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  1. Why let them in then ?
  2. Nope it's definitely a combination but long time democratic strongholds do seems to be fairing the worst. The majority of the people running our government are corrupt. Time to stop pretending your side is better then mine and take responsibility for who we voted for and get rid of them .
  3. Blacks will be the ones hurt the most by illegal immigration. There will be less government money to go around and cheap labor will take jobs. Time to smarten up.
  4. Biden is such a failure your out of worthwhile comebacks. Take a vacation
  5. If this isn't enough to wake people up the how bad this city has become nothing will. And oh it won't. Nothing will change.
  6. Biden didn't call ahead either. Or do you want to pretend none of that happend. You know you can dislike trump and still realize Biden is a total failure at the same time right? Try it.... may be a awaking for you .
  7. When will it be Europe's turn to take care of things in their part of the world.? You would have thought after Ww2 they would have figured it out. I'm not for giving 1 dollar of Americans money to the cause !!
  8. We are not in a recession!! If Trump were the president they would definitely be calling it that. Ridiculous call it what it is. The market isn't near the bottom I don't believe.
  9. Lies are lies. I would say it's a tie. Difference is trumps policies were better for Americans then bidens are.
  10. For all ?
  11. I want to see if they sell as a lot first then I will consider it. I will accept a reasonable offer
  12. Witch one?
  13. White pencil is nor calkat darter no name on the darter . Yellow pencil is a lex
  14. OK cool il pm you