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  1. Thanks but I can’t do anymore than that at this time
  2. Offer 150 on the 7-10
  3. As far as these rods go I am definitely interested in casting one. I’m sure these were made to compete with the CTS s7 and the CCP. I’ve talked to another guy who has one of these and he says it is very good and very capable of distance mentioned. It doesn’t surprise me you will get backlash from NC drum guys as they like to sell there stuff on here too .
  4. Thanks guys she is something special wants to do it all by herself ya know . You should see when she picks up the fly rod
  5. You measure a cast with a tape measure where the lead lands. Snap off go much further then a cast. I can hit mid to upper 500 but had snap off go 700. I have no doubt that guy can cast 600 all day but it should be shown on the video properly if you are gonna claim it to be so
  6. That’s not how it works . There is far more line that comes off a reel then the distance of the lead actually goes. Wind height of cast and many other things affect it.
  7. Congrats to the angler? For doing what reeling up a fish he paid 600 plus for someone to hook for him please !
  8. More and more is what they want, these fish are in real trouble I believe. Another crash is on the way and it might be what actually will save them in the end. You would think people would have learned from the past but seems that’s not the case. Just more excuses .
  9. If braid gets better distance then why are all the distance records set with mono? Mono is necessary when power casting heavy loads great distance and that’s why drum guys use it still and catch giant drum with it
  10. Jersey lbi 2 shorts all weekend and some dogs
  11. It’s not assateague but made for some good pictures
  12. Two more