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  1. ' No, not yet. I made few other changes, including the "surface clarity, and the picture is much better now, but I have a different issue now... And its even more concerning - my unit shows wrong depth... I was standing and fishing in one spot and it was showing that its 3 ft deep under the boat, but when I dropped my anchor - even 50 ft rope was not long enough to reach the bottom. So at this point I really don't understand what is going on
  2. thanks ! Will give it a try this weekend .
  3. Yep. Going to start with negative first. I read that sometimes that is enough to solve those interference issues.
  4. And the latest catch. Some skates. Most ppl does not take them, but the wings are really tasty, as well as a skate liver. Wings tastes very close to the crab meat, while liver is very similar to the cod liver.
  5. Hello, guys. I couldn't find any videos or info about this bout, other than the specs on a manufacturer's site before I bought it, so i decided to add some. Video that shows the boat: Video that shows Tidewater navigating 2-4ft waves in Great South Bay , NY Basic info: Centerline :: 17' Beam :: 7' 2" Weight :: 1050 lbs. Fuel Capacity :: 18 gal. Max HP :: 70 HP Rec. HP :: 70 HP Deadrise at Transom :: 13° Appox. Draft :: 10" Capacity :: 5 per./750 lbs. Cockpit Depth (Aft) :: 17.5" Midship Depth :: 21" STANDARD FEATURES No Wood Construction 10-year Transferable Hull Warranty Hand-Laid Fiberglass Hull Foam Flotation Fiberglass Stringer System Self-Bailing Cock Pit Automatic Bilge Pump Aluminum Backing Plates Navigational Lighting Horn Captain Chairs Tachometer 2-12" Grabrails on Console Windshield Built-in Latch on Top of Console Lg Fish/anchor Box in Bow 12 gal Livewell SS Steering Wheel w/knob SS Rub Rail Courtesy Lights Comes with Yamaha 70 HP motor. I like the boat a lot. And ...I am towing it with my 2015 Subaru Outback
  6. Well, after playing around with a transducer/ setting/ wires, etc. Most effect that almost fully removed the lines from the screen had wrapping the remaining wire from the transducer around the wooden block. I also attached 2 Ferrite Core Ring Cable Clips before and after the wrapping. I still have some lines remaining but most of them are gone. I still need to connect the fish finder directly to the battery to see if that will remove the rest.
  7. Going to try that this weekend, if weather permits. transducer is below the hull and on the clean side of the prop.
  8. will have to wait till the weekend to try that. But its seems more like a interference from something, than a setting in a fishfinder. i tried to reset all settings to factory defaults - same story.
  9. I tried to play with a sensitivity, but no luck
  10. Its wired into the boat wiring. Will try to connect directly to the battery, hope that will help. What kind of hub do I need for the transducer cord ? Thanks.
  11. Hi, guys. just recently got a new Lowrance Elite 5 fishfinder, transducer installed to the transom of my boat. The problem is that the picture, that I see is not what I expect to see there. Strange lines, that does not disappear if i stop the boat and engine. I read somewhere that that might be from other electronics on board, but I run none and still same picture. What can that be ? Thanks !
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