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  1. So how's the reel holding up?
  2. Thanks for the advice. I have 2 of the older Ballistics, 1 newer style all in red. Wouldn't mind a green. A blank would work as well I can get it wrapped locally.
  3. Thanks. Looking to see if anyone with buyers remorse had one to part with.
  4. Looking for the above. I'm located in Hawaii just so there's no confusion.
  5. I am looking to trade a few items for a PCP carbine., maybe a rifle, .25-30 caliber. Looking for a Sumatra Carbine .25 cal. Or something compact in .25 or .30 caliber. Only looking for a trade at this time. I'm in Hawaii. Used Newell PR646, 4.2. Also have a pair of brand new Daiwa Tournament Ballistics 40's.
  6. Looking to trade a battle worn Penn International 80 single speed, has scratches,nicks, and rash. Drag is still pretty good, clicker is barely audible. Looking for Newell 546,550 or 646 in the 4.2-5.5 gear ratios. Can text pics to your phone. If interested send me a PM with your contact info.
  7. Farmed Talapia is great eating!!! The ones out of rivers and streams=fertilizer. They are great to introduce kids into the sport as they are pretty voracious. On Maui they use to have a Talapia contest at Kaanapali golf course, not sure if they still do it. You'd be lucky to find a spot around the pond.
  8. Are you staying with family or friends? Are you going solo or with family? Honestly if I had $200 to burn, i'd just pick up something locally either off CL, Letgo or one of the local sporting goods shop. I don't particularly care for ugly sticks, but lots of folks use them for everything from whipping to dunking. Save $ not having to pay for it to ride here on the airlines, you'd only have to worry about the interisland trips. If you are traveling with family how much time do you REALLY think you'll have to fish? I only fish at night dunking or sliding, the only small game fishing I do is for wrasse, which I use on my surf rods. Seems like a lot of folks like to throw plugs for G.T. but some of the areas can be tough to get to. As for bait, some people use Tako (Octopus), Ika-(squid) I like the little box think it like a pound or 2, but everything eats it and it's fairly cheap. sometimes balled up bread works good to. We have O'io (bonefish) Nenue (rudder fish) and everything in between. Either way have great trip!
  9. A Daiwa? I had one gave it to my cousin has that one fold down guide.
  10. I'd like to think the product would be top notch. And it's pretty easy to do if one was in direct control, but being overseas that may not be the case sometimes. Most manufacturers regardless of the product being made usually go the cheapest route in regards to lower end products, while higher end products tend to be made in house.
  11. So I'm interested in new rod(s). The older version was supposedly made in Thailand and the newer version is made in China. According to the factory the only difference is the color. Locally people look down on the newer Chinese made rod. Yet Internet searches yield no negative info on the newer version. The rod is the Daiwa tournament Ballistic, the older version is the Daiwa Saltiga Ballistic. Don't want to drop big coin on a so-so product. Anyone her have both versions if so I'd like to hear what you think.
  12. So where were the older versions made vs. the newer "Tournament" model? Are the tournament models made in China?
  13. I've seen these, but don't know anyone that one. These have large coil style guides. Anyone ever tried one, and if so i'd like to hear your thoughts.
  14. Am I correct to guess that the 30-405 has a lighter rating than the 33,35, 40?