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  1. Wondering if any of you have cast this rod. Like to know what you think . I held an 11 and it felt like it had a slower action then the battalion. Thanks
  2. Right hand retrieve?
  3. I’d like to see it. Just imagine if they started closing off whole blocks how upset all the folks would be .
  4. I like what you are saying but the problem is those 120 other miles of beach have already been destroyed. If they really wanna fix things they need to make vast stretches of those other beaches back into natural areas for birds to live . Closing the little area left is going to do nothing. Simply not enough territory for those birds . To me that’s why it’s silly to bother closing any beach
  5. Get the older saltiest black /gold 20 or 30 . You can still find them new or used on this site for a little more than a hundred. Tough as nails and casts great I would not use a akios on a boat or for big fish unless you are gonna get a 7000 and still they are not as tough as the saltiest.
  6. So my dad lives right in Jupiter as well and has been complaining about this saragassum weed for awhile. Apparently the size of the Saragosa sea has greatly expanded in the last 2 years and it’s why the weed has been more of a problem especially with the east winds pushing more in . I hope It subsides some over the summer planning on coming back down in August .
  7. Wow that reel is in nice shape
  8. Thanks for the tips. I’ll be careful gonna try near eastham first encounter beach area to start
  9. Big drum is a lot different then a big striper. It’s gonna be hard to budge a large drum in the surf without appropriate tackle. I would use 5000 sized reels and up and 9 ft plus surf rods if I was going for a large drum on the sand. They are so hard to move even on big conventional surf gear sometimes. 50 inch fish from the sand on a 4000 reel you would have to be very lucky . Your talking about a 50 plus pound fish maybe 60 from the beach most likely in current? Sounds fishy
  10. I thought about this a lot. In the surf I would try big soft plastic scented in someway possibly. Or maybe a bucktail with scented trailers. I would maybe think about a pencil popper if they were crashing bait. Good luck
  11. I’m the guy that talked to you about it before. I’m still thinking about it I just wanted to see if anything else was out there. Does it have a foam grip or is it all shrink tube. I can’t really tell from the pictures
  12. really want something 13 which I know will be hard to find but thanks for your response
  13. Looking for something to throw some long range and need another rod to mess with on the casting field.
  14. Cool I was hoping that was the case . Thanks for the response. I will buy the permit and hope for the best. Looks like I’ll be going to skaket on the bay and nauset on the ocean . I’ll probably go other places but they will be close to where I am staying so easy for early morning. Thanks again!!