. Pm me your address I will send you a check or money order if that’s ok
  10. Ok let me see what else pops up but that seems reasonable.
  11. White / yellow/ bunker color. Don’t have any particular brands in mind because I have never really used them . I could throw some names out there but that won’t mean I know if they are good or not. I was expecting to spend anywhere from 40 -80
  12. How much ? What’s the deal with the flat bottom ? Never seen that. Does the brown one have a swivel?
  13. Looking for some medium sized pencils to throw on my new honeylami I’m building
  14. Thanks for the first hand knowledge on the rod. I’m excited to use it for sure!