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  1. Oh no boys- me personally, I catch a big girl I let her go. But if she is healthy, over 40 lbs why keep her? Need food for your family, then ok. I think we all agree a smaller fish tastes better. tThat big old girl may be responsible for 3-5 million eggs. As for the slot idea, I’m not sure what’s best. I fish mostly NJ beaches and from what I’ve seen this year, the number of catches has been decent, but the size has not been. Looked back the last few months, a keeper is 28” NJ, I think I counted a few over 28 and just barely. Caught decent fish by boat (15-30 lbs)and have seen bigger fish beyond 3 mile mark. Something is off here.
  2. I like you have had them sitting in my bag convinced they don’t work in NJ. But, last week I threw the entire bag at day break- one 27” fish on a sister strike neede.
  3. Last week saw some bunker in the surf .
  4. Small fish- Bbfish was dead on regarding the migration. I’ve scoured the SOL the last few months and not too many keepers reported. Even MC55 seemed light this year. Speaking from mostly fishing Atlantic county, I have not seen a single keeper taken from the beach this fall. But I’ve fished OC and MOCO, saw fish but all shorts. I’ve caught from boats, and decent sized fish but nothing over 30lbs These fish were on sand eel. Btw, I’ve never seen sand eel wash up between Atlantic City - LongPort. While searching for Bluefin, I’ve seen striper, but it’s 9-15 miles plus. The striper we’ve seen are nothing like the past years. What is it? Over fishing? Lack of the giant bunker schools? Beach replenishment? I understand charters have to make money, but trolling for striper? When I see that picture of the guy standing next to that 67 lb fish it’s upsetting. A friend described a charter trip he was on a reeling in trash cans. What’s the fun? Chesapeake w their wire line and umbrella rigs and planers and their limits? Just maddening!
  5. Keep in mind the world record stood for 29 years from those jetties on the north end...0
  6. So, I’ve been fishing the beaches here seriously for 5 years... I’ve been surfing these beaches since 1982. I cannot ever remember seeing a sand eel washed up ever. Now, most of that time I was not looking but in the recent year i have not seen any. Now, by boat, recently the fish have been on sand eel. Last week, on a super strike needle heavy sinking just after sun up I hooked into a nice fish but short. I’ve never caught a single thing on that plug, but In John S’s book, he claimed the lure is deadly when sand eels are present.
  7. Highlander1 is right, but I’ve never had an issue. The structure has been producing. Early morning on the north end not a safety issue.
  8. No worries, but to your point, I’ve been changing out the back treble to in line single hooks. I’ve been noticing that most of my hook ups are the middle treble.... but now that back hook isn’t getting caught up in the mix like the treble was. A friend lost a back hook on a plug and just left it off. Claimed it swam better and no issues...
  9. That’s fine work! You should be granted 34” plus fish!
  10. Saw one guy using Surfline cams.... no birds.... I was going to take my 12 year old out... tomorrow will be his day.
  11. Is anyone fishing... this wind is honking!
  12. Late post- fished So Atlantic County- 6-8 am- water very clean. Tough fishing with all the beach replenishment but getting better w time. Caught 1 schoolie bass 25 inches on White super strike needle fish heavy. I’ve never caught anything on that lure in NJ from the beach. JS “if the striper are on sand eel the super strike needle is deadly.” I casted just beyond bar swept across lip and nailed it. I actually, thought it was a bigger fish the way it hit. I was convinced that lure does not work here. Wrong!
  13. Bonus tags are for anywhere as I read it. They ask where you caught... (beach, boat, bay, etc)
  14. Clean water in OC before dark 2 shorts- Adult bunk out a bit but reachable at times. Did see a smaller bait in tight... maybe anchovies? Sand eels? 2 inches long jumping.... 10 ft from sand.