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  1. How can you keep bumping this but you never answer any questions? If you don’t want to ship that’s fine. I could meet you at some point possibly.
  2. Talapia
  3. I ate one that was about 12 lbs and it was very good. white flakey meat and extremely mild flavor.
  4. Savage Dunes would be my guess
  5. Cool just figured I would check it out. I may take a long day hike up north since southern end will be closed in June most likely
  6. So how many guys on here have landed a red drum in May or June? I’m heading to Florida over Easter but I’m looking to hit up the north OSV possibly for a red or maybe a stray Cobia after Memorial Day . I know it’s kinda a long shot but it would be cool .
  7. How much do you want to ship the rod? I live in pa but not that close to 95. Bout an hour west
  8. It’s casting. Sweet spot is 8-10 oz with a hatteras cast . I’ve laid into it with 10 and bait and it didn’t miss a beat. Not low diameter. Plenty of info on century website about the rod.
  9. Ttt 300 shipped 250 meet up cash southeast pa. Or a nice 9 or 10 wt fly rod for trade.
  10. You can put the reel wherever you want. I bought it from century. It’s the same one they put on the uk rods. It was done by a century rod builder. You can cast low reel seat or as high as you want. I don’t know the weight of the rod. It’s not as light as a similar sized CTS but it’s a thicker walled blank .
  11. Thanks, I understand but I don’t wanna go over 150.
  12. 13’10 I had a moveable reel seat installed. Very good condition a few surface scratches but nothing major. Has a splice where the shrink wrap started/ stopped, very clean overall. Rod will throw 10oz with ease. I used it as a field caster and a drum rod. It will stop just about anything . Would trade for 9 or 10 wt fly rod, or a 12-13 conventional drum rod. 320 shipped lower 48
  13. Offer 150
  14. Let me think about it