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  1. Nuclear is the best way to generate power no matter what we drive in . Electric cars may be fine for some city folks but its unrealistic for everyone. More efficient motors and cleaner ways to extract natural gas are a few things that should be done imo.
  2. What media is reliable? This seems to be a major problem now that it seems as tho none of them are trust worthy.
  3. I don't think it's overrated it's just a big game knot imo. Not needed for stripers. If your fishing for tuna or gt it's a great knot. There was also a guy on here who landed big gt only using a uni to uni. It all just depends. Never tried the pr knot yet but it seems nice.
  4. Drop the half hitches and use the rizzuto finish. This topic has been discussed many times. The half hitches are worthless
  5. Wait I didn't assign anything to you personally. I commented on something you said to someone. I dont get where you are coming up with this enraged crap cause I said you were goof- ball. Being it bothers you so much it must be how you truly feel about yourself and how people see you in this world. Sorry I hurt your feelings.
  6. Yeah right. Im not even a republican and I am far from engaged. It's just easy for most normal people to see stupid.
  7. He's probably talking about now you freaking goof ball. Vaccinated people worried about people not wearing masks are f- ing retarded!!
  8. Yeah how ridiculous is this. The people who had the virus are possibly/ most likely in my opinion the safest people to be around . Natural immunity most often is the best form. How long does the vaccine last? Why isn't anyone from the cdc telling us?
  9. I dont see why you would tip a guide on a solo trip that is costing you 600 plus dollars. It's you and him . His pay is in the cost of the trip he is not a mate. Mates get tips not guides who you are paying money to take you fishing.
  10. Honestly I don't even think there is anything to think about here. The jews are the only productive civilized group of people in the middle east.
  11. The cdc should have also said it was OK for the children to take them off too. Luckily the school year is almost over and I'm thinking next year they will be free as well. Im just glad this mask crap is almost over.
  12. All I needed to know is that they funded the lab. That's enough for me. I dont care if it was for SARS research from the first SARS outbreak or not . They obviously were involved in some way over there.
  13. Your absolutely right. Both sides are to blame and I don't care for either party but the Republicans do seem to be much more sain then the democrats at this point
  14. This is where news agencies need to get serious. If fauci helped to secure funding for this lab then people in this country should be absolutely outraged.
  15. Who cares its called America. The electoral collage was put in place so a president couldn't gain too much power it was for good reason if you actually understand why it was put into play in the first place.