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  1. So I'm thinking between the new Penn 710 on eBay for 170 dollars or a new shimano Sedona 6000 on eBay for 70 dollars.
  2. I think it is
  3. Bought an older Shakespeare alpha spinning reel on eBay. New in the package. Probably from 20 years ago.
  4. Maybe just to keep on the shelf
  5. Sometimes you can score at garage sales if the owner doesn't know what they have. My neighbor went to a garage sale a few days ago and bought a Penn international baitcasting reel for 15 bucks. My father bought a Penn senator 6/0 reel for 10 bucks at a yard sale about 8 years ago. Never know what you'll find.
  6. True. I was also considering a Daiwa BG, quantum Cabo, shimano Socorro, shimano spheros, shimano Sedona,
  7. Was considering it. But most people would rather find a beater Penn and clean it up and fish
  8. Saw an unused Penn 710Z on eBay with the original box for 170 bucks. Is it worth it, or should I look for a cheaper used one?? I also saw a vintage Mitchell 403 saltwater spinning reel unused with the original box for 140. Anyone have experience with those old Mitchell's??
  9. I saw on eBay an unused Penn 710z with the original box for 170 bucks. Is it worth it??
  10. Will check it out. Sea isle in Freeport is going out of business. Everything is on sale. I was there yesterday. They had a new shimano spheros 8000 marked down to 153 dollars. And a used quantum Cabo 50 marked down to 95 dollars.
  11. I read up on Alan Hawks reviews. He rated the following reels as the best saltwater reels. Shimano spheros as number 1. Followed by the quantum Cabo, Daiwa BG, Penn 704, okuma azeros, shimano Socorro, shimano Sedona, and the Daiwa SS. He does great reviews. He tests each reel for hours. Then takes them apart piece by piece and examines each part and tells how the parts held up, the quality of the metal, quality of ball bearings, etc.
  12. I used a Daiwa sweepfire reel about 10 years ago. I used it once in the surf, and it got splashed a few times. I rinsed it off when I got home, and the next day, the anti reverse wasn't working.
  13. In the surf??
  14. I'm actually pissed off because I sold my Penn 710.
  15. I guess you like being in a prison. Because that's what marriage is