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  1. Where is the bridge over the river picture?
  2. How about a snap with a smaller swivel like these ? Seem to work good and there heavy duty. Fishfinders seem to ride up the line a lot easier.
  3. Guess wind direction isn’t as important as I thought. I got a lot to learn
  4. Makes me wonder what a 90 lb red would fight like, a really pissed off one
  5. I had the same type of thing happen to me the weekend of the 22 on the va side. Had a spot head on my big century Excalibur w saltist 30 way out.Fish ran big stopped ,I fought it a little than it really got pissed and bent that thing way down and there was no stopping it . The line parted with about 50 yards left so not sure but I had a lot of drag on that fish . I did get my line back so I think it got bit through.
  6. This fish put up the most unbelievable fight. It was only 46 inches but outclassed other fish I have caught the same size by a long shot. I will say it was much heavier as well. Fish took me a good 150 yards down the beach. To bad I was alone but the battle was a sight to see I was wet all the way to the shoulders by the time it was over. These fish are amazing, and I feel so lucky to be able to catch them.
  7. Nice work!!
  8. South east or east is best fishing for me south is ok cause the way the island faces. But fish can be caught whenever
  9. I would use a 3/4 to 11/4 bucktail with a gulp trailer on that beach. White or chartreuse
  10. Yes
  11. My buddy sent me this
  12. Structure seems a lot different to me between the md side and the va side. I’m not claiming to be an expert or know for sure. Maryland is big and a lot of it looks the same to me with a defined inner and outer bar. When I fish there I look for places with breaks in the bar and humps or shoals in between, but I don’t fish it very often and I think local knowledge of certain areas is big up there. I usually fish the Virginia side. Honestly I don’t think there is many “bad” places on the south end but it is much smaller. Plenty of deep water right off the beach and lots of humps and bumps in between. I put my big rod out as far as I can with a head usually. My other rods it depends I’ll stagger or sometimes throw them all long. I think the most important thing is fresh bait, like catching it while you are there and putting it on the hook. Of course gear is important but that’s a different discussion. I fished for 3 years befor I got a big one and then I got four in one year ( last year) I think everyone is pretty special but the first one is amazing. always learning and I spent a lot of time on the field ,some guys will say distance doesn’t matter but I’d rather be able to throw it long than sit on the beach wondering. Good luck to ya .
  13. Congrats to those who caught. I was at it all weekend. Caught nearly every species other than the one I was after . Bait was easy to get. Cast netted a bunch of mullet as well.
  14. If he says it’s 50 you can bet it is
  15. Beautiful morning