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  1. I will jump in line. If the above fall through, I will take it. Thanks. Happy Holidays.
  2. Very nice!
  3. They all look great.
  4. Thanks, again.
  5. Awesome.
  6. They came out nice. It's an old post. Curious if you've had any luck making any different stencils?
  7. They're sharp!!
  8. I'm in awe.
  9. Good man!!!
  10. I'm the FNG, but I'm in.
  11. I thank both of you for taking the time to post your pics. This is exactly what I needed. I need to see something to formulate an attack. Thanks again!!
  12. XI just got done reading a post where a couple of the sites big guns mentioned they used enclosed spinning racks. I wanted to know if any of the guys that have this style of drying rack would mind posting some pics of theirs? I'm extremely interested in making this style rack. Also, from reading all the posts, I know some of you guys probably took it to a whole other level. Thanks for your time.
  13. I have shaq feet and had trouble getting wading boots. So I opted for good ol' Chucky T's. I actually found a pair of wading boots that fit these days. But they let in more sand then the Chuck Taylor's did.
  14. I've recently started placing single hooks on the tails of some of the plugs I build. When doing it I've always placed them with the gap opening to the north. It recently dawned on me that it appears I'm not doing it the correct way. Or should I say the "norm". Can some one please explain to me the reason behind putting the singles on the tail with the gap opened to the bottom? I'm sure there is a really simple reason why. It just isn't making sense to me. Thanks for your time and I hope you all have a great Easter.
  15. I'm an FNG in surf fishing. I've only been out a handful of times with no luck. But I love it. I was hoping that a few guys were going and I could slide onto their team. This way i could watch and soak in all their knowledge. I figured this would be the best way since they wouldn't be giving up any secret spots since our locations would be given. So if anyone is going and is willing to teach me some things so i can learn the right way please let me know. Im 42 and was an avid Hunter but a back injury shut that down and I made the switch to surf fishing. Thanks!